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  1. FIXED! Turns out the partition size was the problem. I reduced the partition size to single 4000 MB partition and it works now!
  2. Hello Liberators! I recently bought a new-to-me Quadra 650 that came with an original 230MB Quantum SCSI drive. After unboxing, the Quadra booted exactly one time before the hard drive died. I bought a replacement 4.3GB Seagate Barracuda SCSI drive (DEC firmware, if that matters), installed it and booted from a System 7.6 Disk maintenance floppy. I can see the disk with Disk Utility (and SCSI Probe 3.5) and verified it's on ID 0. I did a full fresh install of System 7.6 on the new drive, rebooted and got a "Happy Mac" followed by Floppy Disk question mark. I happened to have a Jaz drive laying around with a bootable System 7.6 image on it, popped that in the external SCSI port and the computer booted up fine. At least I know the SCSI chip is good. Also, while I was running off of the Jaz drive, I re-verified through Disk Setup that the Apple HD driver was installed (v8.0.8) on the 4.3GB drive. I don't get it. Why can I see this SCSI drive, write tons of data to it, but it is still not bootable? Things I have tried: * Zapped the PRAM (however, the PRAM battery is dead...) * Swapped multiple known-good SCSI cables * Tried with nothing else on the SCSI bus but the new hard drive. * Tried with nothing else on the SCSI bus but the new hard drive AND a SCSI terminator * Initialized the drive multiple times, updated the driver and then ran Disk First Aid to verify the disk was setup correctly * Installed multiple versions of System 7.5.5, 7.6, 7.6.1 and 8.0 to the drive. None were bootable. * Ran MacTest Pro from the Jaz drive to verify the new drive, logicboard, RAM and system files are good. I am at a loss. Any help is appreciated!