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  1. Cameront9

    Boxed iMac G4 + PowerBook 1400CS

    I love my Powerbook 1400. It's a fantastic machine!
  2. Cameront9

    PowerBook 550c

    I think iTunes 2.0.1 is the last version supported on OS 9. At the very least, I know that version is supported because I have it installed on my iMac running OS 9.
  3. Cameront9

    Booksale Oddity: M0191 Laserwriter Plus Kit

    I have found lots of old Mac software at library book sales. Often you'll see a school dump its entire inventory of disks.
  4. Cameront9

    Newton Documentary

    Now that the film is out, can anyone tell me if it has Captions or Subtitles?
  5. Cameront9

    Cameront9's finds

    How much RAM does it have? I think that's my problem as the iMac I got only has 32MB. Definitely needs an upgrade!
  6. Cameront9

    Cameront9's finds

    It's 266, not 233--my mistake. And that is 8.6. in the picture above. I actually got this machine on the internet last night via sharing the wifi connection of my Macbook Pro via ethernet. However, it can't really do much, and it doesn't seem to have enough speed and/or memory to run Classilla well.
  7. Cameront9

    Cameront9's finds

    Booting! I found the iMac restore CD for my model and was finally able to get this machine up and running. After the restore I updated to 9.0.4. It's a 233Mhz model, so one of the first releases of the 5 Flavor iMacs. Still looking for a hockey puck mouse to go with it, as well as the port cover (but I'm not holding my breath on that one).
  8. Cameront9

    Cameront9's finds

    Update: I got OS 9.0, 9.,0.4, and 9.1 CDs. All of them boot up just fine. There's a 6GB Harddrive that verifies as OK. However, I can't install these OSs as it says the machine needs a firmware update. Which...I can't do, because there isn't an OS installed on the drive. So I'm making some copies of 8.5.1 and 8.6 to see if those will install without the firmware update.
  9. Cameront9

    Cameront9's finds

    It was $50. Probably overpriced, but I hadn't seen one in Waco (where I'm from) in a long, long time. Everyone on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist wants $200+ because "it's an Apple so it must be worth a lot"
  10. Cameront9

    Cameront9's finds

    I scored a Strawberry iMac yesterday at Goodwill Computer in Austin. It's missing the port cover, but no big deal. I also picked up a G3 keyboard to go with it. It passes POST and boots to a folder with a question mark on it. The guy at the store said they'd tried to install something on it but couldn't, so I'm unsure if A)They didn't know what they were doing, or B), the CD drive is kaput. I only have an OS 8 cd--I tried to boot it with that CD and I thought I could hear/feel the drive spinning, but it wouldn't boot. However, I know these shipped with 8.5.1, so maybe my 8.0 CD is just too old. I'm burning an OS 9 CD right now to see if that helps.
  11. Cameront9

    Newton 110

    Free is nice! A Newton is next on my want list, but I don't see them around here very often (in fact, I've only seen one in person once, about 10 years ago).
  12. Cameront9

    Twiggy 128K prototype, again.

    I love this kind of stuff. It's like archaeology for the modern age. More details, please!
  13. Cameront9

    Autograph/signed case value

    Just what Macs do have the case signatures? I haven't cracked my SE yet. I've seen some websites that say the SE doesn't have signatures, and some that say it does (like this very thread). I know the portable had case sigs, too.
  14. So what of the Powerbooks?
  15. I have a System 7 upgrade kit that was sent to my Godmother. Still has a letter thanking her for her request for updated software (She was a teacher, so I think this was a special education deal). Has the folder with all the System 7 floppies and all the manuals, etc.