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  1. krishnadraws

    Has anybody gotten a SCSI2SD v5.5 yet?

    I bought a v5.5 a month ago, and I really like it! It's super convenient to use between multiple Macs.
  2. krishnadraws

    Lucky IIx acquisition

    Impressive! A night and day difference! What method of Retrobrite did you use?
  3. krishnadraws

    Need some help getting an old Mac Plus working

    Can you test the voltage levels of the PSU separately? If you are getting the proper voltage levels there, check the voltage levels from the fan to ground on the analog board. Next, measure the voltages coming from the analog board to the logic board. Let us know what you find. Good luck!
  4. krishnadraws

    Mac 128K factory photos

    Fascinating photos. Thank you for sharing!
  5. krishnadraws

    DeeNams collection and finds

    Welcome! Very impressive collection!
  6. While cleaning through some boxes, I came across my LaCie Joule drive. It was the first hard drive I purchased for a Mac at a time when I didn't have a Mac. I used it for a few years in graduate school, and seem to recall that it had some problems after several years. Tonight, I found a standard UL power cord and plugged the drive to see if it still worked. None of the indicator lights came on. My question is this: did the LaCie drive have an external brick attached to the drive or was it standard UL power cord? I've searched (in vain) across the Internet, hoping to stumble upon a user manual that would show me a parts listing, but have yet to come across it. It's not absolutely vital that I get this drive working again, but before I recycle it, I wanted to verify that it truly is dead. Thanks!
  7. krishnadraws

    Daniël's Conquests

    Love the form factor on this Quadra. I remember drooling over these Macs when they were new.
  8. krishnadraws

    Just picked up a 128k

    Woohoo!! Congrats!
  9. krishnadraws

    Possible to share one ADB keyboard among two Macs?

    Thanks! It's good to know that there are options. Ideally, I'd love to swap between Mac SE/30, Mac SE and my Apple IIGS. I don't mind having to shut machines off before switching input devices.
  10. Is there an ADB keyboard switcher available that will let me use one ADB keyboard / mouse between my two classic 68k Macs?
  11. krishnadraws

    SCSI2SD v5.5 error opening HID device

    I ran it from my FloppyEMU - it's been incredibly useful to have for such tasks.
  12. krishnadraws

    SCSI drive disappears after connecting SCSI2SD v5.5

    Found it! I removed the TE jumper on the drive (a Quantum Trailblazer). While the machine was open, I took the opportunity to also install a battery holder and add a new CMOS battery. The SCSI2SD has software termination already set. When I reassembled the Mac, it recognized all my drives. The TE jumper had to be removed in order for the Quantum drive to be recognized when the SCSI2SD was connected.
  13. krishnadraws

    SCSI drive disappears after connecting SCSI2SD v5.5

    No worries @LaPorta. Where might the internal drive's terminator be located at?
  14. krishnadraws

    SCSI drive disappears after connecting SCSI2SD v5.5

    Thanks, @Realitystorm - I suspect that to be the case now. This morning, I unplugged the SCSI2SD and the Mac's internal hard drive took over. So the drive works. I'll re-run the SCSI2SD utility and track down the internal terminator option.
  15. I finally have my SE/30 booting off of my SCSI2SD. The problem now is that the working internal SCSI platter-based drive no longer spins up or mounts. A few questions: what is the default SCSI ID for an internal platter drive on the Mac SE/30? If I have assigned SCSI ID 1, 2 and 3 to the three volumes on my SCSI2SD is there a chance of a SCSI ID conflict? what happens to the SCSI chain if two drives have the same SCSI ID? I’m scratching my head on this. For what it’s worth, I plan to remove the SCSI2SD tomorrow to see if the platter drive “wakes up”. Thanks!