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  1. markyb86

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    I only run System 7.1 on my SE and it’s not bad. 7.5.x runs really rough though.
  2. markyb86

    SCSI zip drive

    Here's a little bit more about the subject of booting (from http://mammola.tripod.com/tips.html#Zip drive)
  3. markyb86

    SCSI zip drive

    Keep in mind, if you plan on booting from the zip, don't put your boot zip disk in a macintosh running 8.0 or up as it will throw a newer driver for the zip onto the disk and then you won't be able to boot it on the system 7 or lower machines. Not sure if PC's have that problem, but a G3 sure did. EDIT: This is if you used the iomega driver.
  4. markyb86

    Skate finds a iigs

    Have you considered cutting into some of those grooves on top top make vents? With small enough tools it might come out pretty nice. The picture on that thing is really good actually!
  5. markyb86

    3D-Printed Objects

    Sweet, that's the paint I've been using on my micro scale quadra!
  6. I didn't get to thank you before the topic got locked. Thanks for the Krita suggestion! I'll try that out!!!!

    1. PowerPup


      No problem! Yeah Photoshop is difficult to outright replace, but I'm always happy to help others find Open Source alternatives in case they find them useful!

  7. markyb86

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    This is probably riding the border of off topic, but what does the ethernet port on the vonets board do? I can’t seen to see any documentation for it.
  8. markyb86

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Looking forward to this! Gotta get an adapter for the SE!
  9. markyb86


    IDE adapter?
  10. minivmac on the Pi Zero W is slow, but then again, I think it's the desktop more than anything.
  11. markyb86

    3D-Printed Objects

    I think the regular orange wouldn't look so bad actually. Might have to be a little thicker than original but it should work. I found an Apple logo DXF file a while back if you want to use it. apple.dxf
  12. markyb86

    3D-Printed Objects

    That jaz bezel turned out pretty good!
  13. markyb86

    Headphone and Mic jacks

    I'm interested in what the SE can do other than speak and play Christmas music over a screensaver .
  14. markyb86

    Headphone and Mic jacks

    What purpose do these serve on the older compacts? Did they ever have a use for loading or saving to tape?
  15. markyb86

    512Ke w/ Upgrade

    That's good. Scared me for a minute there!! Anyway congrats on the pickup!