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  1. Well, HD SC Setup gives me error along the lines of "no suitable disk found" and it displays no disks in the list. I tried Lido some time ago and it recognized the drive, I don't quite remember how did I make Lido recognize the drive, but it gave me a SCSI Arbitration failed error. There's also something about terminators but Terminating resistors are present on the SCSI2SD...
  2. I think that's unlikely because the card appears to be fine, maybe it's not... I can't really tell but I have additional SD card but that one is 64GB and I think it's a waste to put 64GB card into a 25 years old macintosh, it's an overkill and I also don't know if SCSI2SD can read SDXC. An interesting occurrence I described in my other reply, is when I connect SCSI2SD only to my MacBook it says SD Test: OK.
  3. I'm using this guide and I'm using a patched version of HD SC Setup, another interesting thing is that when I connect SCSI2SD only to MacBook and run SCSI2SD-monitor it says SD Test: OK My configuration is:
  4. This is an old thread but I've got some results, when I open SCSI2SD monitor and it said SCSI Test: OK and SD Test: FAIL, I got these results by connecting SCSI2SD to the Mac Color Classic with SCSI Cable and Molex power connector, and I also connected it to my MacBook via USB.
  5. Shymon184

    How can I install Mac OS X on my iBook G4?

    If you’re reading this, I already managed to get Mac OS X on my iBook.
  6. I recently got an iBook G4 and when I turned it on a folder with (Classic) Mac OS logo and question mark appeared, it seem like Mac OS X isn't installed. Mac OS X Tiger install CD came with it, unfortunately it was only an upgrade CD but it was useful enough to make sure that the hard drive is alive. So how can I install Mac OS X on this iBook?
  7. Not really, I'm just replacing the capacitors to prevent the leakage of the electrolytes on the logic board, they are nearly 30 years old...
  8. As of today, CC's logic board is going to be repaired, but the guy who's gonna repair it has a busy schedule, so as far as I can tell I'll get the board back sometime between 23. December and 29. December.
  9. I tried this and still no success, Arbitration failed...
  10. It's a nice gesture, I appreciate it , but I don't think it'll be possible since you live in Australia and I live in Slovakia, so the shipping rates might be expensive.
  11. It is a priority, true enough, as far as I can predict it should be done next week, since my friend knows a guy who does this kind of computer repairs but the guy haven't responded yet.
  12. Yeah, I have the latest firmware, the first time I tried to configure SCSI2SD, the SCSI2SD utility gave me an error: "save failed" and after updating the firmware it worked.
  13. No success, but I got some interesting results: Got Arbitration error (3 times in a row) and the Lido recognized the volume, but I wasn't able to format it.
  14. Interesting... maybe I should try it, but I have no idea how I'm going to be able to put a micro USB cable inside since there's very little space in the CC.