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  1. Not really, I'm just replacing the capacitors to prevent the leakage of the electrolytes on the logic board, they are nearly 30 years old...
  2. As of today, CC's logic board is going to be repaired, but the guy who's gonna repair it has a busy schedule, so as far as I can tell I'll get the board back sometime between 23. December and 29. December.
  3. I tried this and still no success, Arbitration failed...
  4. It's a nice gesture, I appreciate it , but I don't think it'll be possible since you live in Australia and I live in Slovakia, so the shipping rates might be expensive.
  5. It is a priority, true enough, as far as I can predict it should be done next week, since my friend knows a guy who does this kind of computer repairs but the guy haven't responded yet.
  6. Yeah, I have the latest firmware, the first time I tried to configure SCSI2SD, the SCSI2SD utility gave me an error: "save failed" and after updating the firmware it worked.
  7. No success, but I got some interesting results: Got Arbitration error (3 times in a row) and the Lido recognized the volume, but I wasn't able to format it.
  8. Interesting... maybe I should try it, but I have no idea how I'm going to be able to put a micro USB cable inside since there's very little space in the CC.
  9. Apple System 7.5 disk tools diskette. Yeah, it doesn't boot, I need to boot from diskette. Indeed, the only other Mac I have is Mac Plus, which doesn't have internal SCSI bus. not really, but I don't think the power is the problem because Lido recognizes the drive at SCSI 0 but is unable to read drive capacity. it has old capacitors that I'm probably going to replace but it's working fine for its age. Well, the Mac performs as usual so I doubt that any other component died, and yes I started this thread because the hard drive died, but that's what happens with nearly 30 year old SCSI hard disks (especially the Quantum ones), but dead hard disks aren't important since I need help with the replacement of that disk.
  10. I used DD since I have Ubuntu installed alongside Windows, yes I've configured SCSI2SD as you described in your entry and yes I've fully formatted the card.
  11. I used Lido 7.5.6, here are the error messages in order as they appeared (last one appeared two times in a row).
  12. huh, I haven't seen this guide yet, thank you!