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    • Houm... as I expected. Look for the junk board generously. Thx.
    • I delayed to reply, I was not able to see this site for about 2 days because it was not displayed due to a server error and I could not log out also.
      I forgot about this modification for a while, but I will try to adjust it. I'll let you know if I can adjust it well. Thank you as always, You really know and have high skills.
    • @Trash80toHP_MiniWell, I guess I should clarify that the design language, weird as it may be in general, looks "normal" on the CC, for which it almost seems it is meant*, than the Performa 5xx, which looks to me like an awkward attempt at making a CC with a larger CRT and a CD-ROM drive.   c   *The SE-derived Classic and LC-derived Classic II have elements of the newer design (Expresso?), but it seems to me like the Performa 5xx and Color Classic were the first pure Expresso designs, with the Performa being a derivative of the Color Classic (EDIT: just checked the Wikipedia article on the Performa 500, and sure enough, it was a derivative design that was rushed into production with little regard to looks).
    • Happy to report the floppy drive is still working!   Also, I received the other analog board I purchased with the older, smaller flyback and it is working great! No more high-pitched ringing either!  
        I can’t believe it just worked. Didn’t need any help at all. Obviously, it still needs to be recapped, but otherwise it’s good to go. 
    • ITS ALIVE!!!   I did some benchmarks with a few different Raspberry Pi versions (the Raspberry Pi 0 results were surprising). I compared them to the stock Seagate HD in my Quadra 840av and a SCSI2SD version 5.0a that I had from a few years back. https://github.com/akuker/RASCSI/wiki/Benchmarks   CD-ROMs are also working! You'll need to use Resexeccence's CD-ROM driver hack. https://web.archive.org/web/20040404121044/http://www.resexcellence.com/hack_html_99/12-21-98.shtml I'm using Apple CD-ROM driver version 5.4.2.   Some other things I've learned over the past few days.... - The Mac OS sends a flush command when you reboot that crashes the RaSCSI software. When it crashes, the entire Mac freezes until you re-launch the RaSCSI software. I'm assuming the RaSCSI software is giving up in the middle of a SCSI transaction and doesn't report an error to the host. - GIMON's host file system and Ethernet interfaces are very specific to the 68000 platform. He wrote some very custom drivers. Getting similar functionality on the Mac is going to be a non-trivial undertaking - I need to fix my board (to correct the ACK vs ACT signal mismatch) - A lot of the reference documentation I've been looking at is linked on my RaSCSI Github repo https://github.com/akuker/RASCSI (yes... the formatting is horrible. I'll clean it up someday)