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  1. No I will try that if the re-capped LB doesn’t address. More to come soon!
  2. I just bought a Mac Classic II that had a checkerboard pattern, so understand there is some re-capping work ahead of me. I inspected the logic board so far and it seems fine - will be reviewing the analog board soon. Is the checkerboard pattern a result of bad caps on the analog board or is that more the logic board? Both will need to be re-capped but I was hoping to focus on the analog board first because the caps are bigger/easier to replace, so am hoping the checkerboard issue is resolved by that - can someone confirm? Also, I tried turning the computer on/off a few times to test it overall and it seems the monitor will exhibit "half" brightness levels as shown in the two screenshots below - one screenshot seems to be "full" brightness and the other is half - the checkerboard pattern, though, is the exact same. Same issue here with old caps that will be resolved with re-capping? Having trouble with screenshots - will try again later