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  1. I'd be interested to see how well a machine translation of something like this turns out. I'm a Japanese translator so I've seen quite a few, shall we say, questionable translations based off of machine translation, but it is getting better. I would offer to help but unfortunately I don't have the time for something like this, although I could potentially help if you had a few questions. I also own a couple of Japanese books about Macintosh modification and the 2400c that were published in the early 2000s, but I'm not sure where they are at the moment.
  2. Mighty Jabba

    I'm Now A Member of the Cube Club

    I looked into OWC’s “Legacy” IDE SSD but apparently it won’t fit in the cube because of the way the airport card sits. Not sure if it would fit if you didn’t use the airport. I would also like to know what other options are available.
  3. Mighty Jabba

    PowerBook 2400c questions

    Thanks. I guess I will stick with 8.1 since I'm basically unable to use the main features that I wanted to use 9.1 for.
  4. Mighty Jabba

    Will the Macintosh Plus M0110A keyboard work on a Mac128K?

    I haven't actually tried this, but I'm sure it will work -- the only question would be if you were using a very early version of the OS from before that version of the keyboard existed. I'm not sure about the numpad/arrows in that case.
  5. Mighty Jabba

    PowerBook 2400c questions

    I don’t know what the nature of the mod was, although mine is a Japanese machine.
  6. Mighty Jabba

    PowerBook 2400c questions

    I found this thread from last year where you talk about experiencing the same exact freezing issue that was only solved by downgrading to 8.1. Did you ever figure anything out about that?
  7. Mighty Jabba

    Trackpad Clamshell not working

    You're basically going to end up destroying it, I'm afraid.
  8. Mighty Jabba

    Trackpad Clamshell not working

    Yeah, I'm not sure they are really repairable. Hopefully it's just the cable or trackpad and not the connector on the board.
  9. Mighty Jabba

    PowerBook 2400c questions

    Well I tried 8.6 and it also freezes while copying from the PC card.
  10. Mighty Jabba

    PowerBook 2400c questions

    Not yet. I don't recall what the benefits to those over 8.1 were except maybe more PPC-native code.
  11. Mighty Jabba

    New member buys a macintosh se/30

    The width one isn't supposed to have a screw in it. You have to use a tool of some kind to adjust these, but it needs to be non-conductive since you have to do it while the machine is on. Most of them can be turned with a slotted screwdriver-like tool, but if the SE/30 is like the earlier ones, it is more of a hexagonal shape. I've had success just shaving down a disposable chopstick to adjust that one. But I do think that it's likely that these problems like the volume and screen issues are related to capacitors. Floppy Emu is a good option although it has a few challenges of its own.
  12. Mighty Jabba

    Mighty Jabba's Conquests

    Yes I actually saw that and am considering it. I just have to decide how much money I want to put into this machine
  13. Mighty Jabba

    Mighty Jabba's Conquests

    Got a 733MHz Quicksilver PowerMac G4 for $20 (although shipping was kind of expensive as you might guess). The main reason I chose this particular one was that it appeared to be in amazing condition. The plastic was still on the optical drive covers, and there doesn't appear to be any damage of any kind. It really is a beautiful machine, and the most attractive of the PowerMacs in my opinion. Also has a SCSI card, which might come in handy. The only issue is that the optical drive is only a CD writer. I also got a PowerBook Duo 270c for $35 with the power adapter and an Xbox 360 video cable that the seller apparently thought was one of the Duo's accessories (and to be fair, it does look pretty similar, except for the big MICROSOFT label). It works fine although the hard disk is getting loud. Also the keyboards on both of my Duos seem really stiff for some reason. Is this just how they were? Also, while these aren't strictly vintage, I got a 2010 MacBook Pro for $50 (oddly I was the only bidder). The seller basically said that it worked fine, except that it would sometimes slow down and lose the Wifi connection when it was moved. This sounded odd. When I got it and powered it on, the fans were running full blast and the cursor wouldn't move smoothly. It was also so slow as to be unusable. At first I thought maybe it was a RAM issue, but I discovered from a comment on YouTube that these machines have sensors in the trackpad cable that can cause the machine to do exactly these things if they are damaged or if you try to run them without a trackpad connected. I noticed that the trackpad also had trouble registering clicks unless you pushed harder than usual. So I swapped it out with a trackpad from my otherwise identical 2009 MacBook Pro and the problem went away. I've ordered a new trackpad and hopefully that will put both machines right.
  14. Mighty Jabba

    Macintosh SE Restoration

    Cool iPod classic shell. Oh wait...
  15. Is the actual optical drive having trouble opening, or is it just having trouble opening the metal outer door? Mine originally had something similar, but if I slide down the metal door manually it can open fine. It seems to have worked itself out by now, although it will still often want to close immediately after opening, so I kind of have to catch it. I wonder how much of a performance boost you would see from using an SSD in one of these machines. I originally considered doing that, but then saw that you could get 500GB SATA drives from Amazon for around $20 new or $10 refurbished, so I just decided to get a couple of those and call it a day.