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  1. I have tried with USB 1.5.6 with the Belkin F5U508 PCI rev 3.0 in a PM 5500 but to no avail, even with extra power to the card. And even with the "USB mass storage" extensions from previous builds which seems to be absent from 1.5.6 at least as it is distributed with OS 9.2.2; I had to inject these to get the OrangeLink FW/USB combo to work (after the PCI bridge patch). On a different note, has anyone had issues with the OrangeLink FW/USB combo card (the one pictured earler in this post) and the Crescendo L2/G3 (400 Mhz, 1M cache in my case) ? When enabled with the PCI bridge patch, the system becomes unstable as soon as OpenGL gets initialised; it can be a minute, 10 minutes, 20 minutes but random crashes will invariably occur. Anyone else experiencing this? I have read from the 6400 zone that there can be audio stuttering with the G3 and the tango but couldn't find anything about 3D issues.
  2. Dear all, So as a follow-up on EvilCapitalists suggestion that some of the cards might require additional power to be fully functional (i.e. both Firewire and USB working), I had a go with a Belkin F5U508 PCI rev 3.0 on a PM 5500, drawing power to the molex connector on the card from the hard drive molex connector using a Y-splitter, However, no luck though, the card does get recognised, with two devices recognised as USB cards, and with the Firewire side working perfectly, however the result is the same as without additional power, i.e. USB devices getting power but not recognised. Funny enough, when trying this card on a B&W G3, both USB and Firewire sides work absolutely fine, with the card being recognised as two USB cards as well and a generic device which corresponds the the Firewire side of the card. I also had a go at the Sonnet and OrangeLink PCI bridge NVRAM patches even though the card doesn't show up as a PCI bridge, however no luck there either. So it's not that this card doesn't work with macs to begin with, the Gazelle architecture seems to be having trouble with multifunction cards altogether. I have tried it with USB extensions 1.5.5, and on the B&W where the card worked flawlessly USB extensions were, 1.5.6, so I would try it with 1.5.6 on the PM 5500 but I wouldn't hold my breath. Cheers,