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  1. Mirokai

    Fix apple rainbow logo

    What do you guys do about scratched/broken apple logos on Macs?
  2. Mirokai

    Macintosh SE flicker and interference

    Strange. After turning it on and off a couple times yesterday and letting it run for some time it seems to be fixed today. No more horizontal lines and the screen looks perfect. Maybe I will still recap it but this is very nice. I remember reading about self-healing of capacitors.
  3. Mirokai

    Macintosh SE flicker and interference

    Maybe I will recap it. But how do bad capacitors explain the interference on the other CRT?
  4. Mirokai

    Macintosh SE flicker and interference

    It seems like it is getting better the longer it is powered on. Should I resolder the flyback?
  5. Mirokai

    Macintosh SE flicker and interference

    Both cases were closed.
  6. I recently got 2 Macintosh SE (lets call them A and B). A is a Macintosh SE 1/20 from 1987 and B is a SE FDHD. Macintosh B had a broken CRT where air got inside. So I replaced the CRT today but there is some flickering going on (moving thin horizontal lines.) Even worse when I placed both SE side by side and turned both on I could see some huge horizontal lines on Macintosh A (perfect condition, works like a charm). I don't know if I just imagine it but I think I got a tingling sensation in my hands when I placed them near the case. When I ran the logic test on Snooper 2.0 the screen glitches although I tested the logic board in A before and all tests passed. Other than the flickering the picture looks very good. How do I troubleshoot this?
  7. Mirokai

    Repairing broken plastic spacers on Macintosh SE

    Thank you very much. I will try epoxy!
  8. Hello folks, I just acquired my first pre 2000 Macintosh (Macintosh SE FDHD) and noticed a nasty problem with the case. Two plastic spacers connecting the metal cage to the front casing are broken off. It looks like the owner used the wrong type of screws at some point or dropped it. So I tried to figure out the exact type of plastic apple used for the case to come up with a method of glueing them back on but didn't find anything useful. Does anyone know the type of plastic or even how to fix this?