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  1. Ughhh. I made a bootable 1400 CD formatted the 1400's drive to do the clean install, and now it won't load OS8, it keeps failing on the install and asking if I have the original disks. I feel like this is a known problem, is this the answer? http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/mac-os-install-cd-library (DL #8) I made it and it says "Problems were encountered reading the source file "Installation Tome." Installation Cannot Continue" Bad burn or bad image? Now for some reason it is giving me Sad Mac ... bad HD? 0000000F 00007FFF
  2. CatMorgan

    Trying to do 8.5 clean install in 1400cs

    I don't have an external SCSI CD, just some hard drives. Like I said it boots into OS8 sans CD so it is working as of now so I'm calling it a win and getting a CD of 800K images ready to try and make some Mac Plus disks, which is mostly what I got it for. Thanks so much!
  3. CatMorgan

    Trying to do 8.5 clean install in 1400cs

    OH! Okay a CF HD replacement. That might not be a bad idea! I assume it's a lot faster than the platter drive? @Corey986 I tried the 8.5 images from you, burned it with FireStarter at 1x on my 2012 MBP that I used to make all my iMac discs, and it threw some errors but I kept hitting skip and managed to get a bootable OS on the thing, so thank you! Since there were errors should I do an install on top of the install to clean it up? Or just let it ride until it seems like there is an issue.
  4. CatMorgan

    IIc and IIGS Key Caps - Interchangeable?

    The GS has a few different keyboards floating around too... different switches underneath the caps, so those caps may not even be interchangeable with each other!
  5. CatMorgan

    Trying to do 8.5 clean install in 1400cs

    Is this what I’m looking for? https://www.amazon.com/Transcend-PCMCIA-Ata-Adapter-Card/dp/B0009M069Y/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_147_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=G406Q4SVD0663NPS96G9
  6. CatMorgan

    Trying to do 8.5 clean install in 1400cs

    I’m up to replacing the drive, it doesn’t seem hard. What’s a good drive brand/size to be looking at?
  7. CatMorgan

    1400cs Won't Read CR-RW

    Kinda what it says. I'm working on getting disk images to the 1400 to make 800k floppies for the Mac Plus, and I hit upon the idea of using a CD-RW in order to move stuff from the Mac Pro to the PB to the Plus. (Bridge Macs FTW.). I know the drive in the PB works, it loads up, say, the Warcraft CD-R I burned just fine. I used Verbatim CD-RW, the only ones I could actually find in small quantity. My CD-R spindle is Memorex (I've been using them to make games for the iMac and now the G3 all along.). CD-RW reads fine in the Mac Pro. Limitation of the PB? Weirdness with media? Getting an ether dongle later in the week for the PB so could set up some sort of network share (I legit have no idea how to do this between OS8 and High Sierra.). Thanks!
  8. CatMorgan

    1400cs Won't Read CR-RW

    Ahh okay. Yeah I can burn one prolly I was gonna try and set up a rudimentary FTP on the Pro and FTP into it from the 1400, not try to make them talk directly over the LAN. I have a hard time sometimes getting HS to talk to Sierra, let alone OS 8! Thanks!