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  1. Papichulo

    Powerbook 100

    The ac adapter is not chipped and works and what is logic board joints? Capacitors? Thanks
  2. Papichulo

    Powerbook 100

    The powerbook makes a regular chime but only when i hold the plug down. The ac adapter works but the ac port is cracked on the solder part under the board. I saw the question mark screen once and it was clear but not since.
  3. Papichulo

    Powerbook 100

    Hello I just got a powerbook 100. It looks good and has a working screen The issue is the ac adapter port is loose and when i plug it in it makes a static noise with the sad mac sound. I got it to start up to a flashing disk since theres no hd but then back to static noises. Is that because the ac plug is loose? I scrubbed the boards down to. Thanks
  4. Papichulo

    Macintosh Portable lines on screen

    You can either rip out the screen, recap it or just use it like that. It looks good even with lines on it.
  5. You try it without the ram card in and is the gray interconnect? cable in right?
  6. Papichulo


  7. Papichulo

    PowerBook 3400c Repair Stories

    I found this in my powerbook 3400c and there was a little leakage on a board but i cleaned it with water. This is what was leaking. Really bad. If it wasnt for this website i wouldnt of known to remove the pram battery!
  8. Papichulo

    Powerbook 145b1 again

    I finally got the powerbook 145b to turn on without the sadmac. I was about to throw it out. For some reason I removed the ram card that was attached to the motherboard? And it only turned on with it removed. The display is the issue now. The lcd cable is ripped a little and the screen contrast adjusts but no image at all. I didnt see anything leaked from the screen but I dont know if replacing the screen would fix it or if its something more? Also i heard the simpsons yelling about vietnam or something when it logs in. Is that afterdark? Thank you
  9. Papichulo

    Hard drives

    Thanks it worked. the software was to old or something though
  10. Papichulo

    Powerbook 145b

    I opened it again cleaned the motherboard etc and now its completely dead. Only hard drive ticking.
  11. Papichulo

    Powerbook 145b

    Its just not working, i opened it and there's nothing visibly wrong and i plugges unplugged everything still black screen and sad mac chimes
  12. Papichulo

    Hard drives

    Hello Can i try putting a hard drive from a powerbook 145b to a duo 210?
  13. Papichulo

    Powerbook 145b

    The computer wont start unless the battery is removed mabie becuase its dead
  14. Papichulo

    Powerbook 145b

    The hard drive doesnt sound bad. The ac adapter is putting out the exact voltage required. I tried pushing reset and the interupt button but it keeps doing the same thing. Also i can only see the checkerboard screen after adjusting the contrast
  15. Papichulo

    Powerbook 145b

    Hello i just got a 145b off ebay and it wont work. It turns on without battery but the screen is blank and sad mac chimes turn on. There is black and white squares on the screen. I cant see the sad mac so ai dont know the problem. Is it age related can I fix it? Thanks