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  1. Papichulo

    Files off an old SCSI Mac

    Try removing the battery and turning it on off quickly i have the same computer
  2. Papichulo

    PB180c fails to start

    Yah i use one of those it works
  3. Papichulo

    PB180c fails to start

  4. Papichulo

    PB180c fails to start

    Well thats the problem its the power adapter
  5. Papichulo

    Performa 6116cd

    Good info and I wish there was a way to add more software on it. I just dont have any at all. I want to updrade it to mabie 7.6 or 8.0.. there's a 40mb ram card in it and 2 other empty slots. I probably would like to add games or emulators to it. Other question why wont any cd player read blank cdr discs? I want to transfer files over from the cds.
  6. Papichulo

    PB180c fails to start

    You try different powersupply?
  7. Papichulo

    Performa 6116cd

    Hey! I just got a performa 6116cd working with a monitor keyboard etc. It only has System 7.5.1 but it runs great but what can i do with it? Its really boring so far and i dont know if i can upgrade it or something. Anyone know anything about this machine?Thanks
  8. Papichulo

    PB180c fails to start

    Did you remove the ram and check the gray cable that connects the screen to the bottom board?
  9. Papichulo

    Loon powerbook duo 210 power adapter

    Thats good but i use mine with a pb g3-1400cs adapter it works on all those
  10. Papichulo

    Powerbook 5300c Battery Rebuild (sorta)

    How did everything work out
  11. Papichulo

    PB 3400c Startup Issue - It Doesn't

    Noo idea thats why i gave up and sold the parts for it. The board has capacitors also that mabie should be replaced?
  12. Papichulo

    PB 3400c Startup Issue - It Doesn't

    I had the same problem with 3400c did you take out the pram battery? They can leak
  13. Papichulo

    Performa 450 dead

    Its the power supply we had a power macintosh in 2010 that we had to throw out cuz the power supply was dead. Needs recapping
  14. Papichulo

    Should it be recapped?

    Thanks for the replies. I just got a new 2300c board installed in it and it works great. So its a 280c with 2300c board. Now i just need a working hard drive for it with software on it
  15. Papichulo

    Should it be recapped?

    I have no idea how my 210 has no issue with caps but the other one does. Its older!