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    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    Really really cool! Great job!
  2. Hello everyone. Thank you 360alaska for writing this and documenting the process carefully. I think I have to do the same job to my Quad too. I’m in the testing phase. I’m getting #2 and #7 LEDs on too and fans are crazy, very very loud and scary. The Mac starts, then blocks. I‘ll update you. Although I’m not going to do it soon. (time, space and money issues!!) PS: I’m trying to keep everything updated here: https://mepypower.blogspot.com I think I will steal some informations (as much as I can honestly) from this thread so to keep things organized and in one single place. If you want to contribute to it (writing posts G5 related) just tell me and I’ll invite you in as “writer”(?)/author. Best, mePy2