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  1. Lorenz

    Mac SE/30 parts

    Hi, Update of tonight: I ordered all the parts surrounding the battery that looked damaged (74 chips, 68882, oscillator, diodes, and capacitor that was completely gone and even a new battery holder). The only thing missing are the resistor pack: not quite sure how to get these. Thanks again! Regards, Lorenz
  2. Lorenz

    Mac SE/30 parts

    Hi BadGoldEagle, First of all, thank you very much for your reply! Here is a picture of the board after I already cleaned it. I also removed what was left of the the battery holder. As you said, the 74 chips are damaged. Also, the resistor packs RP8 and RP9 on my picture are also damaged (they are on a different location than on your board). They are labelled SOMC1601 201G and 102G, I wasn't able to find these specific ones or their specifications online yet. SOMC1601 103G and 203G seem to be more easily available, could that be an alternative? The RTC chip seems in good condition besides a few traces of corrosion. Again thank you very much for your help. Regards, Lorenz
  3. Lorenz

    Mac SE/30 parts

    Hello everyone, First time posting on this forum. I just bought a mac SE/30 who had a leaking battery. As I opened the mac, the damage was worse than expected: a few of the chips surrounding the battery were severly corroded (I2/3/4 and J2/3/4). Is there any way to salvage this board? Any way to get a hand on these chips? all other boards in the mac still look very clean. Thanks Lorenz