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  1. boh726

    Mac Plus Ticking Noise...

    Would that have changed with no prompting? Where would it be and how could I test it?
  2. boh726

    Mac Plus Ticking Noise...

    Great, Ill look into it. Anywhere specifically, or should I just visually inspect the whole thing
  3. boh726

    Mac Plus Ticking Noise...

    I recently found a Mac Plus that someone was planning to throw away. After bringing it home, it turned on and worked perfectly, except for the lack of a startup disk. After getting the startup disks and trying to put them in, I realized the floppy drive wasn't taking them. Fast-forward a month, I opened it up, took it apart to down to the drive, and cleaned and fixed the floppy drive. When I put the whole thing back together, it started making this clicking/ticking/chirping noise, with no startup sound and a black screen. I've been through the whole thing, and can't imagine that it's one of the capacitors if it was just working. I looked at the Dead Mac Scrolls (of course) and both options for what is pressumable the flup-flup-flup noise dont seem be it. (The analog board is out of adjustment. The voltage is too high./The power/video cable is disconnected.) I attached the sound, and also this piece of metal I found loose in the case. Maybe some connection. Hope someone has any idea what's going on. clicking.m4a