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  1. David Goodson

    Floppy type utility?

    I found DiskDup+ was the best for this. After you put in the first floppy, it’ll show you the type as it reads it and you can hit Abort & it’ll eject that disk & you can put in another. This is a niche use case, i admit.
  2. David Goodson

    Floppy type utility?

    Exactly. Put in a disk, have it tell me what kind of disk it is, eject and put in another one.
  3. David Goodson

    Floppy type utility?

    Is there a small utility that will read your floppy and tell you if it's a 400K, 800K or 1.4M? Besides just using Get Info? Disk Copy will tell you that if you load it in as master floppy but it takes a while as it loads it into memory to copy it. I was hoping to find some simple utility that will just say what your floppies are as you put them in.