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  1. amedias

    PowerBook G4 LCD question

    The screen assembly itself will not be a straight swap form memory, can't remember the details of connector differences but I know a screen assembly swap on the A11xx PBs needs the LoBo removing, and on the older ones it does not, might just be cable/antenna routing that necessitates this but might be actual physical connector differences as well. I've done numerous screen assembly and even panel swaps on the A1046, and A1095s but I've only got the one A1106 and I remember being mildy annoyed that various bit's weren't compatible with the older chassis models. The panel itself may be transferable but I can't say for sure as I've not tried...
  2. I've been converting PB's this way for a little while now, first started using actual IDE SSD's years ago but they're expensive and slow, the mSATA adapters have been my go-to way of getting SSDs into them now for a while, so far all worked fine and given a decent improvement in performance, reduction in heat and power consumption and also....silence! I've also used them in B+W G3's and various G4s too, all with same success but I've only used 64GB SSDs in the older machines, but there is a 256GB in one of the G4s but it's running off a Sonnet IDE card rather than the onboard controller.