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  1. Michael_b

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Just curious, why is OpenWRT 18.06 required for this extension?
  2. Michael_b

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Have you seen the controllers like this one that can be reconfigured for numerous displays (including 5V vs 3.3v) through the use of jumpers? I'm no expert, but I *think* you can get away with a cheap, generic LVDS controller - no need to spend a lot of money on one tied to your specific monitor. The trouble is tracking down such a controller. According to panelook, this is a 640x480 6/8 bit 3.3v monitor. That would at first glance seem to be compatible with the <$6 VGA controller linked above, but for some reason that controller indicates that it can drive a 640x480 dual channel LVDS monitor, and yours is single channel. OTOH, people have apparently found those charts to be wrong before - and it seems odd that 640x480 would be drive by dual channel LVDS rather than single. It remains to be seen whether or not that controller could use the 65Hz sync, even if it were compatible with your display. However, if it could sync to 65Hz - and maybe other frequencies - that knowledge could be invaluable in getting oddball outputs from early video cards running Edit: I'm very curious to know everything about the controller board you were using, especially the main controller chip.
  3. Michael_b

    Mac SE... with hard drive, network card???

    Pushed it in all the way, powered on, it works!!! No time to go exploring now but I'm ecstatic!
  4. Michael_b

    Mac SE... with hard drive, network card???

    Yeah that board stuck out like a sore thumb! I pushed it in a little but didn't want to push too hard. Does it need to go in further? I'm just paranoid about breaking the glass underneath the board.
  5. Michael_b

    Mac SE... with hard drive, network card???

    Yeah, I wasn't sure I had a long enough screwdriver... but I do! The hard drive is a Seagate ST-325N, looks like a 20MB disk. Pretty obvious why the CRT is not turning on... really hoping it isn't cracked. How do I reattach this without damaging myself or the glass? I know the CRT in these isn't lethal, but I don't want to get shocked either way. Also don't know how easy it is to break the glass nipple. Card is a Maccon of some sort.
  6. Just nabbed this Mac SE off local craigslist. When I got home, noticed something interesting - looks like some network card. Looks exactly like an Asante Maccon for the SE/30, can’t find any that look like this for the SE. Makes a beep when I turn it on. I can hear a hard drive spin up as well. Nothing comes on the screen (I checked brightness control). Screen doesn’t seem to turn on at all. It seems like it’s booting up based on the hard disk read activity but I can’t tell for sure, obviously... any insights as to network card, no display?
  7. Michael_b

    RaSCSI without ICs?

    Were you able to make it work with 68030 Macs?
  8. Michael_b

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Also very curious about this. I don't have much experience in PCB design/fabrication, and my Japanese isn't very good... But in addition to SCSI emulation, the Raspberry Pi could provide internet access over serial. Also see this thread regarding internet. The PL2303 USB - Serial boards are a mere $0.58 shipped (!) on Aliexpress. The USB port on these could be removed and one could solder the board directly onto a RaSCSI PCB, to be connected to the Raspberry PI USB port. A mini DIN8 connector on the PCB could allow direct connection to 68k Macs. Though slow, an All-In-One networking + storage provider could be very useful for these old Macs