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  1. Michael_b

    RaSCSI without ICs?

    Were you able to make it work with 68030 Macs?
  2. Michael_b

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Also very curious about this. I don't have much experience in PCB design/fabrication, and my Japanese isn't very good... But in addition to SCSI emulation, the Raspberry Pi could provide internet access over serial. Also see this thread regarding internet. The PL2303 USB - Serial boards are a mere $0.58 shipped (!) on Aliexpress. The USB port on these could be removed and one could solder the board directly onto a RaSCSI PCB, to be connected to the Raspberry PI USB port. A mini DIN8 connector on the PCB could allow direct connection to 68k Macs. Though slow, an All-In-One networking + storage provider could be very useful for these old Macs