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  1. Awesome, I bought it. Thanks @Crutch, you're the best.
  2. Thanks @Crutch, I will look at FromJapan.co.jp for sure. Perhaps I should also consider being more patient with Artmix and submit another order. Over a month passed between my order and the refund so I was pretty sure I would never get the adapter. Can I ask which page you used to order the TwinSpark? I found two options. The first one, with an option to use PayPal: http://www.artmix.com/ts_adapter.html The second one, all in Japanese but possible to browse through translate.google.com: http://www.stratos-technology.com/cgi/Shop/start.cgi?m=DetailViewer&c=1&n=11&mod=TileViewer I used the first page since it was linked from several old Mac sites I found while researching adapters. But again, there were no order confirmation, no shipping estimates and no responses to my emails asking for status. Or to PayPals requests for comment for that matter.
  3. I have a Turbo040 that I have yet to try in my SE/30. I’m not sure which revision it is – I understand that older ’040s may have issues in everything but the IIci – but ideally I like to use it at the same time as my Asante network card. What are the PDS best adapter options? Unfortunately I missed Bolle’s clearance of his wonderful adapter by a week or two, so I’ve been looking far and wide for another option. If someone here has a spare I’m definitely interested, or if there is ever a second production run. Has anyone ordered from Artmix recently? The TwinSpark adapter looks like a good option, although it is expensive. After a few weeks of unsuccessful searching I actually tried ordering one, but I never got as much as an order confirmation. Fortunately the purchase qualified for PayPal buyer protection so when PayPal was also unable to get in touch with Artmix they gave me a refund. I haven’t seen any adapters on eBay recently, but perhaps I need to search for more than Diimo or DayStar?