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  1. Haha! I was just about to upload that one. "Yeah, I'm totally comfortable with a slim edge of plastic holding 20 pounds inches from my face…" "I'm ashamed of my printer…" I would believe you if you told me this did not sell well in the commonwealth regions…
  2. Not terribly odd, but a nice (and expensive) full-spread Kensington ad featuring the system saver and a security set: I love the name on this one!
  3. Now I want to 3d print a chimney for my plus but really though…
  4. jessenator

    3dfx - Voodoo 2 SLI?

    LGR covered this in his mac+voodoo video i believe. In general, SLI has very limited application even today. Most games don't utilize it and will straight up crash. Afaik, Mac has never supported SLI.
  5. It looks like reverse 20-pin...? edit; eh, I'm being a moron again. And it looks like you've got it sorted
  6. They're worth whatever people are willing to pay for them, and unfortunately eBay is the main source of valuation, as well as actually finding them to buy. Since the early 2000s-2010s, every online Mac specialist who once sold outdated models (shreve systems, smalldog, etc.) No longer does so (or exists). In my opinion since the death of Steve Jobs the prices have been gouged on eBay because legacy (despite him having bugger all to do with apple for almost all of the mid 80s & 90s). If there are local classifieds where you are, that also might be a good source to periodically check.
  7. I was always interested in the security devices for Macs, having never seen an Apple-branded one anywhere in real life, one or any Macintosh-coupled security device for that matter. My dad's thinkpad had a key-secured hdd, and that was about it. When I got to college, I (my parents) bought a lock for my iBook to ward off clepto floormates—thin loop of wire cable. I wonder how secure that would've actually been... I never resented it, as there was a legit compulsive thief in our dorm.
  8. jessenator

    Switching processors between 520 & 540c

    Even with a heatsink, the 040 on my DayStsr even idle gets HOT. Granted it's OCd from 33 to 40 via oscillator, but even with the passive arrangement it's toasty. I might check it with an IR thermometer out of curiosity. Definitely got hotter than my Q610 ever did.
  9. I know Lord Jobs hated the noise of the PC fans of the era. Why didn't they run it but at a lower voltage? Analogous example: I run a fan the era off a 9v and it's virtually silent... At the board voltage it's nearly as loud as the HDD. Fun piece of history! I love the crazy inventions you saw during the PC revolution.
  10. jessenator

    640x480 on LC II?

    I like this prototype. Comes pre-yellowed even :P
  11. According to LEM the PowerBase is part of the Tanzania based line of clones. If that's accurate, then it's the same pinout/PSU as the 4400 I'm working on: Edit: maybe not... I'd go with Franklinstein's knowledgebase on this one. I'll clam up...
  12. jessenator

    Flea Market Mac IIsi and Mac II(fx)!

    pretty slick!
  13. jessenator

    Flea Market Mac IIsi and Mac II(fx)!

    Nice! Did the IIsi switch to the button batteries later in production or is that a user mod?
  14. IIRC OS X 10.5 was the first big leap into transitioning completely to Intel architecture—the last officially supported version of OS X for PPC. I'm not sure how far back the support went for 10.5 though. I never even bothered trying on my iBook G3 or even PowerBook G4. Edit: IMO 10.5 was far too bloated, probably accounting for the support of both Intel and PPC code. And MacFox is right, you need to upgrade to 10.5 from 10.4.x I believe. I recall having to do so on my Mom's old G5 iMac. I view it as kind of a bastard OS, with 10.6 being X's peak in features and performance. I'd use 10.4.11 if it were my machine.
  15. jessenator

    4400/200 - dirty to clean

    Still didn't look for them locally bah, there aren't enough hours in a day. I doubt they're expensive. I've seen them on ebay for less than $8 shipped for 10, but I don't want to buy 10…or wait for a frggin package from China. I could never tell which rating, but I've found both online. I should make some calls today.
  16. jessenator

    4400/200 - dirty to clean

    My 4400/200 arrived! Got a little delayed with the snow cyclone that woodshed northward. Lots of cleaning to do before I even consider trying to boot it. Not as bad as I was expecting, tbh. I was a little worried at first, hearing some rattling, but it was just the hdd carrier sort of taped on to the drive carrier, and wasn't damaging anything critical. I have everything ready for the 65scribe battery trick except the batteries! Out of AAAs which is odd. I'll update this as I go. Hopefully I won't be as careless as I was with my previous conquest...
  17. jessenator

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    Do I have a problem? (don't we all?) So I asked a buddy of mine in Denver to pick up a IIsi off a craigslist posting. This seller also had a Q700 and an SE/30 he hasn't listed yet... they both tempted me, but for some reason I was drawn to the IIsi ...again. The seller, was again, relative of the original owner and was simply putting these machines up for sale. He had them tested at Apple Rescue of Denver, and they were "working." My buddy went to go pick it up and it wouldn't boot at all. Thank goodness for instant communication: we negotiated the price and my friend immediately went home, packed it, and shipped it good friend. Also, it was packed like a Faberge egg... Got it this evening and like before, it wouldn't boot. Took out the PSU and found this wonderful scene: So, yeah, of course it wasn't going to boot. I have yet to look inside... I took a substantial risk, but plopped in the re-capped PSU from my now departed IIsi, and BAM! It booted! Interesting machine setup. I think it was a proto-Splash print station of some kind. Many drawing, CAD, and other apps right on the desktop. (apologies for the intense moire...) It was pretty zippy compared to my last IIsi as well. But only 17MB of RAM... curious Oh, wait, what's this? An Ethernet card? Oh ...oh.... OH I'm being a cheeky SOB, I knew it had something, so I had to nab it. And the best part is that I spent less on this than I did on the first one. All in all, I'm pretty dang happy
  18. jessenator

    SCSI2SD reverting to default device config

    Got it working! And successfully patched System 7.5.3 and running MacBench just for fun The only thing that's irks me a bit is termination: if it's on, I can't use external devices, if it's off I can't use it without a terminated device plugged in. Is there a dynamic termination for v5.1? Or is this another rookie mistake...
  19. Every time I run the SCSI2SD utility, write the appropriate settings for a 68k mac (or any settings for that matter), and re-open the utility to double check, my settings are reverted to default. I've tried this on both Win7x64 and OS X 10.7 with the utility from CodeSRC. It recognizes the device, it writes the settings, and then after re-opening, I've got bupkis.. all the device configs are reset to defaults. (in reality I'm only writing one device) Any thoughts or things to try to keep this from happening? Thanks
  20. jessenator

    Finally a Quadra 700

    Very nice! I remember seeing that one Nedry uses in Jurassic Park and thinking, "how did they turn a IIci on its side but switch the apple logo?" Oh, 10 year old me's thought process… Don't they have 512k soldered onto the board?
  21. I've searched here (and elsewhere) without finding anything, but has anyone here developed a pin adapter to utilize an ATX power supply? The mount points and case size are close enough I'd call it identical, the pins? Probably not. From what digging I've done, the Tanzania motherboard has two rows of AT-standard pin connector (using a not readily available molex connector). The standards/schematics/pinouts are well documented for ATX, but I can't find the Tanzania PSU anywhere other than a p/n that leads me to outrageous prices. A good friend of mine is an EE, but thought I'd ask to see if anyone ever made the attempt before we go diving in to find a solution from scratch. If we make progress, I'll update it here for anyone else who needs a new PSU for their oddball Mac
  22. jessenator

    ATX to Tanzania / 4400/7220 PSU adapter

    Cheers! It's soft-power from what I've seen—no switch. Maybe I can jumper the soft-switch just to see if it powers up.
  23. jessenator

    ATX to Tanzania / 4400/7220 PSU adapter

    Yeah, that's just it. I don't know if the old PSU works. The machine wouldn't power up when it was nasty looking. I stripped it down and from what I can visually see, no caps are bulging or blown diodes… I was pulling the fuse to see what the rating was, and it shattered pretty easily. Problem is hardware stores around me don't carry anything near as small and beefy to meet the spec. And the electronic supply places are more industrial. Maybe I'll check just in case. If I plug it in which pin should I test?
  24. jessenator

    Centris 650 and SCSI2SD V5.1 query

    I think v5.1 and later has automatic termination so that shouldn't be a problem in a plug n play type of scenario, as long as th device ID isn't set to 0 or 7. Once the old drives content is copied over and old drive removed, you can use the utility again to set the ID to 0 (internal, master startup drive) Yes, that thread in peripherals is gold! Once you get the adapter itself set-up with the SCSI2SD utility, the biggest hurdle will be the actual formatting program—getting it onto your Centris' drive. If you have a way to write 1.4M Macintosh floppies, I'd recommend Lido () (a drive partitioning program mentioned further on in that thread just not in the initial tutorial) available from the Macintosh garden website. No patching required. My "bridge" machine has been an iBook G3 with a USB floppy drive capable of writing mac floppies. Should work on macs that run up to OS X 10.5.