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  1. I've never tried booting my 4400 with the CUDA button. That's interesting. Just a crazy thought, did you try manually jumping the power switch terminals? It could be a mechanical fault with the switch perhaps, if it still turns it off.
  2. jessenator

    davidg5678's Computer Finds

    Not bad at all for $52! ...but yeah, that's some cleanin' to do.
  3. jessenator

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    There's one of these local to me and in the several(?) years they've had it up, the price hasn't budged—$1900 they're asking. Until we received (thanks to a generous statewide bond) B&W G3 towers for all the faculty at my high school, many had these machines. Oddly, my favorite quirk of the 52/5400 was the death chime. Nice haul for sure! Maybe one day the local seller will see the light that his definitely isn't worth nearly two grand
  4. After bending my brain searching for any leads, I decided to post a thread about this specifically. I'm wondering if anyone has taken to repairing older CRT displays and if it's feasible. My ACHRRGBD is, like all CRTs of this vintage, really old and starting to shift color a bit and I wonder if something like a recap would help bring it back. I'll post more photos later tonight, but these are the two I have now. I'll also be sure to get a decent WB from my camera so the color drift is more apparent. There's no real apparent burn in anywhere, but a color shift to green, and it bleeds off the main display area as well. Again, if it's not a real feasible repair, then tell me I'll live I guess. It's most noticeable on the black areas so here's an AfterDark shot: ignore the vertical lines on this one (different/motherboard related issue on the computer side): Thanks
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    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    I found a bunch of snowblower and john deere parts although adding "hot air" to the search led me to a related product = "862D" - Something like this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/131713244885
  6. So for the most part I've got everything working with the PC compatibility cards that I've accumulated, save the sound aspect. The kit I recently purchased came with the relatively rare GIMO connector, which is supposed to integrate audio as well as video connection to and from the card and the Mac motherboard with a single connector. Having gone through the steps of setup, and everything is working fine (sidenote, I had to find an old ISO of the SoundBlaster vibra 16 driver to get the driver itself to recognize the hardware on the 12" card), but with the GIMO connection by itself, I get no sound output at all. Per the instructions, you're supposed to set sound monitoring source in the control panel to CD, but nothing. I also tried the Sound In option, which of course doesn't work because it's looking to the input audio jack. Then I decided to disconnect the GIMO and use the audio cables that go into the CD Audio in on the motherboard, and bam, I've got sound! ...with caveats*. I did a fresh install of everything, with v. 1.6.4 of the PC Compatibility tools on both sides (running OS 7.6.1) and also tried an install of 8.1, and a fresh install of v1.6.4 of the software, and attempted to update to v2.0, with it only being successful on the mac side. I'm tempted to go back to 7.5.3 just to do it all as it was on the original Mac OS version it was meant for, but i don't want to. *Additionally, I wonder if this is a hardware limitation of the SoundBlaster on these cards, but there is no 4-OP FM generator on it. While plugged into the CD audio input, there is digital audio (I'm playing Dark Forces for reference), Anyhow, if anyone has any insights, I'd be much appreciative. Thanks.
  7. Heh, I should've updated this. For some reason the Win95 install I tried didn't install jack, including the volume mixer—the MIDI levels were nearly 0 it turns out, but without that particular component installed, it was just REEAly quiet. Installed windows 98 and it auto-detected most everything, as well as installed most everything, so I didn't need any of the supplied drivers (on the Windows side) post-DOS drivers like CD-ROM, etc. Also I was able to balance all the audio as well, so the sound card portion is perfectly fine. Still no audio at all from the GIMO-only configuration, however. I'll keep trying.
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    Mystery Icon?

    My money is on the DAA adapter (not needed in NA markets) linked above. The thread specifically calls it out as a Mini-Dock option for Europe/Worldwide to connect the DIN to whatever regional adapter was needed instead of RJ11 See if your board has the connection for that add-on.
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    Mystery Icon?

  10. jessenator

    Mystery Icon?

    It almost make me think of a scanner icon… s-video wouldn't be used for one of those oddball handheld OCR scanners would it?
  11. jessenator

    Mystery Icon?

    Fax (in place of Modem) port???
  12. jessenator

    LC III Replacement fan

    It might be an issue, depending on the clearance between the fan and the lid of the case—it might provide reduced airflow as a result, but not having one of those in front of me I can't say for certain.
  13. jessenator

    LC III Replacement fan

    AFAIK, most 3-pin fans will work, barring any strange specs. As long as it's a 12V fan and the W rating is less-than or equal to the original, you should be fine. Also fan height/thickness is another factor (something I'm currently working through with a couple of my desktops) e.g. I really want to use some 80mm Noctua fans in a couple of my Macs, but many of their fans are 25mm, and will cut into space used by drive connectors and so on. But in your case, I think you've got it correct with the fan you linked. I don't recall what the LC series fans dimensions were.
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    GIMO connector to Apple PC Compatibility cards

    I haven't seen this (photographically) documented like this anywhere, so here it is If I ever get a real macro lens, I'll replace these shots. Apple officially calls this (albeit briefly) in manuals the "internal audio/video assembly"
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    Picked up a Mac IIci with some accessories!

    Is that the DayStar FastCache?
  16. jessenator

    Rear I/O panel for "Mystic" CC?

    Some 400 grit and a tack cloth, it'll smooth right out
  17. Very nice! Socketed is special on its own, but the upgrade with it? Go buy some lottery tickets with that luck
  18. Thank you! Well that explains the clearance issues with a normal heatsink. But this makes me a bit more confident with the direction I'm going with the mount currently.
  19. Figured I'd start a topic for this separately So what I've noticed is that the larger, OEM-like CPU daughtercards had quite a large footprint, and would have a proportionally large heatsink; ergo the mounting would be able to span the card. Upgrades, especially later 1990s and early 2000s had a much smaller PCB footprint and (apparently) had more compact heatsink mounting solutions. Mine was absent on the PowerLogix card in my PowerWave, and want a good solution. I made progress on my own but paused to ask any willing forum members to photograph what their cards' mounts look like. Here's what I've done so far: measured the PCB, the CPU substrate, got specs and measurements of the gaps and based my drawings off photographs of what I could find. The original, circular heatsink appeared to be 54mm diameter. I wonder what solution they have, because there's only a 6mm gap between the CPU and the dip switches, the 755 package being 25mm square. There's only ~1mm clearance between the PCB and the bottom of the CPU That is a not-quite-engineering-correct representation of a 27.94mm heatsink i found, that actually has a photo reference of a 604 PPC chip in it! Found it on Mouser, I'll post the link later. I'm working with a friend on the 3d printing and testing material tolerances. Anyhow, I hope this is roughly on the right track, but would appreciate any additional insight.
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    Jessenator's conquests

    Figured I'd start a unified thread... This got delivered today! It will definitely need a re-cap on both boards, probably, but it booted right up. and WOW that HDD is loud. SCSI2SD FTW. When I confirmed it would boot, I got right in to take the battery out, then I saw this first and got a little worried. Turned out thankfully not a Maxell red bomb, but a Tadrian, though still an '89 cell: But aside from dust, the board was pretty fair. Going to soak it tonight: Back of the board is flawless, so I don't know where that staining came from. Maybe the shield did its job in more ways than one It's pretty tan, but not the worst I've seen. Haven't decided to retrobrite it or not, but I'm leaning not. All things considered, I'm pleased with it It must've been a fluke or something, but it came up in a search as a BIN for an insanely low figure (lowest I've ever seen), so I chomped right at that bit! It had been up for only an hour, if that. Edit: bonus pic to showcase the brown next to my relatively unmarred G3 MT: much browner than the listing photos made out, but oh well
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    Jessenator's conquests

    Oh totally they did. I noticed on mine that the model plate actually can pop out! It's not glued in. Even the original (601) Power series desktops utilized the same case as well. I think they had 2 desktop designs and 2 tower designs. The PowerBase/Center was a lower profile, with the floppy drive adjacent to the other drive bays, and that tower in the EveryMac article looks shorter than the PTP height. Fun stuff. I couldn't sleep last night so I was reading up on them. PCC was completely done with developing the G3 models by the time the plug was pulled (!) and the "core assets" Jobs wanted from them was their sales strategy and BTO approach. He definitely didn't give 2 ****s about anything of theirs beyond that, especially design. There's a bit of a black hole though beyond what periodicals of the day wrote about the quasi-purchase and closure of PCC; definitely some inside stories left to be told… But still, $1,997 base price for a G3 machine that rivaled the 9500 in performance*? I wonder how much cheaper PCC, or anyone else, could've actually sold machines for had the deal been left in place. But I agree, Jobs knew the market share via licensees was a sailed ship, and he had to niche the Mac out of the PC space, and despite my own observations, he did lead the company well. *parroted from a 65scribe video
  22. I'd love some images of how they attach, if that's feasible. Do the G3s get that hot? Based on nothing, I thought they were a tad more efficient than the 604s, but correct me. I wonder if anyone carries the short and wide heatsinks like sonnet had on their crescendo line. If it did go edge to edge, it might be easier to secure around the PCB edge instead of the CPU itself. My biggest concern is that dipswitch box and clearing it. Although if I somehow found a 25mm tall, and much wider heatsink it looks like it would clear.