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    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    Well scratch those files. They've been truncated down the line sometime and are worthless bits. Back to the search...
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    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    Although now I think on it, #2 might be more visible, depending on your keyboard and placement, with the Pizza Box form factor anyway.
  3. jessenator

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    I kinda want it to line up with the CD-ROM bay, but that's just the OCDesigner in me
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    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    Posting for posterity… https://web.archive.org/web/20011204173901/ Sometime in 1999(?), Iomega sold/gave servicing rights/privileges to Comet Enterprises it seems. They had a repository of drivers, and thankfully two of the imaged pages had what appears to be a viable HQX file for download. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dyqnm1b6ihbrv0z/Mac501-1.HQX?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7t1fs6mwzrdppfm/Mac501-1-comet.HQX?dl=0 one mirror and Comet's own. Both 11kB in size, whereas v3.5.3 is 133kB so there could be some corruption/complete data. Also, the v3.5.3 downloaded while the v5.0.1 opened itself as a hypertext document initially in a modern browser. I can't test it at the moment, but maybe one of these will work?
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    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    Back to the cleaning carts. There are a couple on eBay at the moment and both share the same design. However, I found another photographic example of a cartridge on twitter. I wonder if this person is a member... Maybe could create a 3d printed replacement. Here's the "older?" Cart: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254303545135 The other is 0 bids w/ 3 days left, starting at ~$30
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    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    If only these mirrors had been imaged https://web.archive.org/web/19970711132306/http://www.iomega.com/support/software/ftpmac501.html that v.5.0.1 one could speculate is the last version of the software that supported the Bernoulli Interestingly, the previous image of that page shows v.4.3 for Zip, but the Bernoulli driver is still v.3.53, still accessible from MacGUI, so there never was a v.4.3 for Bernoulli it would seem. sigh, dangit, another dead end. https://web.archive.org/web/19981212014111/ftp://ftp.iomega.com/ English 404s and captures past that date 401 error. I tried a couple logical directories but no luck. Might be that someone, somewhere out there has this "Mac501.hqx" archive...
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    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    I tried (manual installation) of v4.x iomega driver from Macintosh Garden) and it's X'd out on startup and I get a warning dialog at Finder launch saying it couldn't find an Iomega Drive. The installer won't run, rightly, because there's no Zip drive, but I thought that even with a manual driver install something would work. No dice. I can't download the Bernoulli driver from VintageApple.org, as it's linking to iomega's old FTP site*. I did, however, successfully get it to work with the link Cory provided above. Works with my PowerWave running System 7.6.1 just fine, even the "Workshop" utility for formatting and scanning disks. I did some searching on the wayback machine and there were other, newer versions of drivers, specifically for the Bernoulli, up to v. 5.0.x, but unfortunately I don't know how/don't think there's provision for wayback to access FTP. *There were several other mirrors as well, but none of them worked, sadly.
  8. I think there was some conversation, probably on the IRC channel, about whether the Bernoulli had on-board termination. I found some images of earlier Bernoulli Box(es) and I wonder if we can say definitively if this (black switch right of the ID selector) is a termination switch. Firstly, the Bernoulli Transportable (150 and 230 versions) And an older Transportable (44) And a much older dual Bernoulli Box
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    WHAT FONT? "can't wait to get out of that bag"

    Someone on here made a replica program, though it requires 2x 800k disks instead of a single 400k. The thread speculated that the original is probably lost to time, and they're probably right.
  10. Stumbled upon this coincidentally: https://classifieds.ksl.com/listing/58327699 Same one?
  11. jessenator

    WHAT FONT? "can't wait to get out of that bag"

    Yeah, I can see the slab-serif look in that screen grab. Isn't that unveiling demo available for download somewhere? only it requires a Fat Mac to run… Edit: here's the text I mocked up real quick:
  12. jessenator

    MacDouble D-D

    That is funky! Yeah, I'd be curious to know how many install orders they actually got or if there was a "Apple will void their warranty, but we'll spot you" kind of situation.
  13. jessenator

    LCIII Chime of death - caps look ok is it another problem?

    In most cases, a re-cap is always a good idea, and most often necessary with vintage Macs. My SE/30 had no drastic, visible signs of cap leakage, but I had a few problems that cleared right up with a re-cap. As for the chimes of death, I'd start with removing the DRAM and VRAM chips and see if you still get the chime or if it boots normally. Sometimes RAM can go bad, and the LCIII has soldered VRAM and DRAM. If you're still getting the chime, there might indeed be some other issues, but I'd start there.
  14. jessenator

    SE/30 PDS Memory Card?

    My guess would be cache "memory" cards. But aside from the adapted IIci cache hall of fame, I don't know of any.
  15. jessenator

    Macintosh LC475 upgrades

    I've run it on an LCII and a IIsi. And while it's not buttah smooth, it doesn't crash or fail to load (on the IIsi anyway…*). Not that this anecdote is a verdict of any kind. *The LCII in question had other issues. Wasn't mine, but a family friend's and I think I put that thing through the ringer, so whatever crashes were incidental to whatever else I was doing to it at the time.
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    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    Here's a teardown for those not yet willing to do it on their own… I wonder if there are bad solenoids.
  17. jessenator

    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    FR, no calling out intended. I'd definitely like to try out that utility however.
  18. jessenator

    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    Is that utility up on vTools? I noticed this, but it might be nothing more than hearsay: this MacintoshGarden uploader's comment that the splash screen hints at a compatibility with the (later) Bernoulli boxes is intriguing. Talking specifically about the first download, the non-specific "Tools™" image. I'm going to test a number of drivers/utilities and see once mine get here. It's a post-powerPC, so I'd assume it's a fat binary ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    I'm having vague recollections about this… Might be worthy of a series of tests. Back in '00 or so I got a syquest and a bernoulli drive and I recall one worked fine with whatever SCSI utility I had, but not the other.
  20. jessenator

    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    Will tools like Lido or Anubis properly handle Bernoulli media? Just wondering what utilities would be best suited. As the soon-to-be-owner of a Bernoulli box, I'm also interested here.
  21. jessenator

    Daystar Genesis MP 600 + WGS 60

    Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  22. My Sony SDM-X82 monitor supports 1:1. Not sure of the LCD p/n without dismantling it. However its native max resolution (that I've tested so far) is 1280x1024.
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    SE/30 Very Low Volume Sound

    +1 —Regardless of what some youtube/other names have said to the contrary, there's no getting around a complete recap of the logic board.
  24. Yeah, looks like the failure point in a few of those is the PCIe power. That and the extra 4/8 ATX power pins aren't being used in this board adapter design anyway.
  25. Amazon (sorry should've posted link) Yeah, my PowerWave's SeaSonic was rated to 200W if that says anything. I doubt even a fully loaded Q950 would pull that, but that's not my wheelhouse. https://www.amazon.com/KENTEK-Supply-EPS12V-ATX12V-PCI-Express/dp/B006XJYVZW#customerReviews Yeah, who knows what systems they were building (saw one mATX), but if they were smart they wouldn't push it too far, so I'm guessing most systems would be 70–80% of the max load, so 500–550W system draws. That's my philosophy anyway—I don't want my max potential load anywhere near the max of the PSU. I think my Ryzen 2 rig pulls <600 W on my 750 W supply. But they aren't me I guess. Edit, I'm only pulling ~500W stock maybe my PSU was overkill.