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  1. I am always amazed by the spray patterns of these maxellbombs... My Quadra 700 did a weird drip damage thing, huge gap of untouched logic board then bam, a nice puddle of nastiness. Your IIci seemed to blow across the DRAM and right into the opposite wall See what you can salvage off the board though, that is if the board is a toal gonner. Some of the proprietary chips for another rainy day.
  2. Niiice. VRAM is maxed, which is a good bonus, and is the DRAM also maxed?
  3. Oh, hey @siliconinsider is this something you'd be interested in reproducing? (or maybe an 8MB one ) I know it's nowhere near as common a part as the 256+512 k VRAM modules, but thought I'd mention it. images from the auction
  4. Ah, bugger... I need to reset my search to all of NA, instead of just the US... that's why my alerts for "starmax" didn't see it either. Ha! I suppose one could try what's funny is it looks only like the soldermask is white and the PCB is a burned gold/tan or something underneath... Those photos are nice and higher res, though. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Does anyone have one of the two styles of 4 MB SGRAM module? Something that high-res scans can be taken from? I'm bumping this thread after nearly 365 days wow that's uncanny
  6. If you're gonna mod the chime, the only one worth changing it to is the Power Macintosh 9700 (very much /sarcasm) You could try to reprogram this into the ROM, I suppose: https://www.dropbox.com/s/66ikpx0kuzjcvb5/nope.mp3?dl=0
  7. FWIW to get my cards to work I had to format them with diskpart—quick Explorer formatting would give me blinking on the BlueSCSI. I managed just fine with exFAT, though I know some have said it wouldn't work for them.
  8. Well this is interesting... thanks to @cheesestraws for the tip: I took a screen capture. I assumed it would've been just "normal" looking, but I took it, converted to PNG in photoshop on the PowerTower, then uploaded to my vTools userwebs folder... quite interesting results:
  9. Sometimes? It's really bizarre. During start up the cursor will do the weird "Windows" type ghosting thing but then stop while loading extensions. Sometimes it changes when switching, sometimes not. Sorry for the nasty un-synced video, but my phone won't match CRTs well. I figured a periodic black bar was better than potentially-seizure-inducing flicker https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yx_Wlb4Ozb6uBoyyWzK267hwdsf01fK-/view?usp=sharing I couldn't get my flat panel, which normally does just fine with Power Macs, to get anything on it.
  10. Yeah, the machine boots like this, and it sticks with things like windows moving. For a while the cursor seemed unaffected, but changing resolutions made it glitch out, too. I could boot it, extensions off, but I don't think it would make a difference as it shows at boot time. I could do a video clip, too if that helps.
  11. Well I had a "shower thought" to try the card with the video signal break-out board removed, and I got something! It's not great, but it's something other than a blank screen... I wonder if it's bad SGRAM on the board... I have no clue how to further diagnose the card.
  12. Well, sadly this was a bust. I can't get the card to post video on any PCI mac I have CUDA, PRAM resets: nothing well it wasn't much skin off my back, but I had hoped to have another entry card to test. Another weird thing. I was going to do the whole round of tests on the StarMax/4400, but some weird things were happening: neither the 9600 accelerator, the ix Twin Turbo extension that sort of worked in the PowerTower, seemed to drive the Twin Turbo at all. I even had problems with the ix3D drivers with the vanilla install of 7.6.1 I was using, even though it had zero
  13. Were there any 50-pin CD-RWs? That's one thing to check before you buy. Also a compatible driver for the drive itself. If you're authoring in something like Toast, you'll want to check if it's supported as well. OS authoring isn't supported in a Quadra 700-compatible version of Mac OS, IIRC.
  14. Ope. Yeah, it's unique in the Mac realm, unfortunately The first slot is single-rank (32), but the other two can be dual-rank (64), max total of 160 MB. Here's a good thread full of L2 cache p/ns, just in case the Crescendo is a no-show : The 4400 is kind of an interesting architecture (to some anyway ) supported OS versions are thus: 7.5.3 7.6.1 8.0 8.1 8.5 8.6 9 The absence of 7.5.5 is interesting to me...
  15. Yeah, as long as it's PCI and not AGP, it should work. You'll definitely want the standalone drivers if you're opting for something like Mac OS 7.6.1 or something: http://system7today.com/drivers Later version of Mac OS... (8.5 onward?) had some ATi drivers as part of the system install, but possibly not for the 7000...
  16. DVD authoring will be dependent on your version of Mac OS... which, unless someone corrects me, is 9.2.1, which is sadly beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities of StarMax. You could try using OS 9 Helper, but I was unable to get anything above 9.1 installed. Maybe you'll have better luck DVD read-only could be accomplished with an IDE DVD drive, of course, but you'd need 1) the updated Apple CD/DVD Driver 1.4 extension 2) a compatible IDE DVD drive*, and 3) a graphics chipset with MPEG-2 decoding to actually play DVD movies: the Rage II+ DVD chipset on higher spec StarMax machine
  17. Wasn't me, but I can confirm this with my experiments on other IDE Power Macs. I'm not intimately familiar with the Gazelle boards, but on the Macs I've tried, I can't even get two separate CF readers (one replacing the optical drive) to work... I can swap bus connectors, but it doesn't like two "hard drives" at once. Maybe that just LPX-40/Tanzania, though...
  18. Sorry to be pedantic, but just so you're not purchasing incorrect parts, connectors, etc., prior to the Performa/LC 63x/64x Macs, SCSI is the internal drive interface, not IDE FWIW, in my experience anyway, my 040 Macs ran funny with 7.6, I know that's not particularly helpful, and extremely anecdotal, but your mileage may vary. I've found that 8.1 actually runs fairly well on my Quadras, if just a tad on the RAM-hog side. 7.5.3/5 runs just fine as well, and is much more lean, if RAM is a concern. But onto your other question: I suppose the maximum volume size will be
  19. Yup, should work fine, but it'll need the driver/extension to run. And on a standard 4400 it'll only run at 400 Mhz, due to the 40 Mhz bus speed of the "Tanzania" board. StarMax and other clones with the "Tanzania II" board have a 50 Mhz bus. I.e. they have a resistor moved and a 50 MHz crystal on the board as earlier boards can be modded (not for the faint of heart). Unfortunately, I don't have much in the way of serial gear to test with this particular Mac, but according to the manual—which I've housed here (it's also on archive.org): https://www.dropbox.com/s/kx0lyjtojcrtrzq/So
  20. Alchemy and yeah, I don't blame you for lack of interest! It was mildly interesting to me only in that it still used a daughter card CPU, unlike the 6400 et al. (I suppose the Umax C500 had it at least socketed PGA 603e...) My PowerLogix PowerForce G3 says it works in a PowerBase, and there's a special jumper/switch setting specifically for PowerBase. So doubfult one could swap in other PCC CPUs in there, but we've already been down that road! But I'm satisfied in my 603-lust with the StarMax, TBH. But I never jumped on any that have cropped up on eBay recently. I think I'll stil
  21. TwinTurbo driver for this test was "PowerPC Monitors" extension library and the "9600 Graphics Accelerator" version of the TT driver, both from Mac OS 8.0L running on System 7.6.1 No 3D tests, so that would have to some from elsewhere... I didn't bother with the whole suite of draw, line, geometry type tests, because ixMicro brags in its readme file about how its performance causes the MacBench (v4.0, admittedly) DrawString or DrawText test to overflow the register but, fair point, that does happen with version 4. Still, interesting to see the disparity between the cards close a b
  22. I agree as far as my now-gone PowerWave was concerned... it hated anything but its Mach64. If you did this crazy process of installing drivers THEN installing a Rage128, it would work, but if you reset the PRAM: blank monitor... I just found this while searching in MacWorld back issues on Archive.org for results—obviously not on MacWorld, but I saw the Mactell Vision3d II lite card getting praise : https://barefeats.com/2Dking.html MacBench 5 must have really stepped up the graphics tests like they did the CPU tests (only one I tried briefly), because the Ultimate Rez's score
  23. Well that's interesting... Now I've got to do MacBench 5.0 tests now Wait, do they have 3d tests in it? I never delved too far into 5.
  24. PowerTower Pro Mine is the Non-pro version. It's funny, their boards even still have "PowerCurve" screen printed on them I don't think it changed until the PowerCenter Pro revision came along, and put the graphics chipset into the PCI riser, which is interesting. Is your jumper set for the Apple DA-15 or DB-15 VGA output? It's called "VGA Enabler" in this diagram:
  25. I was curious about that feature and what it's supposed to do... I tried it and it just seems to crop on my screen as I zoom in? Although, my PowerTower is odd in that it seems to think there is a monitor connected to the internal chipset, whether there is or not, causing ...issues, to say the least. Do all the Catalyst/PowerCurve-based PCC machines do this? Anyways, I don't know if that's causing issues with the Pan & zoom or if I just don't understand that functionality Edit: oHH okay, I see now... I suppose that would be beneficial for presentations, old projectors that co
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