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  1. jessenator

    Mac Plus with 4MB of RAM

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/132101576971 Steer clear of the 2-chip sets. At least, most have said they don't work. Mine had them and they were fine, but something like this would work just fine. They just need to be 30-pin SIMMs at 80ns or higher FPM (fast page memory) types. I've seen 70 and 60 ns sets as well. Don't worry about parity, as the Macs of this vintage ignore it, but make sure the SIMMs are all the same spec if you're not buying a set. As for telling them apart if you have a bunch of SIMMs sitting around, I'm not sure. My first inclination would be to search the chip P/Ns and see what they come up with, but most of them are so old, they don't have cross-referenced, modern equivalents. I had a devil of a time looking up some of the ICs...
  2. jessenator

    Mac Plus with 4MB of RAM

    My Mac Plus never really had overheating problems, although the analog board did indeed produce a good deal of heat. There were times when it just served as my clock (having no keyboard at the time), and while it got warm, I never felt it getting dangerously so. Adding more RAM up to 4MB never really seemed to make a heat difference, in my experience anyhow. I never measured heat at the logic board, so I can't confirm that, but in all, the hottest part was the analog board. The RAM upgrade makes using multifinder a much more pleasant experience, however that particular system software config can cause older (1st gen mac) software crash, like MusicWorks. I could never get it to work with multifinder. I was running 6.0.3 and then 6.0.8 My first plus, back in the late '90s, was run a lot more though its paces. I upgraded the RAM myself, which I considered a feat for a teenager, and it ran wonderfully. I had a full setup, including external drive and secondary floppy, which made duplication much faster. I wrote nearly every paper from 11th and 12th grade English with MS Word v.3—my bridge machine was a Quadra 610, which would dial-up making getting the old files nice.
  3. jessenator

    ATI Rage 128 GL PCI and Beige G3

    I have the same setup: rage128 GL and a beige G3. I think starting with either 8.6 or 9.0 the drivers came with the system install. I'm with Byrd, the card may not be Mac specific like the seller said. Pics would help.
  4. jessenator

    CD-R drives tray height clearance

    Sweet. Thanks for the tip. I haven't even put the PlexWriter through its paces yet to see if it even writes... it was in the G3 when I bought it. Kind of a mix-n-match (which he sort of told me when I bought it) as the spec label indicates it should have a wings card and a zip, but it does not... oh well. The guy I bought it from has now listed his other G3 with the parts he swapped out of this one hahah. I'm half tempted to buy it for completionist sake, but that'll have to wait.
  5. jessenator

    CD-R drives tray height clearance

    The manual eject hole I couldn't care less about, really. But yes, the faceplate off will definitely make it slide in/out just fine. I'd love to find one that fits to have that more flush look.
  6. jessenator

    CD-R drives tray height clearance

    So, like a novice woodworker, I didn't measure twice, cut once, so to speak... I bought a bezel for the second CD drive on my G3 MiniTower, wanting a nice flush look to it. However, the top-of-the-tray clearance is too high to work with the bezel: As the phone pics aren't the clearest, the OEM CD-ROM of the era cleared (at the top, measured from the bottom of the whole drive) at ~35mm whereas my PlexWriter tops out at ~40mm. Does anyone know of IDE/PATA CD-Rs that don't go above that 35mm mark? Or is it the hardware nature of the beast that they can't be as low profile (the guts I mean) as a CD-ROM,? i.e. is every CD-R of this era going to have similar physical dimensions? Thanks
  7. jessenator

    86/9600 and G3 Case Specs

    So my bezel arrived today. Some interesting observations. The 9600/8600 bezel's emergency eject hole (there's an actual term for that, but I don't know it...) is positioned closer to the eject button than that of the G3, which doesn't bother me as the CD-R drive has its pinhole emergency eject closer to the left-hand side of the drive anyway, so neither one would work. Oh well. Interesting to note that the G3 MT eject switch plastic has provision for this closer proximity eject hole. The G3 looks better now it's got the two CD bezels instead of a nasty hole (or useless zip bezel, as I don't have a drive). Unknown_K my apologies, I haven't gotten a shipping quote to you, now I have a job again I can devote some time vintage Mac pursuits! Edit: it does need a good clean with the magic eraser though, doesn't it?
  8. jessenator

    CF Media Quirks

    I've gotten this error to occur on my G3 mini tower with a spinning drive under 8.1 as well. I don't recall this ever happening on our iMac as a teen, so I'm trying to isolate what the issue could be. Could it be accelerator related? It happened on my 4400 and now on my MT I've run disk first aid on the mt to no avail. I can't get the burned image of Norton (os 8.5) to boot, so I can't try that just yet. I might try to install to another CF card and see what's going on, but any other insight would be appreciated.
  9. Well, I'm no tech, but that very well may be the case. According to Everymac, the latter 400 and 450 MHz versions minimum OS is 8.6, so that was my next recommendation if the B&W 8.5.1 CD didn't boot. Maybe Huxley's is a faster, more recent one of the series?
  10. jessenator

    86/9600 and G3 Case Specs

    Thanks, all. I found a dirt cheap one off an 8600 and leapt before checking to make doubly sure it would fit my G3 case. It's a lot more attractive than a bare panel, that's for sure. If either of you need/want a flush/contoured ZIP bezel, you can have first dibs for the price of shipping.
  11. I know there was some redesign involved between the 86/9600 case and the G3's case. Did the changes extend as far as the front drive bezels or are they interchangeable? Found this image in an old thread for my own reference, and yeah, they were taller (more expansion), so I wonder if the drive bezel's changed that much.
  12. Ah, that's a bummer It took me a number of tries to get an image to work on my Beige G3 MT, but that's odd. There's one on Macintosh Repository, but I bet it's the same image. It looks like the later revisions of the B&W G3s actually came with 8.6 pre-installed. See if one of those ISOs from the good, numbered list will work.
  13. According to MacintoshGarden, #26 on this list is the correct ISO of it: http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/mac-os-install-cd-library It matches the original shipping version of 8.5.1 anyway (per EveryMac) Also another page of ISOs show #14 on this list to be the correct one: http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/mac-os-85-851-update
  14. Is this the type of cable required for bridging the cdrom and soundcard back into the Mac audio? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283368467420 I'm fairly certain it is, but I want to be sure. Thanks
  15. jessenator

    Blue and White G3 Lives Again!

    Not having tested them myself, from what I've dug up the Rage128 (GL) isn't bad compared to its contemporaries. Is it as good as a voodoo 3 (which is more a Rage 128 Pro (not GL) competitor)? No. Is it as good as a Voodoo 2? Just about. In some benchmarks the ATI smokes it, in others it inches ahead. How much is a Rage? in your case, free. How much is a voodoo 2? >$100 if you can find one. How much is a voodoo 3? even more, because nostalgia + market supply. Not trying to be a killjoy And while this isn't a 1:1 comparison (motherboard / bus differences), it's marginally illuminating: https://barefeats.com/v3.html I'm trying to hunt down a Radeon 7000 for the beige G3, myself.