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  1. jessenator

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    I'd be most concerned about chemical breakdown, but I can't validate that concern. A show of good faith from the owner by demonstrating their condition (even if it was rubbing it on paper or whatever) would be nice. Maybe forum user eraser would have some insight. They sell the new-make color ribbons on the forum (stickied in the trading post). Maybe shoot them a PM?
  2. This sounds like a perfect project for a 3D-printed substitute. This is all shooting from the hip, and might be covered elsewhere, so I apologize if I'm off base. I'm thinking the nice, tubular battery holder (a la HarborFreight flashlight) is too wide for this application, with its 3x AAA 1.5V cells. I wonder if an adequately spaced , 3d-printed sabot could be made to hold AAAA or something like the 9V innards' cells: Another thought was to use button cells as well, like the LR1130, which are priced about 20 for $5 (just shy of 7-full-batteries-worth) I know this has probably been talked about as well elsewhere. I'm approaching it from an availability standpoint rather than sheer price. Some of those button cells might be made for longer than the A21PX cell. Don't know about the draw of one of those A21PX cells, vs something like 3x LR button cells, but I can't imagine it would be terribly intense. Edit: I had a terrible thought that the diameters might exclude the LR1130 as a possibility, but it's only .457" while the A21PX is .66"— the only tricky parts would be wiring up an contact extension.
  3. jessenator

    scsi2sd-util not finding my device

    I went mad testing every f'ing cable in my collection before I found one that would actually connect. I really thought I had zapped the SCSI2SD, because how can so many wretched cables not work?! In the end it was a good thing as our phones are all USB-C now, and thinning the herd was a necessity.
  4. jessenator

    2x BeBoxes!

    I'll be honest, in its time I didn't hear that much of it over here, other than it was a possible contender for an Apple purchase. The only thing I was aware of physically(?) was a Kaleidoscope control panel BeOS theme, which I liked more than any of the others.
  5. jessenator

    2x BeBoxes!

    Wow. Finding 2 let alone 1 is quite a feat! Congrats. Being from across the pond, were there more of these sold over your way than in the states?
  6. jessenator

    Jessenator's conquests

    Well, bad news and good news and some meh news: The 166 card is faulty in some way. I pulled everything and cleaned everything again, even swapping PSUs, but it's the processor daughter card. But, I had so many spares lying around I could get it booting. Also, since my DA-15 connection isn't exactly "standard issue" I popped the jumper to VGA on and can use the DB-15 connection. The CD-ROM has to be either really dirty, or on its way out {supposition}, as I got to the boot screen and it lags and lags and lags, but haven't notice it crash yet. I used air, but it's probably old grime. Might buy a drive cleaner...
  7. So I recently got a PowerTower (non-pro) and was wondering if anyone had a more detailed image of their MT's innards, specifically the SCSI ribbon and their drive config. Mine didn't have a HDD in it, but the SCSI ribbon was just connected to the CD-ROM. In adding a SCSI drive in, the ribbon doesn't stretch to attach to both devices, in fact with the hDD installed it can't connect to the optical drive anymore... that leads me to believe that I don't have the OEM ribbon in it. I'd like to make sure I'm not completely insane, and see what anyone else's setup looks like. This MT is different from the MORE-but-not-FULL Tower design of the PowerTower Pro: e.g. PowerCenter, PowerWave (mt config), PowerCurve (mt config), maybe? Thanks for the help.
  8. jessenator

    Jessenator's conquests

    Yeah, my PW has a Mach64 PCI card (with both DA and DB 15 ports).
  9. jessenator

    Jessenator's conquests

    Interesting. Guess I shouldn't just trust one source... my bad. Yeah, looks like it's a daughter-card-based as well. Yes, as Cory mentioned, the Power xx/xxx series were essentially a 7100/8100 based and with NuBus. The PowerWave does have 8 RAM slots, not to be that guy but again, that might be because it was Tsunami based—an 95/8500 with some nice perks (FastSCSI) and some strange drawbacks (only one PCI bus). It did however have the ultimate in i/o backward compatibility in the form of the Stargate card /s (from all accounts it kinda sucked). Also, A nice plus about the PowerTower was that you could put up to 4 MB VRAM with the 1 MB modules (3 slots, 1MB soldered)
  10. jessenator

    Jessenator's conquests

    You are correct. The PowerTower, PowerCurve, PowerCenter/Pro all had Catalyst-based designs (and may all be the exact same board). The PowerWave, PowerTower Pro were both Tsunami-based designs, though not the same board (the PTP has standard PCI slots, vs the 90* riser setup on the PW). The outlier is the PowerBase, which is Alchemy-based and is the only model with a soldered CPU (save the ColdFusion-based Power-series). All the rest had daughter cards, AFAIK. As far as the case designs, I've seen 2 different "low-profile" cases (which are quick thicc), the first on the Power-series, and then the PowerWave and PowerCenter, and then the even lower-profile case for the PowerBase/Curve. According to some sources you could purchase a Power-Series and then the PowerWave with a mini tower case config as well, later to be used on the PowerTower (non-Pro), and a not-quite-full-tower for the PowerTower Pro only(?) And with 2x 3.5 and 4x 5.25 drive bays (in addition to a dedicated floppy drive) and 6 PCI slots... that was quite the setup. I want to say the boards are swappable, but from what I've seen (of my own machines and what pics I can find online), the I/Os differ from model to model, and they didn't use shields, but were punched out of the steel. Don't know if they separated their tooling so they could make 90% of the case, and then save the I/O punch to have variants? But I might be off on some points there... Thanks! I'm glad I snatched it, and for the price, too. I couldn't say no.
  11. jessenator

    Jessenator's conquests

    These also have 20-pin ATX PSUs, correct?
  12. jessenator

    Jessenator's conquests

    Don't know how I missed this when it popped up on local not-Craigslist last week, but glad I picked it up. I thought about also getting the 6100/66 DOS they were also selling but, meh—no Houdini Y-cable and I'm already pushing hoarder status in my house . It was very clean when I got it, leading me to believe the individual I bought it from too care of that after finding it while thrifting, but it's very clean, save for the fans, which is normal. The motherboard looked like it got the soap and IPA cleaning, so there was some work done or it was regularly cleaned out during its original run. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but is that a GIMO connector on the upper left, above the SCSI connector? It is a Catalyst reference design after all. Might be worth a test. I also love how this is actually just a PowerCurve board—see the screen printed name. Efficiency in building systems to the last.
  13. jessenator

    SE/30 and Internal CD Drives

    Unless you did the mini seasonic PSU swap, power might be an issue as well. My Antec is ~100W. Don't know how much draw a CD-ROM of the era would pull.
  14. jessenator

    Aiii. Ugly paint!

    They didn't start adding acetone to DOT brake fluid did they? Kidding. There are too many plastic components in a brake system for that sort of formulaic change. I wish I had a truly "beater" case that I cared nothing for so I could go hog wild on various, unconventional cleaners... I guess I have a Classic I case I'll never really use. It's just a box for holding my se/30 spares, tbh. Though it still is amazing shape and has little if any discoloration. Definitely like BaldGoldEagle suggested, test just a bit on the bottom of the case, if you do go that route.