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  1. jessenator

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    There's one of these local to me and in the several(?) years they've had it up, the price hasn't budged—$1900 they're asking. Until we received (thanks to a generous statewide bond) B&W G3 towers for all the faculty at my high school, many had these machines. Oddly, my favorite quirk of the 52/5400 was the death chime. Nice haul for sure! Maybe one day the local seller will see the light that his definitely isn't worth nearly two grand
  2. jessenator

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    I found a bunch of snowblower and john deere parts although adding "hot air" to the search led me to a related product = "862D" - Something like this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/131713244885
  3. Heh, I should've updated this. For some reason the Win95 install I tried didn't install jack, including the volume mixer—the MIDI levels were nearly 0 it turns out, but without that particular component installed, it was just REEAly quiet. Installed windows 98 and it auto-detected most everything, as well as installed most everything, so I didn't need any of the supplied drivers (on the Windows side) post-DOS drivers like CD-ROM, etc. Also I was able to balance all the audio as well, so the sound card portion is perfectly fine. Still no audio at all from the GIMO-only configuration, however. I'll keep trying.
  4. jessenator

    Mystery Icon?

    My money is on the DAA adapter (not needed in NA markets) linked above. The thread specifically calls it out as a Mini-Dock option for Europe/Worldwide to connect the DIN to whatever regional adapter was needed instead of RJ11 See if your board has the connection for that add-on.
  5. jessenator

    Mystery Icon?

  6. jessenator

    Mystery Icon?

    It almost make me think of a scanner icon… s-video wouldn't be used for one of those oddball handheld OCR scanners would it?
  7. jessenator

    Mystery Icon?

    Fax (in place of Modem) port???
  8. So for the most part I've got everything working with the PC compatibility cards that I've accumulated, save the sound aspect. The kit I recently purchased came with the relatively rare GIMO connector, which is supposed to integrate audio as well as video connection to and from the card and the Mac motherboard with a single connector. Having gone through the steps of setup, and everything is working fine (sidenote, I had to find an old ISO of the SoundBlaster vibra 16 driver to get the driver itself to recognize the hardware on the 12" card), but with the GIMO connection by itself, I get no sound output at all. Per the instructions, you're supposed to set sound monitoring source in the control panel to CD, but nothing. I also tried the Sound In option, which of course doesn't work because it's looking to the input audio jack. Then I decided to disconnect the GIMO and use the audio cables that go into the CD Audio in on the motherboard, and bam, I've got sound! ...with caveats*. I did a fresh install of everything, with v. 1.6.4 of the PC Compatibility tools on both sides (running OS 7.6.1) and also tried an install of 8.1, and a fresh install of v1.6.4 of the software, and attempted to update to v2.0, with it only being successful on the mac side. I'm tempted to go back to 7.5.3 just to do it all as it was on the original Mac OS version it was meant for, but i don't want to. *Additionally, I wonder if this is a hardware limitation of the SoundBlaster on these cards, but there is no 4-OP FM generator on it. While plugged into the CD audio input, there is digital audio (I'm playing Dark Forces for reference), Anyhow, if anyone has any insights, I'd be much appreciative. Thanks.
  9. jessenator

    LC III Replacement fan

    It might be an issue, depending on the clearance between the fan and the lid of the case—it might provide reduced airflow as a result, but not having one of those in front of me I can't say for certain.
  10. jessenator

    LC III Replacement fan

    AFAIK, most 3-pin fans will work, barring any strange specs. As long as it's a 12V fan and the W rating is less-than or equal to the original, you should be fine. Also fan height/thickness is another factor (something I'm currently working through with a couple of my desktops) e.g. I really want to use some 80mm Noctua fans in a couple of my Macs, but many of their fans are 25mm, and will cut into space used by drive connectors and so on. But in your case, I think you've got it correct with the fan you linked. I don't recall what the LC series fans dimensions were.
  11. jessenator

    GIMO connector to Apple PC Compatibility cards

    I haven't seen this (photographically) documented like this anywhere, so here it is If I ever get a real macro lens, I'll replace these shots. Apple officially calls this (albeit briefly) in manuals the "internal audio/video assembly"
  12. jessenator

    Picked up a Mac IIci with some accessories!

    Is that the DayStar FastCache?
  13. jessenator

    Rear I/O panel for "Mystic" CC?

    Some 400 grit and a tack cloth, it'll smooth right out
  14. Very nice! Socketed is special on its own, but the upgrade with it? Go buy some lottery tickets with that luck
  15. Thank you! Well that explains the clearance issues with a normal heatsink. But this makes me a bit more confident with the direction I'm going with the mount currently.