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    Price Check: Classic II

    I have one - it's considered the second best compact mac after the SE/30 (it's the last in the lineage). Personally, I don't understand why it would be second best, but then again I have no experience with the SE/30. Was this what you were asking for (apologies if I misunderstood)?
  2. I also transfer files like this, but I write a blank floppy image to a disk with Balena Etcher, which I can then natively write to. I got a zip file of blank floppy images somewhere that I just unzip as needed for more . I've attached the zip just in case someone in the future is researching and finds this thread (I know the pain). blanks-1.0.0.zip
  3. I don’t have a IIc, but I’d love to subscribe to your newsletter! Where could I find that?
  4. I just got an Apple ][ Plus, but the monitor doesn't work - I need to hold the v-sync dial further than it actually goes in order to see a picture (Comrex video monitor). So I connected it to a projector and got it to show Apple ][, but nothing else. I also couldn't get the disk drive to work - it just showed that it was in use and nothing else. And then the computer died on me, and it no longer shows a picture with the projector (but it does beep and show a light - the projector just shows a no source found message). Having no experience whatsoever with these machines, I don't know what to do. Tips? Why would the computer be working one minute and then dead another? Is the monitor dial just broken and there's nothing I can do about it? I read somewhere that orienting the disk drive connector wrong can break it - what is the right way to orient it (I'm worrying that I broke it already)? And how would I boot into BASIC once I get it working again? Thank you for bothering to answer what are probably obvious questions!
  5. RC14

    Apple ][ Plus Woes

    Thank you for your help!
  6. RC14

    Apple ][ Plus Woes

    It does beep and the light goes on, so it’s probably the video connector. How would I go about fixing it?
  7. This is likely a very dumb question, but I got a PowerMac G5 without a power cord and was wondering if I could use any power cord with it (I have a couple of generic power cords that fit). Is there anything special about the apple power cord?
  8. RC14

    Is the Wiki dead?

    If I can contribute in any small way, I'd be happy to - I do a fair bit of coding in my free time.
  9. I have found an Apple IIc for sale, but being a novice to collecting, would like to get other's opinions. The computer (A2S4000, if that helps at all), comes with a ColorMonitor, Scribe Printer, ProDOS, DOS 3.3, an external disk drive, manuals, and boxes. What's a reasonable price? Thanks in advance!
  10. RC14

    Value of Apple IIc?

    Thanks, everyone! I've been offered $280, so I'll think about it a bit more.