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  1. UnaClocker

    Best macOS version for IIci?

    I thought I saw somewhere that there's a hack to get 8.0 onto a 68030.. It's a shame there isn't an active community making modern accelerator boards for these old Macs like they do for the Amiga.
  2. UnaClocker

    Recapping Macintosh IIci?

  3. UnaClocker

    Monitor Solution for Macintosh IIci?

    They may THINK the power switch is broken. Don't be too hasty. The power switch is ignored if there's no video signal coming into the monitor. Automatic sleep mode. I've pressed my like new monitor's button a few times going WTH?! And then turned on the computer and it instantly lit up. Too smart for it's own good.
  4. UnaClocker

    Monitor Solution for Macintosh IIci?

    Yes, I run this monitor on my IIci. It works excellent! It's the perfect monitor for this machine.
  5. UnaClocker

    Best macOS version for IIci?

    I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. This thread wasn't all that old really. I've been playing with 7.5.5 because it was available to install from my floppy emu. Right now I'm running off a 40mb 5.25" drive in the SC20 enclosure, so this thing is seriously speed handicapped by that thing. I've got a 1GB Seagate drive, but haven't been able to get the system to actually SEE it yet. Until I do, I'm happy tinkering around with different versions. I wouldn't mind running 8.0 on this thing in the end. I just upgraded the ram to 128mb, and put the cache card in. Anyone ever swap out the clock crystal and overclock the CPU? I guess that's a question for another thread. hehe
  6. UnaClocker

    My IIci rebuild video series

    hehehe, my kids had never heard a monster truck commercial. They had no idea the reference. But it was fun recording that, because my daughter was in the room (she's 11) and I'm like, hey, I have some ideas for intros, I'm going to record a couple, hang out if you want. She just about jumped through the roof when I started shouting.. hehehe..
  7. UnaClocker

    My IIci rebuild video series

    Latest video. Decided it needed a good intro.
  8. UnaClocker

    My IIci rebuild video series

    Yeah, I spent a lot of time and a lot of money, and I fully recapped the original power supply. It's dead as a brick.
  9. UnaClocker

    My IIci rebuild video series

    Hope this one is helpful for some here.
  10. UnaClocker

    My IIci rebuild video series

    Video got pretty long just recapping the logic board. More to come next week.
  11. UnaClocker

    Will a IIx accept this RAM?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/64MB-4-X16MB-30pin-SIMM-RAM-MEMORY-16X8-FOR-MAC-PERFORMA-QUADRA-IIsi-IIcx/233116771994 I plan to buy two sets of these. It lists the IIx (and my IIci) as being compatible with these. The price seems plenty reasonable to me?
  12. Hey guys, if you're like me, you feel like there's just too dang much vintage Amiga and Commodore content on YouTube, and far too little vintage Macintosh content there. So I'm posting the rebuild of my IIci there, a little at a time in a series. Here's the first one, the next one should be out soon. I've got enough content for 2 more videos, and I think I can get another out by tossing in some nice upgrades. I'll post the next video when it's up.
  13. UnaClocker

    Best macOS version for IIci?

    My internal drive is back to refusing to spin up without some CPR. So I plugged in my SC20 drive, which has a 40mb disk in it, and installed 7.5.3 from the FloppyEmu. Wow, 16disks, and if you do the manual install and select all the options, it needs 81mb of disk space! haha.. I did the basic install and after an hour or two of swapping disk images, it's up and running. I have a cache card coming for the machine later this week, but really, it doesn't feel any slower than I'd expect a machine of this vintage to be.
  14. UnaClocker

    Mac IIci PSU recap advice

    Advice.. Don't bother. I spent like $50 to replace all the caps in mine. Still dead as a doornail. What a waste. A microATX power supply PCB fits inside the housing quite well. Way more efficient, compact, reliable, and higher output.
  15. UnaClocker

    My quest to see video output

    Yeah, I know that one time I got my LCD to kind of work (never could get it to work again, it was some kind of fluke), when I clicked 256 color, the sync went nuts and I had to click blindly to get it back down to 16 and sync back up. It seems like it's selecting a different refresh rate to me, one that the monitor is barely able to display at all (hence the dimming). Maybe I'll hook up my oscilliscope and check out what frequency the sync is running at in the two modes.