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  1. Fizzbinn

    IIci Cache Card

    I know this is an old thread but I’m wondering if you are you saying that if the capacitors fail on a IIci cache card in use the card will be “fried” such a way that even after replacing the capacitors on the card it won’t function. I have a IIci that came with a cache card but get death chimes with it installed. I replaced the caps to no avail...
  2. Fizzbinn

    IIci Cache Card

    Thanks, are these good enough to look at?
  3. Fizzbinn

    IIci Cache Card

    I finally got around to replacing the two 22µf 25V capacitors on my IIci cache card but still get chimes of death when trying to boot with it installed. The old caps had clearly leaked but I didn’t see any other real damage they could have caused. Anyone have any better luck bringing one of these back to life? Know anything else to look for?
  4. No, it’s the UK version. They they type on the opposite side of the road over there.
  5. Fizzbinn

    8 Pin MiniDIN to USB?

    I believe that would be 10.2. Neat table on this along with A LOT of other networking information for classic Macs: http://www.applefool.com/se30/#afpnetwork
  6. I have a IIci in almost the exact same condition (Maxell bomb, recapped, etc), I found replacement 50MHz oscillators on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vishay-Dale-XO-53B-50-000M-Oscillator-50MHz-5V-TTL-DIP-14-Qty-4/181289637274 Unfortunately mine's still not booting. The power-on signal from the keyboard works, I get the "pop" from the speaker, the monitor comes to life (with square not rounded corners), but no start up chime or flashing disk icon. I figure something else is broken and/or I need to look closer as the traces... FYI I Installed the replacement oscillator in socket, I used the same oscillator and sockets to overclock a IIsi successfully. I swapped oscillators with that IIsi to check the replacement oscillator wasn't bad. https://www.amazon.com/Valuepro-2001-2X7-4CP-Machine-Full-Can-Oscillator/dp/B00B88A9TA
  7. Fizzbinn

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    Wow. Just wow...
  8. Fizzbinn

    Ordering capacitors

    I’ve recapped several Mac motherboards (IIsi, IIci, CC, LC III, Q605) now and it seems for the SMD caps the “white” outline motherboard sizes fall into two sizes (lengths) with the pads actually extending ~1mm further out on each side: ~5mm L : 10uf - 16V Tantalum replacements size/case code “B”, 3.5mm L ~7mm L : 47µf - 16V, 100µf - 6.3V Tantalum replacements size/case code “C”, 6mm L or Tantalum replacements size/case code “D”, 7.3mm L I have 2 IIsi’s so I took pictures to show the difference between using “C” vs. “D”: IIsi recapped with size “C”, yellow, C5,C9,C10,C11: IIsi recapped with size “D”, black, C5,C9,C10,C11: At first I found the smaller capacitors to be intimidating but I think they are actually easier (I like having more of the pad exposed) once I got the right tools, materials (flux paste!) and the technique down. (Not going to post cockeyed cap pictures of my first go at this on my LC III )
  9. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Did you try Mac OS 9.1? That's what I originally ran with no problems and am back on now with no problems. When I tried booting from 8.5 and 8.6 (installed on the SATA disk connected to the PCI SATA adapter) it either would freeze during boot or shortly there after if if it did boot.
  10. Fizzbinn

    040 Recommendations?

    I’ve used this NTP Control Panel with System 7.x: http://main.system7today.com/software/networktime/networktime.html
  11. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Okay, spoke too soon. After sitting for a bit 8.6 got weird, I couldn’t drag any icons... Restart and I’m back to “Sorry, a system error occurred.” Sigh... So back to 9.1. Opposed to what I originally did I just upgraded, installed over the 8.6 install. First boot all good. Restart okay. I guess I should give it more time but I never had a problem with 9.1 and this SATA card in my Beige G3 since I got it in November.
  12. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    I’m getting back to this now that I’m home, I just wiped the SATA SSD in my Beige G3 using the retail Mac OS 8.5 cd (“Updated” the disk driver too). Install went fine but I get a crash on boot: ”Sorry, a system error occurred.” I tried updating the disk driver back to the version from my 9.1 install but got the same error on boot. Of note when booted from the 8.5 cd the desk seemed fine. Hooked up an external hard drive with a copy of the 8.6 updater and ran through that install. Success, it booted to the desktop! I don’t think it matters but the disk driver is now the version from the 8.6 update. I was really thinking the disk driver version might be the issue but guess not. In any case because it wrote it down: Mac OS 8.5 Drive Setup 1.6 = v8.1.0 Mac OS 8.6 Drive Setup 1.7.2 = v8.1.2 Mac OS 9.1 Drive Setup 2.0.3 = v8.1.4 So there definitely seems to be an OS dependency on this PCI SATA adapter (that is recognized as a SCSI Bus by Apple System Profiler). Mac OS 8.5 seems to be out. On 8.6 I wonder if the CD version you have is machine specific, perhaps lacking something from the general release for all...
  13. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Which version of Drive Setup are you using? Can you try later versions? I think my SSD is 64GB (or 32GB), maybe try a smaller single partition size? The Extenstions Off thing is probably a fairly generic error message. Found this on Type 11 errors: https://udcf.gla.ac.uk/~gwm1h/Error_Codes/Type_11_Errors.html
  14. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Mine is formatted Extended. If you’re copying files between your IIsis and the G3 via AppleTalk over a network I wouldn’t think the the G3 being formatted Extended should matter.
  15. Fizzbinn

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    Yikes, nothing obvious jumping out at me. Differences in my G3 setup is I’m using Mac OS 9.1, I’m pretty sure I formatted my SATA SSD with the version of a Drive Setup that came with that CD. I had nothing connected to the built-in internal/external SCSI bus but do have at Apple (ATTO oem) PCI Ultra wide SCSI adapter with a 9GB disk attached. I installed 9.1 on the SCSI drive first, I’m pretty sure I just copied the drive contents to the SSD instead of doing another install, but wouldn’t think that should mater. I’m traveling for the holidays but can see if it can reproduce when I get back next week...