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  1. chrislperry

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    Yes, this looks promising. I think I might be performing a complete teardown and cleaning/lube of the unit like you have done. Thank you!
  2. chrislperry

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    Opened it up yesterday and the gear was in good shape. It even had a little bit of grease on it, so I wonder if it's something else entirely. I didn't have any more time to spend on it, but I'd like to try to power it up while it's open and see if I can observe what's going on. I couldn't turn the gears with it out of the drive, but I have a hunch that it won't turn unless it's powered.
  3. chrislperry

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    Yeah, it sounds like something is spinning or working in there. Then it seems to give up, or it thinks I've reinserted it or something. I'll have to open up the case and lube it up, I guess.
  4. chrislperry

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    Thanks jessenator for the boot disks! I received them today and disk 1 booted up the Mac just fine. Very appreciated! ... unfortunately now the disk won't eject. I guess I can use the emergency eject hole. Is this a common problem with these old macs?
  5. chrislperry

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    Someone has given me a Macintosh Plus, but there are no disks with it. Among other things, I have IIgs with a Apple 3.5 Drive. It seems to me that I should be able to download a System 6.0.8 image and write it to a disk... but I can't seem to find clear instructions on how to do this. Even better, is there a way that can create a book disk on my MacBook? Thanks for any advice you can give!
  6. chrislperry

    Apple Color RGB Monitor

    Could you share that site you found with a cap kit. I have an Apple Color RGB monitor that I'm considering re-capping.