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  1. Yeah, was confusing considering the link light on the hub/switch side was lighting up. Supposedly that lights up with RX wires are working. Yeah weird. Which daughterboard do you have? I have one with Thick and RJ45 (and a little slide switch), and the one that didn't work when flipped had Thick, Thin, and RJ45.
  2. K Trueno

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Yup indeed. My confusion came from expecting a screw head of some sort. Thank you all!
  3. K Trueno

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Oh I am wrong! Its see through but the inside is the hex shape, so its not a screw but its a barrel that spins within the "straw". Ahhhh maybe that will help you SE30_Neal!
  4. K Trueno

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Yup, its gonzo! Here is a pic, I'm holding a blue piece of cardboard behind it.
  5. Success! After more experimentation, it turns out the ribbon cable to the daughter card was flipped backwards. So remember: white dot to white dot! Don't know if it just never worked for the previous owner, or maybe it worked on the BNC / Thick connection the way it is, but there you go.
  6. K Trueno

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Right, so there should be something in that spring in that tube.. makes sense! I guess if I can get my hands on a parts machine I might be able to thread one out and thread one in? Or just replace the whole part altogether. Mystery solved, thanks for everyones help and insight!
  7. K Trueno

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Don't have it handy at the moment, but, the hole on shield lines up with a hole on the PCB which leads to the tube/straw thing circled, and it is hollow. No screw or hex anything inside. Its like looking down an empty toilet paper tube
  8. K Trueno

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Right! I read about the dangers of using a screwdriver, so I have a whittled down wooden chopstick It worked for brightness. But... there is _nothing_ to turn in the width. It is a hole, it looks like a metal spring in a straw and I can see right through it. I could push a skewer through. So I am confused, I am supposed to turn the "spring"?
  9. Hi I have recently acquired (another, I don't have a problem I promise) SE/30 with an Asante MacCon, but when I plug it into the switch the light on the card does not come on. It does come on though at the router end. I have an existing SE/30 with a MacCon as well, and that machine does show a link light on both ends (same cable). The only difference between the two is that are the connectors available: The working one has the "Thick" and the RJ45 with a little switch, and the non-working one has the "Thick", RJ45, and BNC connectors. Any quick thoughts? I found a manual online and I didn't see anything obvious.... Asante Troubleshooter detects the card and passes the tests (minus the loopback and ping-pong one). Thanks!
  10. K Trueno

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Bumping an old thread, but, have a machine where width is way out of whack! So when I went to adjust the width portion there is "nothing" in the width adjustment hole. That is, I see something that looks like a wound spring in a metal tube where I expected to see a "pot" or a "screwhead". I see one in the height adjustment hole but there is a literal hole in the width one. Thoughts?
  11. I've cobbled together another server that uses https://github.com/tghw/macproxy instead of loband to help with links. Works much better, lots more sites work. I'll clean it up and send a patch again soon!
  12. All on a 16mhz machine SE30Feeds.mov
  13. I didn't have an account so I made one because I had to try, but got stuck because it was coming back as an empty page. Debugged until I discovered I had no tags, and it doesn't work without Tags So I just dumped all feeds if there were no tags. Yup, just had to reformat the URL to get loband to work. Here attached is a patch that will do it. Loband isn't great but it works for HN comments and thats most important Thanks for getting this started!! Made browsing on my SE/30 much more useful! loband.patch
  14. Pretty cool! Surfing some feeds from my SE/30. I had to make a few changes to get it going for whatever reason. And I have some ideas about using loband.org, PR coming your way!