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  1. For transferring larger files, you'll want to find an Ethernet card for your SE/30. With System 7.5.5, you'll be able to use Fetch to FTP to Macintosh Garden and even to your MacBook Pro.
  2. Byte Knight

    Apple Hard Disk 20SC connected to iPhone.

    Very cool - I'm blown away that a modern iOS device can still read an old SCSI hard drive! Now that's what I call backwards compatibility...
  3. Byte Knight

    CQ BBS Nox Archaist Contest!

    The contest is live so jump in now! The Classic Video Games category has been replaced by Nox Archaist.
  4. 6502workshop.com is joining forces with Captain's Quarters BBS for a new contest where the winners will star in Nox Archaist! Captain's Quarters is one of the few remaining Apple II BBS's and runs on a real Apple IIgs. The top four finishers of the BBS's Masters of Trivia game will get to name a NPC (non-player character) in the Captain's Quarters pub, which will be located in a pirate town of the upcoming RPG! The NPC's will be pub patrons, so who wants to be a virtual barfly?! Trivia categories include Nox Archaist, Computers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Big Bang Theory, 80's Pop Culture, and many more. The game will begin with the next round of trivia soon so sign on now and join the realm! With your Apple II or Mac equipped with wifi modem, atdt to cqbbs.ddns.net:6502 Don't have a wifi modem? Get one here: https://www.cbmstuff.com/proddetail.php?prod=WiModem232OLED Anti wifi modem? Here are other ways to connect: Web https://www.telnetbbsguide.com/bbs/captains-quarters/ Telnet telnet://cqbbs.ddns.net 6502 MicroM8 Applle II emulator https://paleotronic.com/microm8/ -launch Proterm and ATDT69 Zoc7 Terminal Emulator Program https://www.emtec.com/zoc/index.html SyncTerm BBS Terminal Program http://syncterm.bbsdev.net
  5. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    For some reason it's no longer making the hissing sound. Tonight it booted up and then cut out after a few seconds, then popped back on with an "A System Error Occurred" for a few seconds, then the screen went out again. After that I tried turning it on several times and the fan came on but no video, no startup chime, and no HD activity. My SE board still works fine, so looks like I'll be an SE guy for a while... Here are some pictures of the logic board, complete with my successful kludge fix for vertical pinstripes:
  6. Byte Knight

    MacBottom HD/Modem Modernization

    Thanks. The cable is just a standard Mac modem DB-25 / RS-232 cable like this one on eBay.
  7. Byte Knight

    MacBottom HD/Modem Modernization

    So I got a nonworking MacBottom HD / Modem with the purchase of my SE/30 and decided to modernize it. I swapped out the dead SCSI HD for a SCSI2HD (after 3D printing a bracket for it) and the old modem for a GuruModem RS-232 WiFi Modem. I used a 12V -> 5V microUSB converter to get proper power to the modem. It's kind of a mess in there, but everything works including the HD activity LED! Now I've got a reliable backup SCSI HD, I can log on to BBS's, and I can transfer files to and from any old Mac. What's slick about the GuruModem is that you can FTP to servers (like my MacBook Pro running FTPServer), download files to its microSD card, and then transfer those files to an old Mac via zmodem protocol.
  8. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    And this is why I said "for now"... The screen just cut out again after 3 days and it won't come back on. It turns out that it's not the analog board, as my SE logic board works just fine with it. Any idea what would cause such intermittent issues? Just before the SE/30 died I noticed that the serial ports were only intermittently working...
  9. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    I was able to find a cheap Mac SE with a dead HD on Craigslist and used the analog board from it. All is good again for now...
  10. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    Well it's not that either - I swapped out the working barrel rectifier from my Classic analog board and got the same result...
  11. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    And I should also say this happens in either direction.
  12. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    So I replaced all the caps and the flyback on the analog board, and it worked for a couple of minutes before it died again - nuts... There's now a hissing noise, and DMS suggests testing the barrel rectifier at CR2. I get continuity through the barrel rectifier for about 2 seconds, then the ohms start climbing and then my multimeter overloads to 0L but no continuity sound. Does this mean it's good or bad?
  13. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    I've got the part number (157-026C Flyback) and they go for $99 on ePay. But I don't even know for sure if that's my issue. I think I'll clean up the solder on the flyback and replace the capacitors and see what shakes out, unless someone has a better idea...
  14. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    I was using my SE/30 today when a "lightning bolt" shot down my screen and then it went blank. I turned it off and back on again but all I get is the fan - no boot chime. I'm getting 5.0V at the external floppy port, so I'm assuming this is an analog board issue. The Dead Mac Scrolls confirms this, and I've tested the barrel rectifier at CR2 and the transistor at Q2 which seem good. It looks like the next step is replacing the flyback transformer. Should I do this or replace the capacitors on the analog board next? If I need a flyback where can I get one? Thanks in advance!
  15. Byte Knight

    Another way to transfer programs to a classic Mac

    Click on the Guru Modem link in the original post, where you will find multiple places to buy it including eBay.