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  1. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    I was able to find a cheap Mac SE with a dead HD on Craigslist and used the analog board from it. All is good again for now...
  2. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    Well it's not that either - I swapped out the working barrel rectifier from my Classic analog board and got the same result...
  3. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    And I should also say this happens in either direction.
  4. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    So I replaced all the caps and the flyback on the analog board, and it worked for a couple of minutes before it died again - nuts... There's now a hissing noise, and DMS suggests testing the barrel rectifier at CR2. I get continuity through the barrel rectifier for about 2 seconds, then the ohms start climbing and then my multimeter overloads to 0L but no continuity sound. Does this mean it's good or bad?
  5. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    I've got the part number (157-026C Flyback) and they go for $99 on ePay. But I don't even know for sure if that's my issue. I think I'll clean up the solder on the flyback and replace the capacitors and see what shakes out, unless someone has a better idea...
  6. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    I was using my SE/30 today when a "lightning bolt" shot down my screen and then it went blank. I turned it off and back on again but all I get is the fan - no boot chime. I'm getting 5.0V at the external floppy port, so I'm assuming this is an analog board issue. The Dead Mac Scrolls confirms this, and I've tested the barrel rectifier at CR2 and the transistor at Q2 which seem good. It looks like the next step is replacing the flyback transformer. Should I do this or replace the capacitors on the analog board next? If I need a flyback where can I get one? Thanks in advance!
  7. Byte Knight

    Another way to transfer programs to a classic Mac

    Click on the Guru Modem link in the original post, where you will find multiple places to buy it including eBay.
  8. Byte Knight

    The Definitive Guide to Connecting your SE/30

    There's also the Guru Modem to FTP files to your SE/30 or any classic Mac. See my posting here.
  9. Before I got an Ethernet card for my SE/30, I used the Guru Modem to transfer programs onto it. I haven't seen any postings about it in here, and it should work with any of the classic Macs. What's slick about this wireless internet modem is that it allows you to FTP to sites like Macintosh Garden or your modern computer running an FTP server (I used the app FTP Server on my MacBook Pro), store your downloads on its microSD card, then you download it to your classic Mac via xmodem or zmodem with a terminal program like ZTerm. The only painful part is that the ftp is command line, so it's easy to have a typo. And you can telnet to BBS's like Captain's Quarters too! The Guru Modem goes for $70 + $6.82 shipping.
  10. Byte Knight

    You can never have too many storage options...

    I had a zip 100 back in the day, but it always hacked me off that those disks were so expensive. The zip drives were available for how many years and those damn disks never seemed to come down in price, I imagine because no one else besides Iomega was allowed to produce the disks.
  11. Byte Knight

    You can never have too many storage options...

    Good to know! That should cut my number of HD images in 1/2...
  12. Can you? I've got a SCSI2SD board in both my LC III and Mac Bottom SCSI external HD (which came with my SE/30 and had a dead HD). The PDS slot is taken up by a IIe card, so I had to go with the AsantePrint 8 to get it on my network. I was pleasantly surprised that I could connect to the vtools server through the internet!
  13. Byte Knight

    Compact Mac Server

    Almost 100 B&W Mac games on the server now! I also added an Apple IIgs folder after finally figuring out how to connect up my IIgs with Uthernet II card via AFPBridge.
  14. Byte Knight

    Compact Mac Server

    No, I'm talking via AFP - my SE/30 running OS 7.5.5 can connect to the Pi file server. I haven't tried to connect to it with any earlier OS versions...
  15. Byte Knight

    Compact Mac Server

    You forgot to leave a SimpleText (or TextEdit in your case) message in the "I was here!" folder!