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  1. Byte Knight

    SE/30 project

    I've got the drivers for Asante SCSI to Ethernet converters on my server in the uploads folder (see signature) that work with System 7.5.5 if you're interested. The SE/30 works much better on a network with 7.5.5 than 6.0.8.
  2. Byte Knight

    Network laser printer for old / modern Macs?

    Thanks, I had already read through that thread. According to this site, it looks like the Brother DCP-L2550DW may be the way to go, and they've got them new on eBay (from newegg) now for $149 shipped! Not a bad deal considering the old HP Laserjets sell for about the same price... I've ordered one and I'll see if I can get my SE/30 on up working with it.
  3. What would you guys recommend for a networked laser printer that I could use to print all the way from my 68k Macs (with ethernet cards) to my 2013 MacBook Pro? Or is there even such a printer? Thanks in advance!
  4. Byte Knight

    My SE/30 died!

    Fast forward 6 months - I threw this board in the dishwasher just to see if I could salvage it. I've been using another SE/30 logic board in the meantime. The problematic logic board works again! All except for the serial ports. ADB and SCSI ports are fine, but no serial activity. Any idea what would cause the serial ports to fail?
  5. Byte Knight

    Has anybody gotten a SCSI2SD v5.5 yet?

    Love my "SCSCI thumb drive"! Plug it into any SCSI port, even my Asante SCSI to Ethernet adapter, and it just works...
  6. Sure thing. Start with the A2SERVER page and follow the steps there. The main thing you're using it for is its version of Netatalk, so you can ignore all the Apple II stuff. I installed it on my Pi 2 that emulates the Hayes modem for my BBS. I couldn't get it to work over wifi, so I ended up plugging the Pi in via Ethernet to an old Airport Extreme and then plugging my old Macs into the other 3 Airport ports. That way I can connect with my old Macs via Ethernet and my modern MacBook Pro via wifi. I have the Airport assign the Pi a static IP address (DHCP reservation) for ease of connection. There's further discussion here about setting things up here.
  7. Don't know about 10.14, but I can connect to my Raspberry Pi server running A2SERVER (with Netatalk 2.2.4) with my MacBook Pro running 10.12 all the way down to System 7.5.5 and even my Apple IIgs!
  8. Byte Knight

    SCSI2SD v5.5 and the Mac SE/30

    I've got one of these "SCSI thumb drives" too - works perfect with my SE/30!
  9. I'm guessing that you would need at least a 68040 to run those 3D graphics...
  10. Sweet! The game looks great so far - love to see new games for older systems.
  11. Byte Knight

    Scored a Mac SE/30 with Ethernet and video card!

    Pretty simple actually - I'm running System 7.5.5 and in the TCP/IP control panel Connect Via: Ethernet, Configure: Using DHCP Server. Not much different setup than on my modern Macs... As above, I'm using a Cisco 2501 Series Transceiver that I picked up off of eBay in the AUI port.
  12. Byte Knight

    Scored a Mac SE/30 with Ethernet and video card!

    Nice find! I suspect that the other port on the card is an AUI (Attachment Unit Interface) network port and not a video port. I use the AUI port on my SE/30's Ethernet card with a Cisco 2501 Series Transceiver to hook up to my modern network. I couldn't get it to work with the standard Ethernet port...
  13. Byte Knight


    A local BBS - very cool idea! I'm just bummed you didn't include any door games...
  14. Byte Knight

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    Maybe a null modem cable and use ZTerm on the Mac side and ProTerm on the IIgs side? Otherwise you could get an Uthernet II card for your IIgs and use AFPBridge to connect to your Power Mac file server.
  15. Yes, you'll see "FTP" in the upper left portion on their main page. Click on that to get details on how to connect. The FTP files are unsorted, so locate them first via a search of their site.