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  1. I can buy one, but it doesen't have any cables. On ebay i only saw cables in bags (i cannot see theyr pins etc.). I am not sure about the Iomega External CD-RW i can buy, but it is a 52x32x52x i think. From what version of Apple system a Iomega External CD-RW can be used ?
  2. Roarke

    Is System 7.1.1 bootable as a live CD ?

    Ok, thank you. I found the following link which may help me with a cd or even a hdd with the MacDisk program.
  3. Roarke

    How do I burn a CD-Rom to be read in OS 7.0?

    Thank you for the link. I will try to format a hdd with MacDisk.
  4. I was thinking that if i buy a AppleCD, can i make a System 7.1.1 bootable as a live CD ? So i can use it by only reading different application from the cd, not writing and/or copy. I don't have a floppy drive for my Powerbook 150. FreeDOS is bootable in a nvidia drivers cd (reading applications and accesing the floppy drive) in windows 7 ultimate.
  5. Roarke

    PowerBook 150 hard drive can't startup

    Thank you. My Quantum´╗┐ GoDrive has two platers, as i remember. I bought a adapter, but not yet a CF.
  6. I find a port inside and i don't have, but don't needed i guess.
  7. Thank you, i will try on my other machine (windows xp, as i read further, softmac runs on xp). I discovered the emaculation site and i manage with the users help there, to run BasiliskII and Fusion.
  8. But if i put a formated empty hdd on the Powerbook 150, tools will appear from the Mac ? The programs reside in memory ? Because the former Mac hdd is dead. I don't have a floopy drive either.
  9. Please tell me if understand this right. I must format the hdd to fat32 (already is) and than from inside Powerbook 150 i will format fat32 to HFS plus, but wikipedia say that Powerbook 150 had System 7, which is not formated with HFS plus, as HFS+ came only with Mac OS 8 ? Partitions must be up to 2 GB in my Toshiba hdd for the mac to work. and i have two partitions as fat32. In my case my local disk (I:) must be partitioned in two further. I will end up with three fat32 partitions. I made a screenshot. My hdd : https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/56101-actuator-arm-moving-when-i-move-my-hdd-in-my-hand/&tab=comments#comment-596358 Can i just put this files on the formated fat32 hdd and Powerbook 150 will formated further ? http://charm.cs.uiuc.edu/users/olawlor/mac/mac_PB_150.html In a screenshot i took shows the files decompresed from the .sit file from the above site, with the unar in wondows 7 Ultimate (i don't used WinImage 9.0, as it won't open it). All are in a Utilities folder, Trash is empty, System Folder has files in it, Desktop Folder has a Desktop Saver folder, wich is empty. I read somewhere that is important that the file retain theyr 0 KB size, wich newer StuffIt Expander versions in windows won't do.
  10. Thank you, forgot about the manual. I don't think i have a modem card, but i will check again.
  11. On my dead hdd i did not find a plastic jumper shunt. Are they required ? Or if only a computer had two hdd ? https://www.howtogeek.com/347878/what-do-the-electrical-pins-on-the-back-of-your-hard-drive-do/
  12. I just bought it a few days ago from a site like Ebay. Actuator arm is moving when i move my hdd in my hand. Is this normal ? I don't think that else can move inside.
  13. I have the little plastic door on the back side, but it won't budge.
  14. Good helping words. I made a video i will post here that shows that the convertor is working. The hdd makes the same sounds in the convertor as it did in PowerBook 150. My windows 7 ultimate pc won't recognise it in bios and windows, but being that the sounds are the same, i can say that the convertor works.