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  1. According to LEM, "LC 475 introduced 1993.10.21 at $900; discontinued 1996.07.15"
  2. jupo

    Centris 650 and SCSI2SD V5.1 query

    That's right. The trick will be getting it partitioned/formatted for the Mac, which becomes much harder if you don't have Apple's utility available. Come to think of it, prepping the drive might even be possible with fancy tricks using an emulator on a PC, but since I don't have a SCSI2SD it's not anything I can even pretend to know about. I think I remember seeing a thread on the forum that discussed setting up cards using other systems.
  3. jupo

    Centris 650 and SCSI2SD V5.1 query

    It is possible, if you can get the drive formatted - and that will depend upon whether you have HD setup or drive setup somewhere on your existing HD. Physically, you should have a spare spot on the SCSI ribbon cable to hook it up where the internal CD would go. You'll also need an understanding of how SCSI bus termination works. If you can get it to the point it is initialized and showing up on the desktop screen as another Mac volume, you can just drag and copy everything from the old drive to the SCSI2SD drive and it should be ready to go. I just did the same on my 575 with a second mechanical drive. If you don't have HD setup on your current hard drive, you'll have to either get it networked (PDS slot ethernet?) or make 1.4MB floppies on another computer to shuffle files over (I haven't had to do this from a PC since the late 90s so I don't recall specifics).
  4. jupo

    Macintosh Plus won't boot from rare HDD

    The lack of proper driver still doesn't explain the bars when just the cable itself is attached. But I also don't think the cable is the issue, especially since it worked on the other Mac. I just don't know if the lack of termination even with only an open cable plugged in could cause that or not? The Plus can be more picky than later systems about SCSI termination. (EDIT: Actually, was it still plugged into the turned off drive? I might have misread that) Regarding the cable, many computer systems used the same 25-pin connector for SCSI as Apple did, and there are also many peripherals didn't use the 50 pin Centronics. The SCSI Zip drive comes to mind, as it also had a DB25 connector and passthrough. I don't have any Apple SCSI cables but I have dozens of generics, DB25 to Centronics, DB25 to DB25, DB25 to HD50, Centronics to HD50... they all work just fine on Macs ranging from the Plus to G3, Amigas, PCs, and Suns. As long as the bus is terminated properly, anyway. Heck, I'm pretty sure I was using a Belkin RS232 serial cable when I used the ZIP drive to boot a system up last week.
  5. jupo

    CJ's miscellaneous finds

    Sure - you can PM me and I can compare with what I have.
  6. jupo

    CJ's miscellaneous finds

    Do you know if it's the same drive sled/caddy thing as the 5xx series? I have a couple extras.
  7. jupo

    Mac Plus floppy drive jammed shut?

    FYI, once you pull the drive out of the case, you can push the manual eject tab more easily than with a paperclip. Get the manual in and out working smoothly before trying to test it powered up.
  8. jupo

    Mac Plus floppy drive jammed shut?

    Almost all of my drives have come back to life with cleaning & lubrication - something like 38 out of 40. Does the manual eject work at all? It could also come from a gear in the eject motor mechanism crumbling apart. If the manual eject works and you clean it up and get good movement in and out manually, but when you have the Mac try to eject it the motor just spins endlessly, you'll know that's the issue. There's a guy selling a precision 3d-printed replacement gear for the one that usually goes, if that's the case.
  9. jupo

    SE/30 System 6 can't initialize hard drive

    Yeah, usually external drives have termination with an external plug in the passthrough port. Internally, you have to set termination on the last (or only) internal drive on the ribbon cable. Older drives had resister packs, but as noted above, the 2GB drive probably has a TE jumper somewhere, I'll agree that while drives sometimes work with improper termination you can't trust them to work reliably. Oh, and about the label, they started to get cheap and didn't make separate labels for the SCSI versions of the drives.
  10. I got lucky with my Futura card (never figured out which specific model, but it's one of the long cards) because it Just Works when I flip the dial to 3. If there's anything I can look at to compare, though, I'll pull it out.
  11. Anyone have any info on this board and what the 9-pin output is? Micrographic Images MEGASCREEN 3, and I am assuming it is SE PDS based on the size. My googlefu is letting me down...
  12. jupo

    128k Macintosh board is it worth much?

    Hmm. I've got a 128k case with a 512k/512ke board inside. Tempting to restore it back to it's original state...
  13. jupo

    HDD + SCSI2SD in Macintosh SE?

    If the Quantum has resistor packs near the 50-pin connector, then it's terminated. Most stock drives should be, since they're installed as the only drive on the bus.
  14. jupo

    Mac SE SuperDrive Sad Mac 000f 000c

    As an aside, I believe this is what I got on an SE/30 when I accidentally tried to boot from an external drive that had my 540c's 7.6.1 install.
  15. jupo

    SE/30s with dim CRTs

    No improvement from swapping everything else from a bright and clear SE with the SE/30 that was otherwise most stable. I guess it is the tubes and I was mistaken on their past status, it was a long time ago. One has obvious burn in, but the others... I dunno. Well, dim or not, these little workhorses are going to be my first logic boards to recap regardless. I can't keep procrastinating, I've already got a Mac II with significant damage and I can only blame myself.