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  1. badCaps

    Macintosh Classic II Restoration

    I really enjoy your write-up and pics. Stuff like this gets me excited to start a few of my pending restores. Nice work!
  2. badCaps

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Such a cool project, awesome progress so far!
  3. badCaps

    How bad is the damage?

    Have a Classic I recently acquired. It will chime 1 out of every handful of times you attempt to power it on, otherwise it just acted like it had no power. When it did boot the video would cut out intermittently but ultimately I would get a solid picture and it would blink the ? disk. Opened it up and found the carnage below. Is this worth a repair attempt? Aside from the chassis damage, looks like just a few components were damaged that could be replaced, D1, D2, C70. Might as well recap while I'm in there. No visible damage on the analog board. Since it did boot, I'm hopeful that component replacement will yield positive results, however, this would be my first major repair like this on a Mac and I'm looking for opinions from those who have more experience with these repairs to chime in. Is the damage bad enough to scrap the board or would a repair work? Also, that leak from the CRT, what is that?? Thanks all.
  4. badCaps

    Help resurrecting a 7500/100

    InstQuick update on the progress: Installed the PCI ATA card in the 7500 and attached a working 4GB drive from a beige G3 desktop but it did not boot. Booted using a 9.1 CD, ran drive setup but the drive did not show up there either. Put the ATA card in the G3, same issue, no boot, does not show in drive setup. Loooong story short, ended up swapping drives, cables, PCI slots, drive jumpers etc. etc. etc. only to find out that the drive actually shows up in drive setup but as a SCSI non-initialized drive. Awesome! Yeah if i would have just skimmed the included instruction manual in the beginning that would have saved me a ton of time since it called out that fact. The manual also mentioned that it would only work system 8.6+. However, I got it to boot on system 7.5.3 successfully! I pulled a spare 40GB WD drive from a PC and connected it to the 7500. Booted the 7.5.3 CD but drive setup would not detect the drive. Booting from the 9.1 CD, drive setup sees the it as SCSI non-initialized. Using drive setup I initialized it using HFS Standard and a 1GB partition to start. Booted 7.5.3 CD and after initialization, the partition shows up! I was then able to fully install and boot 7.5.3 (my OS of choice for this Mac) Last issue I'm working with is packaging. The standard length IDE cable has no easy path from the PCI card to the drive I've installed in the front bay. I believe it will be as simple as finding a long enough cable to go from the PCI slots to the other side of the case where the SCSI cable enters the drive cage area, then to the drive. I'm estimating it needs to be 24"+ to make this happen. If I were to install the cable over the drive cage the case would put pressure on the cable and if I had a CRT sitting on top, it would likely damage the cable. After that's all buttoned up, I'm planning on running some benchmarks to see how much the Ultra ATA card and drive improves performance over a SCSI drive. I have one from an 8500 that I can just swap in for testing. That's it! Just wanted to share the success and add the tidbit of ATA info I found along the way.
  5. badCaps

    Help ID this port?

    Wow just realized that the link I posted is YOUR blog. Came up in a search randomly and just now saw it in your sig. Awesome resource! I'll be sure to follow the SCSI project if you are posting on your blog or have a thread going here.
  6. badCaps

    Help ID this port?

    The writing on the back appears the be the last name and phone number of a prior owner engraved with one of those handheld electric engravers. Otherwise, it does appear to be clean and in good external condition. Thanks for the history, I did find the dobb article and usenet discussion, cool read. Also found this little summary that was helpful: https://macgui.com/usenet/?group=8&id=2072 Appreciate the tip, looks like my next step is (careful) disassembly to find the origins. Now I'll just need to find a long screwdriver to get at those fasteners deep in the handle.
  7. badCaps

    Help ID this port?

    Picked up a 512k recently and saw this port on the back. This is an add on SCSI port replacing the battery slot, right? Curious if anyone can identify this hardware and who manufactured it. Assuming it includes an associated controller card. Port is metal, looks well made, and the hole is screwdriver access. Found a few other similar products, but none have this style of scsi port that is protruding from the case. Have not opened it up yet to check the board inside for markings. Anyone recognize it? Similar products: Mac Snap https://web.archive.org/web/20060517040357/http://www.vintagemacworld.com/macsnap.html https://web.archive.org/web/20060622022158/http://www.vintagemacworld.com/macsnap/macsnap_rear.jpg Mac Rescue:
  8. badCaps

    Help resurrecting a 7500/100

    I had the same question! After searching the forum and reading various threads, the consensus seems to be that you need a card that is a Mac version so that you can boot from it. There were a handful of different manufacturers for these but they should all specify Macintosh compatibility. Some PC cards can also be flashed with a Mac bios to work. I ended up finding one on ebay for $35 but it wasn't listed as a Mac card, but did have the correct part number in the description and a label on the board. Most of the Mac versions were going for the usual ebay buy it now ridiculous price. I'm going to install it this weekend and report back!
  9. badCaps

    Performa 637CD + software & a bunch of zip disks

    Nice CL find. I see lots more desk space that can occupied by vintage Macs! Good spot under that Samsung right there
  10. badCaps

    Craigslist Mac SE, Mac SE, and Mac Plus

    Fantastic job, what an improvement!
  11. badCaps

    Help resurrecting a 7500/100

    Great suggestion, didn't know that was an option. I'll have to do a little digging and find one in that price range. Might just try one of my old PC cards and see if it works.
  12. badCaps

    Help resurrecting a 7500/100

    First off, thanks for all the suggestions and good information. Second, it's working! I tried the 601 card in the 8500, worked just fine. Put it back in the 7500 and it chimed and booted to floppy icon due to a bad hard drive (click of death). Looks like I just had to re-seat the processor card since I didn't change anything else. Now I just have to find a spare SCSI hard drive or one of those SCSI to SD boards I've seen around here. Appreciate all the help and happy to have another Mac up and running.
  13. Hello all, I have a decent looking Power Mac 7500/100 that I picked up recently. I did a little cleaning on the exterior, blew out the dust bunnies and powered it on only to find that it won't boot. The power supply clicks on, power LED on the front works, keyboard LEDs blink, HDD spins up, CD drive ejects but no startup chime (or any sound) and no video. I have tried the following: Swapping/removing the 4 memory modules. Removing the PRAM 3.6v battery on the board (tests 0v, dead). Pressing the button on the board under the CPU card. At this point I will be doing a little more research. I did find an Apple service guide covering the 7300+ series that I started looking through. A few questions for the community here: I did notice that the ROM SIMM is not present, is this required to boot? My searches give mixed results (maybe only required on 9500?) Also not sure if the PRAM battery has to be present to boot? (Have a few on order in the meantime) At my disposal I have a working 8500/120 and working desktop beige G3. My next step is to try and use the 601 CPU card in the 8500 (if this is supported?), and maybe the working G3 power supply in the 7500. I'm hesitant to try any working parts in the 7500 in case the power supply is damaged and kills my working card. I wont be able to tackle this until the weekend but wanted to get some preliminary direction until then. I would appreciate any suggestions, comments or help you may offer.