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    3D-Printed Objects

    Thanks @Swolfington for the 9500 bezel parts! I had 815-1690.stl and 815-1690_eject.stl printed on ABS to see how well it would fit first. I may sand this one down and paint it, or just get it reprinted with resin for a smoother finish (which I'm sure I'd have to sand anyway). I didn't install the eject button yet but will do so once I've sanded and painted. I actually bought a WGS 8550 (the server cousin of the PM 8500) just for the CD bezel (since my 9500 has lacked one since I got it in 2012), but it's really awesome that the community can fabricate parts for itself now! Such a great way to keep these machines alive for years to come.
  2. TLDR: Centris 660av came with 68LC040, not full '040 chip and it's acting weird. Looking for advice. Full story: I've recently acquired a Centris 660av for a friend of mine and noticed something interesting while getting the machine set up. This 660av came with a 68LC040 chip (the 25MHz one), rather than the stock 68040. This 660av was bought off of someone who got it as part of a bundle (needed to buy the bundle to get the wanted machine), so the seller didn't notice either. Brief notes: - No internal hard disk, no RAM (except built-in) - Using external Syquest EZ135 with known good cartridge to boot, known good keyboard, mouse, power cable - Had trouble getting it to boot with 7.6.1 and 7.5.5; it would boot until the Finder opened and then would just freeze (you could hear the Syquest disk stop being accessed) - I figured the built-in RAM wasn't enough - Found the original Centris 660av installation CD with 7.1 and the Enabler; made 660av-specific minimal install, and finally got it to boot - Machine shows up at Centris 660av in About this Macintosh - Boots into Finder, but noticed some very odd behaviour - If I single-click an icon, it looks like it's trying to be renamed (goes from name input to normal and back multiple times per second) - I can click around and open a couple of programs, but sometimes they start to open, the mouse cursor turns into a stopwatch cursor, then the disk stops being accessed. I can still move the cursor around, so it's not totally frozen, but basically nothing happens at all Suspicion: - System is being confused by the lack of the FPU - I haven't yet tried to change the Gestalt ID, but maybe if I set it to that of an LC with the same CPU, the system will not try and use the FPU? Or is Gestalt ID only a cosmetic thing that allows for programs to detect the machine they run on, but doesn't do anything to enable/disable features? (Most of my memory of this is from two decades ago when I was a kid learning this stuff for the first time) Can anyone provide any advice, or confirm/deny my suspicion? I'd rather not have to eBay an actual 68040 chip since those are about the same price as what this system cost, and I'd rather not eBay a whole other machine (since shipping to Canada basically kills those deals). I do have a dead Centris 610 that I picked up recently as well that I can pull the RAM from (haven't done this yet since it's not at my condo).
  3. jonpurdy

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    Hah, I wouldn't actually put a logic board in a dishwasher. We could take it to someone, but this is a skill that we should learn. I'll look into cleaning up the board myself. Recapping shouldn't be difficult either; I've had soldering experience in the past and I've got a new soldering iron kit with nice needle tips and a desoldering pen-thing I've been wanting to put to use (after it's initial lamp cord fixing use). Fortunately, we've got a dead Centris 610 that will serve as a perfect practice rig (and recapping might actually fix that, too).
  4. jonpurdy

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    I have not. I recall putting keyboards into the dishwasher when I was a lazy teenager but never thoroughly cleaned a logic board.
  5. jonpurdy

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    Attached is a photo of the caps that look like they leaked. I was able to take a q-tip and alcohol and significantly whiten the sticker quite easily.
  6. jonpurdy

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    Regarding the logic board being recapped: no, and it looks like some of the caps may be slightly leaky, though I was told that it could also just be flux. These caps look easy enough to replace if necessary though. I haven't yet tried the soft FPU extension yet (as I try and do this fun stuff on the weekends only). But incredibly interesting information regarding that FPU message being a generic last-ditch error message for unknown problems! LaPorta, good question about why someone wouldn't rectify the issue when the machine was new. I certainly would have noticed it (even though I would've been 10 years old at the time). It's more likely that it was swapped out, but who knows. My friend has ordered a full 68040 on eBay which should arrive sometime in the next month or so. He's keen on getting the full 68040 for both performance and reliability reasons. So we'll know for sure if the issue is the LC040 chip if the machine suddenly becomes 100% reliable.
  7. jonpurdy

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    After my last post, I finally encountered a proper verbose error message in the Finder (see the attachment): "Floating point coprocessor not installed" I also tested out the Wish I Were control panel (that changes the Gestalt ID) and set it to that of a Centris 610 (which has the LC040 CPU). I found that there were less random crashes and weird behaviours, but the AV functionality didn't work (which is expected since the AV software would not run on a 610). And thanks beachycove for that information! The stock CPU is definitely supposed to be the full '040 chip but this one is LC040 as mentioned before. So it's entirely possible that it came with this chip by mistake from the factory! I did try out the Cache Switch control panel and have disabled the cache (and disable Wish I Were to revert to the 660av Gestalt ID), and I'm now able to use both the AV-specific programs AND not experience random weirdness and crashes! Of course, they could crop up at any point in the future but so far, so good. As far as next steps go, I think my friend wants to order a full 68040 chip off of eBay to get the full performance out of the machine. But for now, I'll install the extra RAM and hopefully we can get the system set up nicely so that when the '040 arrives it'll already be set up. I'll post back if there are any further issues, but also if it's a total success. Thanks all!
  8. jonpurdy

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    I wouldn't necessarily think it would case the issue, but who knows. Maybe the AT&T DSP chip is expecting to talk to it in the background. It's just suspicious because the machine came with a full '040 in stock configuration. Perhaps the machine is just flaky or has bad on-board RAM.
  9. jonpurdy

    9500 SSD Benchmarks

    Has anyone else tried running an SSD in a 9500? I brought my 9500 (acquired in 2012) to my condo to live with me full-time recently and was thinking about disk upgrades. SCSI2SD is an option, though I'd presume access times would be faster with a Tempo ATA card and an SSD.
  10. jonpurdy

    Where to buy 60ns EDO RAM?

    There's a seller on eBay that has the 60ns, 5v, EDO, 168-pin DIMMs. Just ordered four of them for my 9500 last week and they should be arriving shortly. I'd rather not post the seller, but you can find them easily with that search (or just PM me and I'll let you know). This stuff is scarce so I'd rather not link to it directly, haha.