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  1. DeChief

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    I owned a 2 player (sticks and 6 buttons on each side) 300~ game multicade cab at one point that even had a proper 21" CRT, but it never felt like a good purchase. It went into storage when I moved countries and I sold it the moment I moved back. IMO you lose something valuable when you start emulating things and using modern components in these situations, so I try to use as much old tech with old tech as I can - but yes, that might just be me! What you're doing is fine, it simply feels counter to the hobby as a whole for me, which I'm guessing is because I'm likely younger than the majority of users here. For instance, I'm getting rid of my SCSI2SD after getting a good deal on one of those Adtron SDDS SCSI-PCMCIA devices since it works flawlessly with a PCMCIA-CF adapter in it, all of which is old technology and essentially of the same era as the machines I use it with. I found a cheap external SyQuest EZ135 SCSI drive and sold the SyQuest itself just to use the enclosure for the Adtron, it's really convenient for vintage Macs since I can just pre-load a bunch of CF cards with different operating systems - turns out Yahoo Auctions has great deals on used generic 256 - 500MB CF cards so I've stocked up and am now prepared for any Mac I buy in future. Getting semi-back on topic, I very much dislike using LCDs with old systems. There was a noticeable amount of input lag when I was testing the Lapis ColorServer, moving the mouse felt like wading through molasses on the 3 LCDs I used for testing compared to the SE/30's internal CRT. I'm not sure how different this would be compared to the LCD that ants was using, but either way, CRT still takes priority. I do have a black and white Radius Pivot SE/30 card if you'd like to swap one of your SE/30's screens to an LCD.
  2. DeChief

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    A MAME cabinet is different, I'm talking candy and dedicated. If it just has a PC inside then the whole thing is a bit ridiculous to have in the first place, you may as well hook it up to your living room TV and make some joysticks.
  3. DeChief

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    I really hate it when people replace CRTs with LCDs in situations where it's completely avoidable, especially in things like arcade machines. In this instance though, it would be in service of enabling a Mac to do something it normally can't, so I'm fine with it. That being said, the 9" CRT has priority and I've just purchased a cheapo sync converter that should do the trick.
  4. DeChief

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Ah damn, sorry to hear you're not continuing it makes sense though, you're right about the black and white screen being part of its personality and appeal - but to me the SE/30 would be the ultimate compact mac if it had colour capabilities, so I'm going to press on! The CC and CC2 are awesome (especially Mystic modded), but there's something lacking in their general case design. I've always liked square edges I guess. Should I make another thread or keep posting here? Either way, @ArmorAlley sent me a Lapis ColorServer PDS/30-17 and I just got it working with a driver from the net: Unfortunately it appears to be outputting a sync-on-green signal which isn't supported by any of my monitors, except for this huge old Hitachi LCD TV. I'm hoping the 9" colour SVGA CRT I've got coming (should be here before mid October) can support SOG but doubt it will. In which case I'll have to fork out some dough for a sync converter. Another issue is the tube length. I'm 99% sure it won't fit inside the SE/30's case, but I have a spare semi-crappy SE bucket that I'm happy to cut into for the sake of science. Failing that, I'd like to buy one of your resin casts @ants, or attempt to make my own if you've gotten rid of that pressure chamber you made.
  5. DeChief

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Hooray! If my incoming CRT doesn't properly fit the case without severe modifications, I'll be relying on one of your CRT castings best of luck.
  6. DeChief

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Keen to see updates on this project! Did you manage to unfry the LCD controller or get a new one? I was doing some googling to see if anybody had successfully managed to fit a color CRT inside of an SE/30 and found this thread, which is inspiring to say the least. I've managed to secure a 9" color SVGA CRT that may fit, if not with some modification to the back of the Mac case (which is fine, I've got empty spares). Now I just need a Radius Pivot IIsi card to get color out of the SE/30...
  7. Okay, finally got an update on this. I bought a terminator and now the Mac boots with the AppleSC drive plugged in and turned on. I installed the FWB CD-ROM ToolKit extension and ran the program, and the drive is indeed recognised. However it still won't load discs. Every time I put a disc in the drive, it waits for a few seconds with the orange light on before spitting it back out again and the Mac does nothing...
  8. Hey all, I'm having a problem with my Performa 275 - it refuses to boot from the internal HDD (1gb drive taken from an external LaCie caddy) when my AppleSC CD drive (not Plus) is plugged into it and turned on. I can boot from floppy just fine, but it won't recognise the HDD or CD drive... Does this have something to do with SCSI device ID numbers? The AppleCD SC has another Centronics SCSI port on the back, do I need a terminator for that port? I must admit I know close to nothing about SCSI, the only other Mac I've fooled around with was a Pioneer MPC-LX100 which uses IDE. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, - Chief