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    Brightness Knob on Macintosh SE

    This happens to my Macintosh Plus too. I recapped the analog board and it’s fixed.
  2. glay78

    Macintosh portable not working

    Have u tried this? 1. Put in both 6v and 9v battery. 2. Press and hold the both Reset and Interrupt switch located on the left side for 5 seconds. 3. Press any key on keyboard to power up. basically after you removed and reinsert your main battery without a 9v backup battery, you will need to reset the power manager by holding both reset and interrupt keys for 5 seconds. After which the Macintosh Portable should start up.
  3. Nice, there's another seller selling cheaper but same antenna. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254019367642
  4. Unplug the HDD and try to boot, see if you gets the flashing disk icon.
  5. My Mac Plus powered up on brightest settings and when I dimmed using the toggle it doesn't dim and it flickers. I think it needs a recap and I don't wish to recap the whole board. Anyone knows which caps do I change for the brightness control on the analog board?
  6. glay78

    TAM Not Booting Up

    Try this, disconnect the HDD ribbon and try booting up.
  7. glay78

    Macintosh color classic won't power on

    Not done. Only logic board was recapped. Yes looks like a PSU prob to me too.
  8. glay78

    Macintosh color classic won't power on

    Some updates, my CC as mentioned, flashes 5-6 times when trying to power on. I noticed I keep plugging in with rear power on and try powering via keyboard, it powers up after a day or two. Have to keep pressing power on keyboard at intervals after a day, the light stays longer each time until it powers on. Right after it power on, the screen will remain black until a minute or two then it will start normally. Is that some fault in th analog board?
  9. glay78

    TAM TV and Tuner driver

    Yes I saw them after I upgraded to OS 9.1, previously on OS 9 they wasn’t installed.
  10. I recently got a TAM with a non working LCD and HDD. Managed to swap it out with an LCD of PowerBook 3400 and an IDE44 to CF as HDD. Installed OS9 and I don’t see the TV and Tuner apps. How should I get it working?
  11. Yes the bottom left is broken and I can still glue it. But I’m missing the portion where it guides the door to open
  12. Found one for sale with a rotten LCD. Powers up and just needed a replacement LCD. I doubt I can get a replacement easily, are there any compatible replacement available out there?
  13. Oh sorry it’s the door that is broken not this portion.
  14. Haha i broke the left side when opening the case. For that I can stick back, how about the part that holds the tray when open?
  15. Cool and thank you. Yes keep the LCD well, hopefully it doesn’t comes handy. Do you you have any fix recommended for the broken door if CD drive?
  16. Thank you so much. I ordered a 3400c LCD and swapped out the TAM. It’s working now but the HDD is dead. Time to go flash memory and reinstall the OS. By the way after installing OS 8 or 9 does all the TV and radio works? Or I have to get the recovery disk?
  17. I am unable to power up my iMac G3. I opened up the case and pressed the CUDA button and it powers up. However every time I switch the mains to off I have to redo it again. Is something faulty? I had the PRAM battery removed by the way.
  18. glay78

    iMac G3 help CUDA problem

    Great thanks! I’ll get it replaced soon.
  19. glay78

    iMac G3 help CUDA problem

    It only happened recently by the way.
  20. As mentioned, any guides to achieve that as I don’t have any cables for my eMate
  21. Cool info, I'll try to post a photo of the screen later.
  22. Wow great to see that you have saved a TAM. Hope I can achieve that too.
  23. I'm getting the unit to test, will post a pic if possible. It has a big round patch right smack at the screen. Leaving only about 2cm from the edges. No display when powered up. Not sure about lights. I'm asking now