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  1. Blake


    Well after a month and a half i finally got my mac plus working again! Thank you again to everyone on this forum who took there time to help me i could have not done this without you
  2. I was just finishing up with my mac and i accdent put in the brown screw, screwed it in and now i cant get it out. I also cant open the case now
  3. Blake

    800k floppy drive wont go down

    I already orderd it but olny got 1 gear i didnt need 4
  4. Blake

    800k floppy drive wont go down

  5. Blake

    800k floppy drive wont go down

    I have to remove the little box that says omron with the 2 little connector cables correct?
  6. Blake

    PRAM battery

    Yes im not a expert but saying the clock stops working after the pram dies i would say the computer most likely relys on the pram battery for electricity after it is off
  7. Blake

    800k floppy drive wont go down

    By the way it does this every time I put it in
  8. Blake

    800k floppy drive wont go down

    Yes same one
  9. Ok i finally my 800k floppy out and i think i found the problem , the floppy tray is not slideing into the notch so it wont go down and read Do you guys know how to fix it?
  10. Blake

    Need to get my floppy drive out

    Ok thank you very much i will be shure to start working on my mac when i get home
  11. Blake

    Need to get my floppy drive out

    Will it be nessary to discharge the crt tough? i got it open and it looks like i can easly avoid it
  12. Nobody seems to have a video on youtube on how to remove one or any instructions so i came here for a last resort. Ive heard you can use a flat head but i dont want to damage it by doing it wrong
  13. I need to get in my macintosh plus to fix the floppy drive, can someone send me instructions on how to get it out, ive been haveing a hard time finding them. Can you also send me instructions on how to diacharge the crt
  14. Hi! Recentley i bought a macitosh plus it was working pretty well for 2 weeks. A few days ago i was ejecting a floppy disc and the floppy came up but got stuck and it started makeing the continuous ejecting noise. After I got it out with the paper clip in the whole trick I tried putting another disc but it didn't make the floppy Drive tray go down. I'm hoping I just have to relube it. Please help me and tell me what's wrong with my Mac and how I could fix it