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  1. Joris W

    Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    @360alaska Are you not at all powering the SCSI2SD board like shown on your photos? Or is the little bit of power going into your adapter board enough to make it run on the current coming through the SCSI cable? If you are feeding the SCSI2SD board its own power, where from are you drawing it?
  2. Joris W

    Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    Thanks. 4 - Whether the motherboard will fit back into the Mac, under that chassis, once the adapterboard and SCSI cable are on top of that SCSI chip.
  3. Joris W

    Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    I'm almost ready to install your board design, @360alaska. While I'm not the most experienced electronics hacker, I am willing to do whatever it takes to get it installed. I know - inept but persistent. The worst kind, right? Without asking you to hold my hand with each step, I have a few questions if I want to start putting this in. Putting pictures as links so they don't clutter my post. 1 - You've posted some great photos, between which the red wire seems to change places. Could you tell me where from and where to it goes in each case, or whichever spot worked best for you? Am I right to assume this is a ground wire? Red wire 1 vs Red wire 2 2 - You mention connecting a diode. Is that an existing one where the ground goes, or is that something I need to add? If so, I notice my Mac has an unused one sitting half connected at R8, the DIMM bytesize switch. Could I use that? My R8 diode 3 - The header bits I got in look the same as yours, except they're coupled together a little tighter so they don't line up with the pinholes in your board: Narrow header pin strip I know these arent the right angle ones, those are coming in this week from the same vendor. Did I buy the wrong header pins though looking at the margins? Or should I just snap off 25 separate pins and solder each into position? 4 - When putting the motherboard back into the machine, I notice the SCSI chip is sitting under the chassis pretty tightly. Is there room under there for your board + cable? Cosy SCSI chip Sorry about flying in from n00b land, and thanks in advance for any pointers here.
  4. @Jinnai If you mean the little adapter board @360alaska made to solder onto your SCSI chip, he shared his board design in this post: I've since had a few printed through oshpark. See the beginning of that thread for pictures.
  5. Joris W

    Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    I’m getting the parts together to follow in your footsteps, 360alaska. Did you end up getting that angled header? If so mind sharing where?
  6. Joris W

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    Could anyone clarify if a SCSI2SD v6 will work with a Mac Plus, or am I better off getting a v5 ?
  7. Great answer, thanks! I'll see if I will commit to this. But the truth is, since I have the Plus, I would like to be able to boot it and use (and accumulate) some apps without the restrictions of a mere floppy drive.
  8. Hi BadGoldEagle and mactjaap, I've got a Plus too, which I'd like to add a hard drive to, as when I as little, I used to have a Plus with internal HD too. I never really found out the story behind that except I remember my parents bought it for me off some computer engineering student who wrote prolog. Perhaps he fitted the drive in there himself. Suppose I wanted to retrofit my Plus with a SCSI HD, what would I need other than an old SCSI 3.5" drive? I do still have the floppies to boot the Mac with, which I'm pretty sure have Disk Utility (or whatever it was called then) on it. Were you able to retrofit yours, BadGoldEagle?