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    Jessenator's conquests

    If there are no attachment holes for a heat sink, that means it had a plastic frame that had two edges on it that slide under the edge of the cpu. The plastic frame has a centrally located, threaded hole in its center that sits over the chip die. An appropriately designed aluminum heat sink will screw in there, and as it is made snug against the die, pulls on the plastic frame edges that are under the chip edges, thus making the heat sink secure. If I recall correctly, the heat sink is blue or black in color, and it is a rounded shape.
  2. ppcoutlaw

    Dead eMacs (Model A1002)

    I was thinking about your issue with getting your emac to boot up and a dim recollection of my own emac came to the fore. The keyboard could have an issue. I had a problem with my unit not booting when I first got it. As it had no keyboard with it, I picked up a used,untested emac keyboard. I seem to remember that it would not boot. I tried another emac keyboard and it worked. It was several years ago, but it might help to test out the keyboard on another mac to see if it is any good, and to find a good tested keyboard to take another try at it. Also, it is possible you have a bad ram stick. Best of luck to you!
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    Dead eMacs (Model A1002)

    Well, non-bulged caps is a good sign. You may not have to do anything there. I just checked and found these two apple discussion web pages that may help with your reluctant Macs. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/518038 https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1147126 both links will give you a better idea on how to raise your eMacs from the dead. The advice seemed to help some of the folks who had the same problem.
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    Dead eMacs (Model A1002)

    It seems to me that I have read of some of the earlier eMacs, 700, 800, and 1ghz models had issues with the capacitors going bad on some units. This could be a. factor. Also, you may wish to remove one stick of ram and try to start it then. And from frequently ghosting over other topics on the forum, it appears that dirty contacts on removable "cards" of any type, is. CPU, i/o, cache, or ram, could be a.factor in your machine not starting up.
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    Dead eMacs (Model A1002)

    When PowerPC was outlawed, only outlaws had PowerPC. I am a PowerPC outlaw.
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    Dead eMacs (Model A1002)

    Just a quick question. Do the machines have ram? Depending on the model, you can run up to 2gb in it, unofficially. No memory installed may give you the dead machine treatment. I have not tried to start mine without ram, so I dont know what exactly would happen.
  7. ppcoutlaw

    Dead eMacs (Model A1002)

    I had that issue with my 1.42ghz eMac. I had not turned it on for three months, and when I needed to use it, no joy. After removing the plate covering the memory, and inspecting the caps that are visible there for damage, I turned to replacing the battery. My machine booted right up.The battery may have too low of a charge to allow your eMacs to run. That would be my guess.