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  1. OleLila

    Laser 128ex....how to revive

    It's a beauty. I'm afraid I've fried something delicate though.
  2. I had a working Laser 128 ex ((Apple IIc clone) that was working fine. The external 3.5 inch drive was not, but I could plug it into the computer and just get an I/O error on APTPro. I disassembled the external drive, unplugging multiple small connections in the process, cleaned, reassembled. The e external drive spun the first time, but no disk recognition. The second time....nothing, no noise, no smoke, no pops....Power LED on computer is on but nothing else, no internal drive noise, no reset with keyboard. The voltages on the external drive connections are fine. I can use a voltmeter but that’s about it. I cannot find board diagrams for the Laser 128 to even try and give it a shot. Any advice on where to start?
  3. OleLila

    PowerBook Maintenance Checklist and advice?

    The 68000 PB screen capacitors are bad all over the place and if there are any artifacts on the screen its a pretty sure bet that they need to be replaced. Remove or replace the battery and replace the capacitors on the screen inverter board while you are in there. If the hinges are intact, once you start disassembling the screen, do not attempt to open or close the screen or the hinge mounts can snap. I'm here now looking for a list of capacitor sizes for a couple of PB 68000 models.
  4. OleLila

    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    Yea....we don't know what it is, we don't know if it works, we can't take a still enough picture so that you can figure out what it is....ahhhh, ;lets see...80 bucks plus shipping https://www.ebay.com/itm/254303545135?ul_noapp=true
  5. OleLila

    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    I've tried Lido and Blue disk manager on a plus and G3...same results, finds the drive, but does not acknowledge the presence of a disk (no media inserted). He stops when he got down to the part that exposes the heads....I thought if you could clean the heads after 35 years it would be a good starting point but I don't see any way to get to them without removing that shielding, unless you want to find and spend excessive amounts on a cleaning cartridge. I guess I might take it apart again and clean any area he points to and says "optical sensor". The way it feels, there are bearings that move the head assembly, maybe these are bad, but again, a big disassembly to expose. I imagine I'm bound to sacrifice one of them to see the coils and head assembly.
  6. OleLila

    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    The one that started to format was recognized by system 9.1 with "This disk in unrecognizable, do you want to format?", then stopped during the process. I've tried Lido, PLI formatter, SCSI director, Bluedisk manager and Silver lining. The switch is set to SCSI.
  7. I had a great experince with a SCSI Sony magneto optical drive and decided to keep checking out older scsi removable media devices. Found a Jaz drive and it is, thus far, infinitely better than the zip. I found a couple of bernoulli 150 MB external SCSI drives and they both turn on, the scsi software correctly identifies them, but does not acknowledge media as being present. One of them stated to format, but then stopped working. They both seem to be broken in the same way, they turn on, scsi probe knows they are Bernoulli and sees them, but when I put the media in, they spin then there is a fairly solid surge which fits with a magnetically driven read her, but I don't think it ever engages, its like they get stuck or hit something. You can take them apart and remove a circuitboard, but can really not get to the magnets or head/mechansm without some pretty aggressive disassembly...like maybe heating up some magnetic shielding and peeling it off. Maybe I'll ave to sacrifice one of them.
  8. OleLila

    Macintosh Classic only detects 512kb

    I picked up a Mac Classic and it would not boot until I took out the memory card...then it would boot until it stopped with the not enough memory to run system 7 message. I recapped it and some of the pads just looked awful but I got the new caps to stick then booted into System 6 with an external SCSI. Under System 6 it only recognized 512 MB memory. I did a search and found your post and on checking there was no continuity at pin 4 on UI6 (pin 10 was OK). After a while I finally got a wire across and it boots into system 6 and recognizes 4 MB memory. Thank you for posting. It still takes abnormally long to boot and will crash when attempting to install System 7, but with the way some of these pads and components look, its fortunate I'm able to run anything and I'm not inclined to rock the boat right now.
  9. I'm impressed...is that realtime duplication of an entire disc? It seems really fast.
  10. OleLila

    Corgski's liberaciones para la revolución

    Enjoy the CRT acrylic monitor...its really a nice one. That was one of two I had and the one I grabbed to meet you. When I found that one it had been in storage for years and the antireflective coating was like a spider web, but it came off completely with glass cleaner and elbow grease. The one I kept had part of the antireflective coating missing at the bottom and I thought I'd just do the same. Not so...glass cleaner, isopropyl alcohol, wd-40, goop off, acetone, turpentine, baking soda and Brasso later, the partial antireflective coating remains. Have seen some minimal progress with brasso and some with baking soda and LOTS of elbow grease, but maybe headed toward dremmel with felt pad.
  11. OleLila

    PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    So has anyone has here actually tried/completed on a 100 series powerbook yet?
  12. Have you tried holding down shift-option-command-del and the external drive SCSI ID number? i think they will recognize some external CD drives but no others, be sure to try a few times.
  13. Post the link when it is up....did not know this existed.
  14. OleLila

    davidg5678's Computer Finds

    .What a blast...not sure why this is so satisfying. It looks great.