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  1. ClassicMac

    IIci with a surprise inside!

    Care to link the auction
  2. ClassicMac

    Apple Extended Keyboard II (and mouse) 29 dollars total!

    The eBay going rate depending on condition is 40+ for used ones that work to 100+ for new in box ones. I wouldn't sell one below 40 dollars on eBay. Prices will NOT decrease in the future.
  3. I ended up getting it for $45. You guys are seriously some good luck.
  4. I already have two 6500s. I just really like the form factor and the fact that its the last revision of that form factor. I will see if I can get it to below 60. Wish me luck.
  5. Yea by no upgrades I meant no upgraded HD or G3 card. Which is fine.
  6. I have a local seller who can hook me up with a Performa 6360, decent condition but no upgrades. These machines are pretty hard to find on eBay (and I prefer local sales anyways) and don't come up that often locally and when they do come up on eBay they are 100+. But thats eBay. Is a locally sold one worth 75 dollars ? (Im sure I can work down the price to 65-60.) Thanks for the help guys! happy Saturday!
  7. ClassicMac

    Thread for anything about the LC series (continued)

    Yea the way OP wrote was very familiar to some other notable previously active accounts.
  8. ClassicMac

    Thread for anything about the LC series (continued)

    Yea maybe don't disregard information being presented to you. Seems kind of rude.
  9. Why do you need an adapter just asking
  10. ClassicMac

    Boxed eMac acquisition!

    Where’s the stand
  11. ClassicMac

    Apple Extended Keyboard II (and mouse) 29 dollars total!

    The seller is going to send the proper keyboard to me and I’m gonna return the one I have with a postage label provided. I feel bad for the seller as she seems pretty nice and accommodating but communication has been great from the seller. In other news I used my drakware usb2adb connector and I am in love with it. Currently have it attached to my Apple adjustable keyboard and a old adb trackpad. The keys have this crunch that’s isn’t as quite crispy as the AEII but still very satisfying compared to newer keyboard.
  12. ClassicMac

    Apple Extended Keyboard II (and mouse) 29 dollars total!

    Keyboard was supposed to come in today, unfortunately the seller sent the wrong keyboard sending me a inferior apple one (Non mechanical). In other news I also received my drakware ADB to usb and I recommend it a lot.
  13. ClassicMac

    Minimum Compact Mac Value?

    That's what I'm doing with 2000's era jobs stuff. I know some things like the Apple hiFi are gonna demand high prices. I still remember in the early 2000s when schools couldn't give away LC's AIO and pizza boxes for free, even when they gave them away people gravitated towards windows boxes. same thing is happening with 2006 MacBook's. Literally selling for around ten dollars a pop. I don't expect that to get lower. (Interesting to note that iBook G4 prices still arnt that high but have increased in the last couple of years. Things like ADB keyboards have increased and dont get me started on early1990s/late 80s accelerator cards and how much they are getting on eBay nowadays (didnt the 40 processor for the se/30 go for a grand recently?) Anwyays its not too late to stock up.. even some 68k era items are still relatively cheap (Performa 6x00 comes to mind, even some II line Macs like the Iici are still cheap. LC 475, which many disregard as another slow LC in the line but its really not... )
  14. OK ok not the deal of the century but I was pretty happy to get this for 29 shipped ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1990-Apple-Extended-Keyboard-II-Mouse-Power-cord-Model-M3501-/153560022618?_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l44720&nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true comes with the 1990 version of they keyboard (im hoping for salmon switches) and the classic desktop mouse. I think I got a good deal!