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  1. It’s on 7.5 right now but I want it on 7.1. Anyone have any experiences with both ?
  2. and which is the cheapest? thanks !
  3. ClassicMac

    Fixing up a IIvx

    More than ten years later - these machines do have some worth even though being slow.
  4. ClassicMac

    IIvx not powering on.

  5. ClassicMac

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    Prob needs some good lubin'
  6. Nah I meant more like this.... I've seen a couple of these
  7. One is curbed the other not so much .
  8. ClassicMac

    CURRENT most reliable Powerbook?

    All 68k era Macs have problems with caps. Although for non 68k the 3400 line is pretty strong...
  9. ClassicMac

    M0110 works for 4 minutes, then stops.

    Yea if anyone is having issues I would recommend you updating the firmware on the little thing.
  10. ClassicMac

    M0110 works for 4 minutes, then stops.

    have you contacted the guy who runs drakware ?
  11. ClassicMac

    LC 550 sells for over $100

    Meanwhile we can find 550's selling for 100+ any day now
  12. ClassicMac

    Apple Watch fixer-upper

    Apple will replace these for free. its a undocumented defect.
  13. ClassicMac

    Boxed Japanese PB 2400c/180

    don't know whats wrong with OP but 150 is more a great price for all this.