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  1. Are SCSI to IDE adapters a thing that work for Macs ?
  2. Can this be accomplished on a Mac? I guess a PPC bistro would be good enough ?
  3. ClassicMac

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    I learned something today: performa 475 is not an LC III! Makes sense why the game is so slow. Everything else is fine on it, the word processing, after dark screensavers etc. Its the raw lack of speed. I did not know you could put System 6 on the Performa 400. I was under the impression that the Performa shipped after introduction of Mac OS 7 (although it should be identical to the LC which can boot system 6). I will have to try to boot off a system 6 floppy (6.0.8? right?) later tonight.
  4. ClassicMac

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    Performa 400 - AKA LC II - It cant even play simcity 2000 without stuttering. LC 475 (AKA LC III has no issues) maybe I should swap the HD's and see if there is any difference
  5. Its an old quantum drive that I had but forgot the password. I guess I can format it but I would like the old software on it.
  6. I know all of them need to be replaced but is slow performance a sign of failing caps? I see visible damage on the board.
  7. trying to get this old external working
  8. ClassicMac

    Jason's Macintosh Museum

    I know this thread is old, but does anyone know if he's ok? There have not been any uploads or updates in years. Hope he is doing fine.
  9. It’s on 7.5 right now but I want it on 7.1. Anyone have any experiences with both ?
  10. ClassicMac

    PowerBook G4 12" (and a parent's house find)

    what speed
  11. and which is the cheapest? thanks !
  12. ClassicMac

    Fixing up a IIvx

    More than ten years later - these machines do have some worth even though being slow.
  13. ClassicMac

    IIvx not powering on.

  14. ClassicMac

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    Prob needs some good lubin'