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  1. Yep! It resisted a surprising amount, but popped free in the end. Now to get it soaking in H2O2 at the weekend
  2. Thanks Alex, I'll be a little more forceful with it then ! BR Jon.
  3. I'm going to retrobrite one of my M0116 keyboards and am wondering whether the moulded, coloured Apple logo comes out or not? There's a small hole behind it in the keyboard frame but pressure in the hole doesn't seem to do much! Jon.
  4. Thanks all for the advice, I've recapped successfully - some glue came off easily, some didn't and was left in place. Now to work out why it still isn't completing start-up! BR Jon.
  5. I followed the twist method to remove the actual cans and then the remaining leg pieces desoldered easily. In fact, it was the axial capacitors that were a pain - it seems that the board holes were rather small for the size of the wire and they were a friction fit! I'll have a go at warming the glue later, though if the new tants can be fitted with it in place, might well leave it alone as there are an awful lots of fine traces running underneath!
  6. Having successfully de-capped and cleaned an SE/30 logic board, I notice that the original aluminium capacitors appear to have had some kind of glue under them (see image). It seems impervious to isopropyl alcohol and I'd prefer not to try and physically remove it in case I damage any tracks etc. Anyone seen this before and had any joy removing ??? Jon.