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  1. Hustletron

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    There's been no progress on the mactothefuture project website either, which is unfortunate as I've been watching this with great interest. If for no other reason, I at least like to follow along with the discussion and soak in some of the knowledge.
  2. Hustletron

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    So then the next question I have is... has anyone tried any addons like stunnel on one of these OpenWRT units yet? I'm excited by the prospect of these bridges being able to slice and dice these web pages into digestible pieces for our compact Macs. However, I just realized that I'm locked out of the fun because I have a Macintosh SE (not an SE/30) otherwise I'd try this. OS 7.5+ with these extensions will be too taxing for my computer, I think. I may be way off in my understanding because I'm pretty new to the game; I'm younger than my SE!
  3. Hustletron

    What will this Asante card do in my Color Classic?

    Slightly related but I have a Mac SE with 4mb ram, an additional internal 800k floppy drive that I don’t really need and a 30mb SCSI drive. What Ethernet cards would work in my computer? I’m okay with pulling that extra floppy drive if I need the slot. I’m just nervous about dropping too much money on a card that doesn’t work. Ideally I’m hoping to use the Ethernet connection to get in on the OpenWRT bridge action that’s been talked about a lot on here in this thread...
  4. Hustletron

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Is there a specific Ethernet card that you need to use for this to work? Also, have you been able to try this with one of the antenna-less Vonets var411n units? I wouldn’t mind having one or two shipped to you if it meant that we could have this thing work seamlessly someday without an antenna sticking out. (Seriously PM me if you want) Also, for the bridges... what is the difference between the Vonets unit you’re using and a OpenWRT unit? (I apologize if this is a dumb question) PS This has been fascinating to follow and everyone involved with making this happen so far should take a bow.