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  1. jbreams

    Asante MacCon daughterboard pinout

    @Trash80toHP_Mini that's interesting! I was looking at the pinouts of the ethernet controller chip (DP83901), and it looked like it just outputs to AUI. Some limited testing looks like it goes DP83901 -> isolation transformer -> daughterboard header. I wonder what the AUI pinout is on the header and how one could wire up a 16-pin header -> 15-pin D-Sub converter for an AUI transceiver. Unfortunately, I don't have an AUI transceiver to test with. @beachycove, I'll pm you about your spare daughterboard!
  2. I've got an Asante MacCon for an SE/30, but I don't have the daughterboard that has the actual ethernet jack. Does anyone know what the pinout of the 14-pin IDC connector that would connect the daughterboard is? From pictures of the daughterboard it doesn't look like complicated, and I'm hoping I can build a replacement rather than try to buy/find one.
  3. jbreams

    SE/30 with no video after recapping

    I think all the connections are firmly plugged in. I went through and unplugged/replugged them all. The yoke seems sturdily on the CRT neck as well. I replaced UE8 with no luck. Below is a picture of the video section of the board as it is now. The logic board is definitely POSTing though, it reads a floppy for a while and then ejects it.
  4. I recently got an SE/30 that booted up to a grey screen with a mouse pointer and did nothing else. The screen was bright and clear though. I took it apart, cleaned the logic board and let it dry completely and then recapped it - there's some minor corrosion from leaking capacitors, but the board is clean and it didn't look like any traces or critical ICs were damaged. After that, it played the startup chime got as far as the disk with a question mark. Success! So, I turned it off and reconnected the floppy drive to test booting it up, and now it turns on, I hear the startup chime, the fan spins, and you can hear the floppy drive spinning and reading, but the display never turns on. After reading the dead mac scrolls and other troubleshooting docs, I thought it might be R22 on the analog board, but that resistor looks fine both visually and with a multimeter. In fact the analog board looks pretty good overall, no leaking or bulging capacitors, and it was working fine just a few days ago! Hopefully someone has seen this before and has some advice. Thanks in advance!