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  1. suburbana

    9600 604ev@500MHz

    That's interesting those resistors in my card suggested 300MHz (R13,R20,R22,R19) though it's running at 500MHz Is there is a short made across the R14 & R11 terminals? Too small, can't see clearly with my naked eyes
  2. suburbana

    9600 604ev@500MHz

    got mine at less than 1/5 of what he is asking for I remembered the seller had another 8600/"200" selling at that time
  3. suburbana

    9600 604ev@500MHz

    More photo Memory doesn't serve me very well, the CPU label did indicate the speed, it started life as a 300mHz, overclocked to 500 and finally bricked The motherboard doesn't look like a normal kansas board, some missing rom chips? can anyone here shed some light? newly added brand new EDO RAM Sticker on the cdrom others
  4. suburbana

    9600 604ev@500MHz

    Hi, powerbase Is that something I can set within MacBench?
  5. suburbana

    9600 604ev@500MHz

    Thanks you for your kind words I thought I was doomed when I found someone hand-written "Fired" over the engineering sample label on the daughter card. It booted up just fine after installing a new PRAM battery but kept on freezing every now and then. Before I was prepared to buy another "normal" mach V CPU to replace this overclocked one, my "new" 168pin DIMM arrived. After installing those RAM, surprisingly it ran rock solid and never hanged again. Maybe the better spec newer RAM help stabilize the overclocked CPU BTW I remembered there was a [LAB A] label somewhere inside the case. Probably it is a test machine of some sort ... it has its ROM DIMM slot occupied and even the CDROM had an engineering sample label on it I'll try taking some more photo of the motherboard in the new couple of days
  6. suburbana

    9600 604ev@500MHz

    Not the latest found actually, Grabbed this unusual beast from eBay last year The seller apparently was not very familiar with the vintage mac and he sold a lot of other vintage pc as well From the pictures shown on eBay a 9600 PM labelled as 200Mhz but... the motherbroad from the picture was clearly a Kansas one I was expecting at least a 350mHz 604ev I didn't ask further as the price was right and it looked pretty clean inside. On arrival, I opened the case and found the CPU daughter card labelled as engineering sample with no mention of the actual speed. It freezed every now and then but ran rock solid once I added "new" ram to it few months ago