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  1. belaboy

    Can't set a custom wallpaper

    Been wanting to add a custom wallpaper for my SE/30 running System 7.5.5, but for some reason I can't get it to work. I tried using Backdrop, BackSplash, and Decor, but the images refuse to apply! Even did a fresh install and still no dice. Anyone have any idea what might be blocking it?
  2. belaboy

    SE/30 32-bit question

    ok, thank you!!
  3. belaboy

    SE/30 32-bit question

    So I acquired a Macintosh SE/30 this weekend, it was recapped, upgraded to 68MB RAM and had a SCSI2SD interface set up. Unfortunately I was naive enough to think a few months of watching YouTube videos would prepare me in handling this. I tried flashing a BasiliskII image onto the SD card thinking it would boot from there, but I guess formatting it raw like that removes the SCSI drivers, so the system doesn't read it. After finding the thread on initializing SCSI2SD on here, I realize I have to begin from scratch. I placed an order for the 7.3.5 Disk Tools disk set and began prepping for the fresh install, but then I started wondering about the 32bit processing and RAM. I know by default, the machine is 32-bit dirty, and has to be "cleaned" with MODE32 or a ROM upgrade. The thing is, I'm not 100% sure what the original owner did. So my question, assuming the ROM isn't 32-bit clean, will the OS fail to boot with the 68MB installed? There are 4 16MB and 4 1MB RAM sticks, so would I have to remove the 64MB RAM before proceeding? Honestly, how should i go about doing this in general? Not sure if it's helpful, but I'll just toss in a picture of the system info prior to me messing things up haha. Thank you