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  1. RaSCSI Development Thread

    Many thanks for the help. I just ordered a couple of din boards on dirtypcb. I shared the pcb, specifying the url of your github page, so everybody can find it there as well. Please let me know if this is ok for you. I believe I can get all parts at RS online, once the board arrives I will post a complete list of the parts I got and add a posting about how things went with the adapter. Thanks!
  2. RaSCSI Development Thread

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  3. RaSCSI Development Thread

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  4. RaSCSI Development Thread

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  5. RaSCSI Development Thread

    Hi, I am considering building this adapter. I have a few questions though: 1) I would like to build an adapter to connect to the external DB25 SCSI connector of my SE/30, thus should I build the DIN version 1.6d? 2) what is the power connector in the other version for? 3) can I install a male DB25 connector to the port so that I can plug it directly into the Mac? 4) I'm unsure about the resistor networks, due to the "crossed out" pins. What part do I need exactly, and how many pins are used? 5) what should I use as fuse? any specific part suggestion? 6) I gave a quick look at the software side. From what I understand, it is not necessary to install the kernel module, and one can just launch the binary specifying ID and file. correct? Thanks!