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  1. Really interesting idea! I would love to see how this entire thing pans out. Most Macs haven't seen a chat room since the early 2000's! The only thing is right now, I cannot seem to download the app at all, for any of the versions. It will just redirect to the download site again. I'm not sure if you did that until they are up for download, or their is an error. Just wanted to make you aware of it, otherwise looking forward to it.
  2. M235i

    Mac LC II No Color? (Performa 430

    And I missed something. For some reason the monitors control panel was not working when I turned on the color option with one of my monitors. It seems with another monitor fixed that issue. Sorry. Mods, lock or delete the thread please.
  3. Hi all, I'm starting to wonder if I missed something, but currently my LC II (a Performa 430) does not have the option to display any color in the control panel. Before the HDD crashed it was running 7.1P2 and had all color options. It is now currently running System 7.1.2, which I reinstalled after a recap. It also has a MicroMac Thunder Accelerator card. I have no clue what is going on here, I was wondering if anybody has any answers, because Google, Yahoo and Bing (I was getting desperate...) seems to be no help. Am I missing an extension, wrong operation version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nathan