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  1. Just an idea that came to my mind when working on both my PowerBook 5300ce and 150. Both of them suffer from that PITA hinge and stress cracking issue. Both have the standoffs ripped off the housing and the 5300 is literally crumbling with the Rev. A plastics. As the 5300 fell apart in my hand and more fragments of plastic than actual computer piled up next to it, I looked at the other piece of the screen assembly and it occured to me. The chances of finding new assemblies or housings for these things are becoming harder and harder everyday, with most (if not soon to be all) eventually having it crack. Why have we not assembled 3d printed case part replacements? I would believe the filament would be strong enough to hold the very tight and overpowered metal hinges (for at least a while), and it would not be that hard to model the standoffs and the threads for the screws into the moulding. Almost all of the PowerBooks using ABS plastics can have the housings fit into a printing tray for fabrication. I still have the parts from both models that people could use to assemble a proper model of it. I have the basic knowledge of 3d modeling, but I would like to know if anybody here has had any luck with the printing of cases, housings or assemblies. And if not, should I atleast see what it would take for that to occur?
  2. I'll throw my 2 cents in quickly. Surprised no one mentioned in detail the Power Mac G4's as a bridge unit. It is one of the best Macs you can get. The fastest to run OS 9 natively (dual 1.25 7450e's in the '02 MDD), excellent in Tiger or Leopard, ample connectivity for everything under the mac sun (USB, FW, PCI, etc), and the early ones also have Zip drive support.
  3. M235i

    Free Clamshell iBook!

    Saw this on /r/VintageApple subreddit a couple of minutes ago. I'll echo what everyone else has been saying, it is a really nice find! I thought I was lucky finding an iBook Clamshell 466 in Graphite for $25 with the same accessories you got. I have the same thing with the battery. I even recelled mine last year and it looks like it gave up when in storage. I tried that Battery Updater but it only works with the M2453 models, so M6411 owners are out of luck when it comes to that type of reset. Good luck getting it all back up to spec!
  4. M235i

    My Portable is up next...

    I think there is/was a service that would either refurbish or retrofit Mac Portable batteries. The name totally escapes me right now, but i'll see if I can track it down. I know there is some (understandable) doubt about sending our Apple stuff out to an external 3rd-party, but it since the battery is already dead, I guess it would be worth the shot.
  5. M235i

    What's on that old hard drive?

    I'll give some stories to restart this thread. Buying and restoring have left me with a lot of drives left unwiped. Included a 6300CD I bought on eBay for $20, looked like it was used in a basement lab of someone for a good amount of time. Before the drive went I was able to find some digital photos of the computer in its heyday. Really interesting to see physical shots of where your conquest lived at one point. I also had a PB145B that was used for a railroad company in the mid west in the early and mid 90's. The most interesting finds though were an iBook Clamshell SE I got for $25 on eBay, which was almost brand new! Emails and file modified dates showed it was used for less than a year in 2001, one email even spoke about his upgrade from a Pentium III PC (which he seemed to loathe) and how PDA's were taking over the world! Funny how time moves. Also some iTools email newsletters and Apple newsletter subscriptions, along with Bugdom and the original files it shipped with. There was also the PowerBook G4 which had photos of the owners mother and kid learning how to use a computer for the first time, and the $5 MacBook used by an emo college student in 2006-2008. Enough said... Finally, I have a PowerBook G3 Pismo I got as part of a computer job I'm doing. It was used as a mobile graphic designer machine. Renders, QuickTime exports and Illustrator projects show it was used to make the bumper reels and website renders for TV Land, Noggin and Nick@Nite in the early 2000's. Chances are if you watched any of those channels then, my Pismo made those bumpers. When I come to think about it, people leaving non-sensitive info when selling the computer is such an interesting tale to how these Macs made an impact in someones life at one point or another, which is one of the best reasons to keep collecting.
  6. Really interesting idea! I would love to see how this entire thing pans out. Most Macs haven't seen a chat room since the early 2000's! The only thing is right now, I cannot seem to download the app at all, for any of the versions. It will just redirect to the download site again. I'm not sure if you did that until they are up for download, or their is an error. Just wanted to make you aware of it, otherwise looking forward to it.
  7. M235i

    Mac LC II No Color? (Performa 430

    And I missed something. For some reason the monitors control panel was not working when I turned on the color option with one of my monitors. It seems with another monitor fixed that issue. Sorry. Mods, lock or delete the thread please.
  8. Hi all, I'm starting to wonder if I missed something, but currently my LC II (a Performa 430) does not have the option to display any color in the control panel. Before the HDD crashed it was running 7.1P2 and had all color options. It is now currently running System 7.1.2, which I reinstalled after a recap. It also has a MicroMac Thunder Accelerator card. I have no clue what is going on here, I was wondering if anybody has any answers, because Google, Yahoo and Bing (I was getting desperate...) seems to be no help. Am I missing an extension, wrong operation version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nathan