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  1. gpbonneau

    FUN CHALLENGE: 2006 iMac in 2019

    No worries with internet for my use, connected only for the automatic update of the TV guide. I use a small USB DVB-T tuner connected to an antenna (for digital terrestrial HDTV). With the little Apple remote, I do not even have to leave EyeTV. I do not even use the OSX interface, I put it to sleep with the remote control, ditto to wake it up, like a TV. I like the look with the nice white polycarbonate enclosure, the very easy to use small white Apple remote control (magnetic and placed on the side of the iMac when it is off ;-), the very good display 24" full HD (1080p), the TV guide, etc ... It has replaced the small TV Sony 22 " that I used before, otherwise nobody wanted it and it's not worth much ... A too expensive TV solution in 2006, but a good way today to recycle it I have a hundred old Macs from the Mac128k to that model, it's the only one I use every day Before that use, to try to continue to use it, the disc was formatted to NTFS with Windows installed, but no one was using it, too slow.
  2. gpbonneau

    FUN CHALLENGE: 2006 iMac in 2019

    Argh ... it's not very far from mine ... I use it every day, several hours a day, as a TV in my kitchen With a USB Stick EyeTV for TNT-HDTV, it serves me to watch TV (and record). It works very well, in automatic start on EyeTV. In fact I only use the small white Apple remote to put it to sleep, change channels and sound level. Very simple and cool design. iMac 2006 Core 2 Duo" 2.33 24-Inch T7600 2.33MHz + NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT (BTO) + SSD SATA 240GB + RAM 4GB + Apple Remote white Mac OSX 10.7.5 EyeTV version 3.6.9 USB Stick EyeTV Tuner You dream of an Apple TV, I have it
  3. gpbonneau

    Help identifying display

    This display, SHARP LM64P51 has been used for the PowerBook 140 and some 145. You can replace it by the same or by the second model for 145/145B (SHARP LM64P58), but it is paired with the inverter board (find the pair, display + inverter). The CCFL backlight lamp is easy to replace. There is a third model that goes in these PowerBook (140/145/145B): HITACHI LMG5200XTFC (to find with the cables and the inverter)... I agree with bibilit, he problem with them is about capacitors failure. I had several down (bad picture or no picture, just the backlight that displays a blue halo). After changing the capacitors (on the inverter board too), they work very well. Done by bibilit, thanks to him Before and after capacitors replacement : The two SHARP display are very similar, like your picture, but the ref is different. HITACHI model (with cables and inverter board) :
  4. gpbonneau

    E-Machines Big Picture Card w/Mac SE Interconnect

    This card was also an option for the MacMemory TurboSE. In searching information for the TurboSE, I found a test in BYTE (March 1988) which explain that. https://archive.org/details/byte-magazine-1988-03/page/n157
  5. gpbonneau

    Turbo SE accelerator

    I found a test of this card in BYTE from March 1988. https://archive.org/details/byte-magazine-1988-03/page/n157 This confirms that I need an INIT software to use the 68881. But no way to find it If anyone has it ... It also explains the use of the connector on the card, which was an option for a video card for an E-Machine Big Picture screen:
  6. The back of the first MB :
  7. MB of one of my IIvx : another recapped : If you need more picture, ask me
  8. gpbonneau

    Plastic fasteners on Classic analog board sleeve

    I use that : https://www.ebay.com/itm/100pc-Snap-Rivet-SR-355K-Hole-3mm-T-2-5-4mm-Nylon-66-94V-2-Black-RoHS-KSS/142046840284?
  9. gpbonneau

    Apple CD SC question

    If you have problem with caps in the future, read this : http://www.asterontech.com/Asterontech/next_cdrom_refurb.html But not sure the drive is the same for CD SC ad CD SC Plus... bibilit has done that on mine and works great now, a vintage juke-box
  10. gpbonneau

    Holy Moly SCSI->IDE 2.5 Adapter

    Can be also used to replace a standard SCSI 3.5" drive, with an adapter sold as a kit by ADTX : :
  11. gpbonneau

    Apple M1296 12" RGB: Loud bang

    I love it too, this one particularly ;-)) Thanks bibilit
  12. gpbonneau

    Holy Moly SCSI->IDE 2.5 Adapter

    I have one (the second version) in a 540c (updated with a PPC 603ev/133). I tried to replace the IDE hard drive (3.25Go IBM Travelstar) by a CF with an adapter, but without success... On top : ATDX card + IBM Travelstar, and just below the original drive : The ATDX card :
  13. gpbonneau

    about powerbook 170

    Yes I did it on a dozen successfully (Conner 20 and 40MB), only one (very worn and noisy) could not be reformatted. Thanks a lot to aplmak