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  1. The back of the first MB :
  2. MB of one of my IIvx : another recapped : If you need more picture, ask me
  3. gpbonneau

    Plastic fasteners on Classic analog board sleeve

    I use that : https://www.ebay.com/itm/100pc-Snap-Rivet-SR-355K-Hole-3mm-T-2-5-4mm-Nylon-66-94V-2-Black-RoHS-KSS/142046840284?
  4. gpbonneau

    Apple CD SC question

    If you have problem with caps in the future, read this : http://www.asterontech.com/Asterontech/next_cdrom_refurb.html But not sure the drive is the same for CD SC ad CD SC Plus... bibilit has done that on mine and works great now, a vintage juke-box
  5. gpbonneau

    Holy Moly SCSI->IDE 2.5 Adapter

    Can be also used to replace a standard SCSI 3.5" drive, with an adapter sold as a kit by ADTX : :
  6. gpbonneau

    Apple M1296 12" RGB: Loud bang

    I love it too, this one particularly ;-)) Thanks bibilit
  7. gpbonneau

    Holy Moly SCSI->IDE 2.5 Adapter

    I have one (the second version) in a 540c (updated with a PPC 603ev/133). I tried to replace the IDE hard drive (3.25Go IBM Travelstar) by a CF with an adapter, but without success... On top : ATDX card + IBM Travelstar, and just below the original drive : The ATDX card :
  8. gpbonneau

    about powerbook 170

    Yes I did it on a dozen successfully (Conner 20 and 40MB), only one (very worn and noisy) could not be reformatted. Thanks a lot to aplmak
  9. It seems Sonnet has made Crescendo G4/360 card for PPC Nubus Mac (6100/7100/8100), see the pdf in my post, and here: https://web.archive.org/web/20000303214808/http://www.sonnettech.com:80/news/pr120399_nubus.html https://everymac.com/upgrade_cards/sonnettech/crescendo_g3_nubus/crescendo_g4_360_nubus.html But I have never seen one.
  10. Sonnet offered the same card (with a G3 or G4) for the 6100/7100/8100 with HPV or without. The caddy and the optional cable were only used for the 7100/8100. crescendo_nubus_manual.pdf NewerTech offered 2 cards, one for the 6100 (smaller) with a connector for HPV : (picture come from one for sale on eBay) I don't know if this one can be used in a 7100... And one other for the 7100/8100 with a soldered cable and caddy (see picture in previous post).
  11. I'm not sure it will help you. I installed several NewerTech cards in 7100s when they were released. The problem with this card is that the ribbon is soldered to the card and much stiffer (and shorter) than the Sonneth card. After several manipulations, they all ended up breaking and impossible to use an HPV card. I think that's why we do not find much. NewerTech card with soldered ribbon : Sonnet card with the ribbon attached to a connector : I have a 7100 with a Sonnet G3 / 300 and HPV card and another with a NewerTech G3 / 240 with a Nubus video card (because some lines are cut on the ribbon, I cannot use HPV card). The NewerTech dashboard allows you to set only the Level 2 Cache:
  12. gpbonneau

    Hard drives

    For a 3400, using a Compact Flash is simpler. Larger capacity and much quieter.
  13. gpbonneau

    Macintosh SE Accelerator PDS Add-on Cards

    Have the same. I tried to plug a VGA LCD monitor (which works very well on all my Mac) I can move cursor and window on the second screen but I don't have picture. I think you are right, it is not compatible, with the first option (Mobius One Page SE) on my LCD monitor, which detect a signal, I can see something on setup OSD (1152x870, sync H68.8 and V75.0), but the screen remain black. With the second option, I have "out of limit" on screen and noting on the OSD. And according to Mobius manual :
  14. Not sure if it is the same problem, but I had that with my AppleCD SC Plus. The disc is ejected after a few read attempts. The problem comes from leaky capacitors. I found these information very useful : http://www.asterontech.com/Asterontech/next_cdrom_refurb.html But I don't know is the board is the same with the Plus. The drive is a Sony CDU541 (the board is the same as the Apple CD150 drive). The board before and after capacitors replacement (thank you bibilit It works very well now