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  1. cosmichobo

    Cube internal cable - ADC power

    Thankyou so much, @Andropov! Should be able to grab some of them from Jaycar. Will advise how I go.
  2. cosmichobo

    Cube internal cable - ADC power

    Hi EvilCapitalist, Thanks for the reply! Hadn't considered the possibility it was deliberate - I was thinking maybe the previous owner had been using a non-ADC card, then swapped it back for sale... I have heard that the VRM can be an issue in the Cube, but there's a better version you can install. I haven't checked to see what model is in my Cube as yet. The Studio Display I am wanting to use is just the LCD version, 17". Hopefully even with the Sonnet card it wont be too much draw...
  3. cosmichobo

    Powerbook G3 Wallstreet PRAM Battery

    In the mid 00's I had the PRAM battery for my Pismo repacked, but it died again quite quickly - not worth the money I paid... So I pulled it out, and - noticed no issues other than the expected loss of settings if the main battery runs out of charge. Any leaking battery can't be a good thing...
  4. I picked up the 23" Cinema Display off eBay about 6 months ago for a similar price ($75). Arrived at the guy's house to learn it included the box, which was neat. Plenty of sellers are trying to get well over $200 for these displays, but when you look at the actual "completed auctions" on eBay, AU$70-$80 is the price people are actually paying. Have to bear in mind the limited market here in Australia compared to USA - keeps prices higher longer.
  5. https://everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_mini/specs/mac_mini_cs_1.5.html According to this link on Everymac the mini is only capable of powering 1 display... (Of course - I expect if there's a work around, someone here will know it?)
  6. cosmichobo

    How did you get into this?

    G'day, In 1993 when Apple unveiled the Quadra 840av and Newton MP, for some reason I ended up present at the local launch - a high school student amongst a room full of business professionals, a few teachers, maybe some press and tech heads... Even though the voice recognition was primitive, it was astounding to behold, but even moreso, especially to someone who loves writing, was the brilliance of the Newton MessagePad. Something that could understand human handwriting? Wow! It wasn't however until September 1998, just before my 21st birthday, that I happened to see that an Apple dealer in Melbourne was trying to sell off an ex display Newton MP2000 - half price. We were inseparable for some considerable time! I loved the mobility the device offered, and often used to sit in parks writing stories, or even just in the lunch room at work. With time however it fell into dis-use. After a few years in storage I kicked myself when I discovered I hadn't removed the batteries, then kicked myself harder after opening the Newton to clean it, and putting a finger-print permanently on the screen. I still have my Newton, though I'm not sure what I'll do with it in reality. I've had it for 19 years now... Can't bear to let it go. cheers cosmic
  7. G'day, After many years admiring, I finally bought a PowerMac G4 Cube a few years ago off eBay. Not a perfect specimen, but came with a 1.5Ghz Sonnet upgrade card, maxed RAM, decent hard drive... Unfortunately one thing I didn't realise at the time, was that it is missing the black 2pin cable that supplies power from the logicboard to the video card riser (shown in pic), to power the ADC port. As such, the Cube wont work with an Apple Studio Display. I've searched the net high and low, but can't find anyone selling the cable - whilst some sell the riser, they don't include the cable, and some sell the logicboard, but again no cable... As such I'm wondering if I'd be able to manufacture my own... Is there any Cube owners out there who could do me the huge favour of opening their Cube and getting some pics of the 2 connectors so I might be able to match them up with some off the shelf connectors? Thanks, cosmic