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  1. Regarding the MO drive for the PB 5300, the VST and LaCie drives that I have are definitely Fujitsu drives.
  2. Charadis

    Powerbook 500 serial number

    To my recollection taking apart 500 series, the mobo serial does not match case serial. The serial on a numbers-matching box corresponds to the case serial.
  3. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    I was wrong, my apologies for the misinformation! I double checked the blog that I had last read, and I got the information mixed up. Version 2.0.4 is the last supported version. http://appletothecore.me/files/itunes204CDtake2.php i guess I was surprised by the disc I received, expecting it to be that, but turned out to only be 1.1, yet it had the same design as the 2.0.4 disc included with Rio players. No telling how many versions came on this disc design, but I am still looking for the one with the last supported version!
  4. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    It's really a sight to see! Looks best in a well-lighted room, otherwise it just looks dark..hard to appreciate the beauty of the design and nod to the 90s throwback design of translucent-cased electronics. Especially in a darker backdrop, like in my new setup, only the glow is really apparent.
  5. Charadis

    Macintosh color classic won't power on

    Recently had a Color Classic II board stop working on me... same symptom, no boot and no life even though the Mac boots up with another board, so I know that the analog board is fine. Followed the advice on cleaning board with 90% 2-propanol (isopropyl), specifically around the capacitors and component-heavy areas, installed, and it powered right on! You guys saved me a lot of headache! My eternal thanks
  6. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    Newest acquisitions: iTunes ver1.1 CD, Performa 275 I thought I would save this post for later when I actually receive the Performa 275, but I'll just update when I receive it tomorrow or Friday (it's in customs right now). The EMS shipping cost 33,530 yen, over $300USD, which is the most I've ever paid on import shipping! Hoping it is worth it. I don't know why I keep buying these Color Classic class computers, but I found this on Mercari Japan and had to jump on it. Here are pictures of the lot from the listing. Included keyboard is not the original Japanese Apple Keyboard II, M0487J/A, but rather an extended version. I have a couple Keyboard II already, and just ordered another brand new in box one for this. Apparently, the mobo has been upgraded, but it looks like the upgrade box is included in the listing, so I'm hoping that the previous owner just stuffed the original mobo back in that box. I have no idea if that processor upgrade is for the upgraded mobo, or what, but it is there. And here is why I'm hoping the original mobo is included; it seems that there could be something wrong with the current "upgrade" motherboard in place (exploded battery? leaking caps?). This is also the main pic of that listing. The original back cover is included, so that is promising Second newest acquisition, I found another iTunes CD! But this is a later version, version 1.1, that was included with Rio MP3 player devices. (the 600 and 800 I believe). Different installation screen. There is one more iTunes CD that I'm on the hunt for that included the last version of iTunes supported on Mac OS 9 (version 1.2 I believe). That one came included with certain other Rio MP3 player/s. Finally, this isn't a Mac, but I did post about it previously and it has become my new crown jewel! A 500million edition PS4 Pro. Mine is number 47383/50000 (hard to see on the copper plate) Looks great alongside my 20th Anniversary PS4! Love this system, especially when on standby That's all for now. Update on the 275 is forthcoming.
  7. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    Yeah, I've felt that for sure. I've actually just offloaded two of the 2400c laptops recently after moving to a new place and realizing how much stuff I really don't need. I'm reviewing my collection very thoroughly; during the move, one of my Color Classic II motherboards stopped powering on. I've yet to go through and figure out what happened, but this makes the second Color Classic II board to stop working on me, and I see no known damage to either of the two. The first one still powered on, but nothing on the monitor and no chime. This is very discouraging, although not entirely unexpected.. It pays pretty decently. I'm not the best financial planner though so... there is that
  8. Charadis

    Boxed Japanese PB 2400c/180

    That's a great buy, complete in box. Importing gets so expensive, so getting a 2400c/240 is like icing on the cake; I see them pop up, but they get snapped up so quickly, or for a cost-prohibitive price (beyond my allowable budget). Congrats on the set!
  9. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    Soooo ya know how I was sayin how I didn’t get a PS4 Pro 500 mill Edition, so I splurged on some other vintage PowerBook stuff above? (Plus another 500 series Rev C expansion I didn’t mention). Well....this happened Just glad I’m getting a bonus this week I need to slow down, cuz I’m ona roll and I don’t know when to stop lol
  10. Charadis

    First Compact Recap Success - Color Classic

    Looks like some professional work, doesn’t even seem like the board has been worked with (I mean..if it went through me ). Good job, that is awesome
  11. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    Thanks! Yeah, my bad. It’s a actually 30,000Y, did not realize it til I got home, and it’s too late to edit post. But yeah, $270 USD at 111Y = 1USD (PayPal does 107Y = 1USD though, figures...meh) I definitely prefer higher quality parts. If I make it a project, I appreciate this advice. If I sell it in a bundle, however, I’d like to preserve it as it is just in case such buyer would like to take on the project. I might actually make it worse if I end up trying haha
  12. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    I appreciate the offer. Will definitely look into it, but as I have two working boards and a big move project to go, i will likely just sell it with the parts machine once I get things in order, maybe. Good to know about digikey and mouser, will look into those caps if I decide to try that out.
  13. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    I was wondering if the water had something to do with furthering the damage. Tbh, I was surprised it even worked before I ever cleaned it! Was ready to sell it with the spare machine until I couldn’t get it to work. No, haven’t recapped, it will have to be a project for another day, unfortunately...if only RadioShack was still around my neighborhood...
  14. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    Scored a 2400c haul last night: 3 PB 2400c computers in one lot. One is a 2400c/240, which is what I was mainly after, the other is a 2400c/180 with a 240MHz G3 booster card, and the 3rd just has 2400c on the model plate. All work except the plain one. The 550c may have been my Holy Grail, but I’ve been after the 2400c long before I knew of it. All for $280 USD, but shipping is going to be insane no doubt. Cost me $150 to import the last CC II by EMS, I’m going to estimate about the same for this lot: 3 PowerBook 2400c lot with MO drive and disks. Price: 20,000Y ($270, free domestic ship!) https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/auction/yahoo/input/f289399583/lgk-N Some low low quality pics from the auction. Hope they survive the long haul across the water! 2400c/180 w/ 240MHz G3 card 2400c/240 Regular 2400c, not working Software for 2400c/240 MO stuffs 2400c/240 RAM installed (hdd doesn’t work, so booting off CF, from description): i may have missed out on scoring a 500 mill PS4 Pro, but I’ve already spent that money and this could be my consolation prize. Will post more pics later on condition and specs when I finally receive, probably next week. Cheerios
  15. Charadis

    Color Classic retrobrighting

    That looks awesome, nice job on the retrobriting. I’ve kinda wanted to try this out after when I get more time on my hands