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  1. LaCie MO 230 drive for PB 190 or 5300

    I wish I knew this earlier. I might pull it up someday. I've already removed the Extensions/Control Panel to HDT since I'm not using it right now. Even with the Fujitsu drivers, still seeing the "Eject" option greyed out under Special, but it works fine dragging the disk to Trash. No worries, all is good. Definitely don't remember running into that problem until now. Just surprised that the Zip disk loaded up when I got the right drivers loaded. Was a stroll through memory lane exploring through the disk, like a bunch of buried treasure I forgot I had. Or a lot of money I just saved by spending 15 minutes on Geico dot calm. Except, I can't do anything with most of the files. (successfully got two MIDI files out though! Was worth it just for those two) Funny, I found a Logitec MO drive on Mercari a few days back. Was confused by the logo, and thought it might be a Chinese knock off (nothing against the Chinese. They make amazing product. Like iPhones. But there are also clones and counterfeits that I am well aware of that exist...) And, what do you know, it's still available. USB/SCSI. I guess 4500 yens is a bit too pricey. https://item.mercari.com/jp/m41272155414/ I actually read about, and tried looking for the 1400 MO drive out of curiosity. My search only yielded 5300/190 drives, but it appears to be documented that MO drives may exist. If I can find one... This guy apparently has a MO drive in his 5300c, but that's the closest I've gotten so far http://www.powerbuch.ch/powerbook-5300.html Also, found a pdf of a brochure sheet from Fujitsu on the 5300/190 MO drive, attached underneath this. I don't remember the website that I pulled it from though fujitsu-230mb-magnetodrive.pdf Oh yeah, I thought about posting pics on the interface board, but thought the one or two pics I had might just be a waste of time posting. Here are more pics I just took today of the MO drive interface. I may crack open one of the 20x drives I have for the 3400/Kanga. Enjoy There appears to be an Eject button (SW1), I'm guessing, mounted on the main logic board at the front of the drive. It is hidden by the front bezel, sadly, and there is no way to access it once the drive is reassembled, so I can't test it to be for sure
  2. PowerBook 550c

    The TechStep arrived on the same day as a PB Kanga I ordered last week! Yeah yeah, so I've mentioned that I sold my first Kanga last year and wanted to get out of this collecting business (before joining this awesome community). Yet here I am, now with another one. Meh. Original listing of Kanga: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Macintosh-G3-Powerbook-Kanga-WORKING-Laptop-Mac-Apple-Power-PC-Vintage/223014088864?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Original listing of TechStep: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-vintage-Apple-TechStep-diagnostic-system-nice-shape-working-BIN-199/232801118597?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Suffice to say, I wasn't sure which one I'd spend time with first. Interestingly... the seller shipped the Kanga in a Dell box. How fitting First thing I did: opened up the keyboard and removed the PRAM battery, which surprisingly, did not appear to show any signs of leakage! (hooray). Next thing, replaced the original 5GB HDD with a 30GB non-Apple IDE drive (would have been solid state, but my CF adapter has the old screw-hole arrangement). I'll admit, I might have spent a bit much on the Kanga. The max RAM module (128MB) was what sold me on the deal though. And after the UK listing ended, I kinda feared that someone might snap this one up before I could. Exhibit No. 2. TechStep....it looks cool. And old. Wires feel old. There was a 9v battery installed, showing very minor signs of leakage. I pulled that sucker out as fast as I could (without damaging anything, of course). I have nothing to work on it with right now. Thought about hooking it up to one of my computers to see what happens, as I'm curious to see if it would be compatible with some of the systems I'm working on. Anyone not familiar with this, the ROMs plug into the unit from the side. There are additional ROMs that I've read about for this machine. And the checklist. I don't think I have the SCSI cable. Or the Mini DIN-8 cables (x2). I'm not sure what one of the cables is though, so maybe? Wonder what happens if I mail the registration card in heh heh
  3. Vince's Conquests

    Weird looking computer! Oddly, that Compaq reminds me of my family's first computer, an Acer Aspire (we got one in 1995 or 96). All black though, but the monitor seemed to blend with the desktop base. Sam's Club salesperson told us on the specs, it would be the last computer we'd ever have to buy. Here is one...not my picture, but from another posting at davidicke.com: Nice score on the LaserActive. I honestly never heard of such a thing until you posted here. And, of course, I'd have to search it on the Bay to realize rarity. Looks like you've got a sweet setup!
  4. LaCie MO 230 drive for PB 190 or 5300

    You, sir, are an amazing human being. This software fixed my issues with the MO drive, and there is no more dialogue box after boot up! Now, it just works like a regular drive, the way it is supposed to. I can finally enjoy it the way it was made to be. Thanks so much for sharing this here. Well, I have an update on which I prefer now. It would have to be.....bum bum bum.....MO. Even with the OS support, I still ended up having to download the latest Iomega drivers to get it to recognize my old IBM/PC format Zip disks on Mac OS 9.1. However, it was amazing to find old files I stored away in one of these Zip disks I saved from ages ago (around 2001 or 2002)!! Now, the issue....click of death. I was able to recover a few of the main files I wanted (thankfully!) before the disk now seems to have issues even mounting. At some point, the disk kept clicking/whirring in sequence until finally, a dialogue box would pop up telling me there was something wrong. I looked it up and read all about the click of death. I opened up a brand new, never used (factory sealed) Zip disk 100 and formatted it to Mac. Works better than the IBM formatted disk I used originally. Haven't yet tried to open any of the drives to see if there is anything wrong with the heads that I could visually tell, but I'm not thinking about investing heavily into the format. Thank you for the recommendation! The file that @olePigeon provided actually solved my issue very satisfactorily. So far, the adventure is going pretty well, definitely getting a kick out of the exploration process! I even used the disk as a startup up disk...noticeably slower, but works very well. I'm actually experiencing issues with the internal Zip drives I have. I explained to @Trash80toHP_Mini above, but I don't know if it's because the disk I tried to use is pretty old (early 2000s, and IBM/PC formatted), the drives aren't very IBM/PC format friendly, or if there is issue with the drive itself. I was able to pull some files off an old disk though. Not planning on investing heavily into the format though
  5. LaCie MO 230 drive for PB 190 or 5300

    Wow thanks a lot!! I was looking all over and thought maybe the software with the Fujitsu Dynamo230 might be worth giving a shot. Currently out of town, but I’ll put this on the system as soon as I get back! Do you have the same drive?
  6. LaCie MO 230 drive for PB 190 or 5300

    Haha, thank you! When the MO drive is set up, it’s an okay experience. But working it out is enough headache for one day. Zip has an advantage of already having drivers with the OS Picked up a Kanga recently, you may have seen the auction up before: https://m.ebay.com/itm/-/223014088864?_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l10137&nordt=true&rt=nc#vi__app-cvip-panel I’ll post more about that in my Conquest thread when I receive it tomorrow (eta), but I’m wondering if there would be any changes/issues in compatibility or performance to the drive....I’ll post an update when I’ve had time to try it. Right now, the MO has one advantage of the newness factor (for me anyways). Currently have no desktop versions of either, but my Wallstreet has a Zip module so it may be more practical for usage at this time.
  7. LaCie MO 230 drive for PB 190 or 5300

    This thread really took off. And I had no idea what MO was! I appreciate all the information! Finally, the drive arrived, and I used some bits of info from everything I've learned from you guys, and got it running on my 3400c. Spent half the day trying to get it to work though. It's close enough. Missed delivery attempt yesterday, Friday, so had to pick up it earlier today at the PO. Hamada-san (my proxy) did not disappoint with the packaging! Okay, I got a disk, too. Actually came earlier this week... The weight feels substantial. More than 100grams heavier than the Zip drive. About that... I actually picked up another Zip drive, @Trash80toHP_Mini Looks about the same size... Ummm...I don't know? I'm guessing this is the amount of items Japan has been exporting to me. Proportional to the amount of money they've been receiving from me, as well. Hmm... So the disk never seems to mount. No matter how many times I reboot. I upgraded the OS from 8.5 to 9.1, and still no change. At the advice of @QuadPM I loaded up a copy of FWB Hard Disk Tools (HDT). It recognized it, and it gave me more options to control the drive, but the system still didn't mount the disk. When nothing is even in the drive, I still get a window popup telling me that the disk is unrecognized by the system. But there is no disk, how can that be, Mac OS? System recognizes the drive okay, and it looks like it picks up there is a Sony disk?? But why no mounting?? Arrrgh I decided to go a bit extreme, thinking maybe the laser lens is dirty, or something. And, I don't have any floppy drive cleaners, so no worry, @Unknown_K Probably my excuse to have a little fun... Reverse So the LaCie drive is a Fujitsu drive in a nice LaCie shell. I wiped down all the areas corresponding to the laser path, and then I reassembled everything back together carefully. I don't know if the cleaning helped at all. I ran a low-level format through FWB HDT, but it froze at the end of a "successful" format. I finally decided to pull up Apple's disk drive setup, and ran a successful format that finished without freezing. The disk finally mounted after that!! Here is the thing though...it only recognizes the disk, and mounts it, if you have the disk inserted in the drive at time of booting. No matter what, a dialog box always pops up before fully loading the desktop, saying that the disk is unrecognized, and asking if you want to Initialize it. If a disk is inserted, the two options are "Cancel" or "Initialize." If no disk is inserted, the two options are "Eject" or "Initialize." If you can with a disk inserted, desktop loads and the disk mounts. And if you try to eject, the disk disappears from the desktop, but the drive does not actually eject the disk. After 7 hours (well, I had lunch, too..), I finally solved the problem...I found software from LaCie on the Macintosh Garden, called "Silver Lining," which loads an "updated" driver to the MO disk. The catch is, the disk has to load at boot in order for the driver to be loaded. Or else, if you try to insert the MO disk after boot, it does not even get mounted. I posted a demo of how this works on YouTube. At boot, drive scans disk, Silver Lining driver is run, MO disk ejects. Afterward, the drive works normally, with exception of that dialogue box that always pops up before fully loading the desktop. If anyone who has one of these drives, or similar, and knows the correct extension so that the system doesn't have to rely on having a disk inserted to read the driver, could you chime in, please??
  8. PowerBook 550c

    Appreciate your interest! I was about to sell one to a member previously, but the last 550c I imported turned out to have a 25MHz version from a 520c instead of the original 33MHz card...previous owner must have swapped it out (ironically, he was selling a 520c at the same time he had the 550c on auction. If I had only know...he probably left the card in that one, and I had no idea or I would have bought it, too! The dirtbag...). The only one I have right now is being used in one of my PBs, which I need to use the other card expansion
  9. Farallon Fast EtherTX for TAM

    Grrr...everything was working just fine until yesterday. Just out of the blue, internet stopped working when I booted, but other devices connected to the router were fine. I fixed this by reloading the software from the Japanese set, which apparently is an older extension. Then I had to reload the newer software because the card returned to its intermittent behavior after the first boot. Now it is working fine, but I'm afraid I might have to go through this after a while if it does this again. While I was trying to figure out what was wrong, I had the back off to play around with the card. Always nice to relish in the beauty of a fully upgraded TAM. It's a sight for sore eyes.......especially when I've been playing around all evening trying to figure out what was wrong with it
  10. What vintage macs do you own?

    Teeny tiny collection here By order of acquisition... * PowerBook G3 PDQ * PowerBook 3400c * Twentieth Anniversary Mac * Newton MsgPad 2100 * PowerBook 550c * PowerBook 540c Expecting to receive a TechStep soon. Cannabolized a PB 520, but the skeleton is still here. Keeping it small so I can still keep them out and enjoy them (except the 3400c's. They're just doorstops. No one enjoys doorstops)
  11. PowerBook 550c

    Bought an Apple TechStep the other day for $199 shipped. Haven’t received, yet, but it only comes with two ROMs. Original eBay auction here: https://m.ebay.com/itm/Rare-vintage-Apple-TechStep-diagnostic-system-nice-shape-working-BIN-199/232801118597?hash=item3634072985:g:JHMAAOSwnOtbHVDT#vi__app-cvip-panel Anyone try one of these on a computer they didn’t have the ROM for? (Ie, what happens if I plug it into a 3400c that I’m trying to fix?). Also, where can I find more ROMs for this thing? Tenks
  12. This reminds of the fun times when I first got my PB G3. Trying to remember what was it that got mine to get beyond a black screen.... For starters, mine, a WallStreet PDQ, is very picky with what kind of hard drive you stick into it. If there is one installed that is rated > 500mA, it may start up a few times, but will eventually stop booting up. It is fine with solid state drives, just hard drives that is it picky with. If Byrd's suggestion doesn't help, might check to see if the hard drive is the issue.
  13. Farallon Fast EtherTX for TAM

    Never hurts to try! Yessir, just uploaded. And there is a pretty good chance this was all done on a TAM.. Please let me know if there are any problems with the upload! Hopefully, this would resolve your issues http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/farallon-fastenplus-extension-installer-and-tools
  14. PB145B’s finds

    Whoa. This touches so many memories. I remember when I was a kid, I would browse around Wally World with my brother in the electronics dept. and drool at all the computers lined up there, and the PBs they had on display demoing Doom! 3D blew my mind. System looked like yours, but I would have no idea what model; that, and there was a minitower version on display. And the computer section on the JCPenny catalogs! What a trip through memory lane.
  15. Farallon Fast EtherTX for TAM

    I agree wholeheartedly! It took some time to figure out, but I hope this will help someone else with the same issue in the future. It’s not a perfect solution, but it works! Well, if that’s the case, sounds like an invitation to sell it back to you! Haha (Compared to the Japanese Card, after DHL import costs, proxy commissions, foreign transaction fees, etc, wish I had waited a little longer for yours!)