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  1. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    I see, I think I have read about the project in another thread. While I hear a lot of negativity over replacing the 68040 daughtercard for PPC, I enjoy bringing the computer closer to being as modern as possible, and that means being able to use software that runs best (or only) on PPC. Hoping everything pans out.
  2. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    Oh hey, that seller has my name It is a very cool combination. Easy swapping the keys, and perfect chance to clean the whole assembly while you’re at it. The SCSI to IDE connector is very picky. Once you find an SSD that pairs with it, however, the system works smoothly. Goes pretty well with the PPC upgrade Keep it close, I’ve only seen two others for sale, both without the extra 8MB RAM onboard the daughtercard (one version has no RAM, the other has 8MB) There is one other, the 182 or 183MHz PPC Upgrade. Never found one for sale. I’ve only seen pictures of it, from a Japanese blog that attempted to modify it (overclock it I think). Then the even rarer G3 prototype also by NewerTech. Not much info on that one
  3. If I leave the USB card with the Logitech nano receiver installed in one of the USB ports, it still gets stuck at the Mac OS boot screen. Is this what you mean? I think it's USB PCMCIA cards in general, leaving a PCMCIA to Compact Flash card (with the CF card) installed doesn't affect boot up. You could even boot from the CF card if you have it set up.
  4. Got my hopes up was really hoping to find a solution. So far, I’ve just been ejecting the card right after I click Shut Down (command + E), but I forget sometimes
  5. Charadis

    Apple Set Top Box

    Cool, those have piqued my curiosity even as of late. Are they usable for anything than a showpiece? Congrats on acquiring one, too
  6. Charadis

    Boxed PB 2400c/240 - 56K Warning

    Thank you, sir! It's a beautiful machine, and the 2400c/240 systems have been popping up surprisingly more frequently on Yahoo! I think it's a good time to get one if you're thinking about it. Mouse button is definitely something else. The RAM module was one of the more difficult pieces to find, I thought it would be a walk in the park. Because...RAM. When a system popped up with both the G3 upgrade and the RAM, I kept an eye on it thinking it would skyrocket to some outrageous amount. I even posted the auction link here hoping someone might acquire it from this forum. Lo and behold, I put in the amount I was willing to go. Time ran out, so my bid extension did not register last minute, but the competitor did not outbid me. Funny, the auction was a non-extended one, so whenever the time ended, the last bidder gets it. And it was me. I actually passed that listing many times surfing on Mercari! Had a owned a working 2400c at the time, I probably would have been halfway interested in it; but no matching clear palmrest. It would be rather amazing if these clear shells could be produced. I'd wholeheartedly be interested.
  7. Charadis

    Boxed PB 2400c/240 - 56K Warning

    Guys, I think this is it. I probably have the most ultimate PB 2400c in the entire forum. Quite possibly the nation. And even, the world. I can go no further. 400MHz G3 and max RAM. All this. To make. The most ultimate. Mobile. Vintage Tomb Raider gaming rig. Evar. But I mostly use it to play music on iTunes. I also finally acquired Mac OS 8.6, and my 3rd iTunes CD. And a Trio.
  8. Charadis

    Very excited about my $30 vintage Mac haul today!

    Nice setup you acquired! I remember the “math lab” at my alma mater was full of PowerMac G4s, but our physics labs had the G3s. Good and bad memories. Last time I visited, all of the G4s were replaced with PCs. I could only hope they went to good homes, too...
  9. Charadis

    Macintosh Quadra 700 Battery Leakage

    I could be wrong, but it looks like IA5? I had another pic, but too much light glare, so I turned off the overhead light which darkened the setting for the pics above. I can can double check when I get back from work if the code is still not legible
  10. Charadis

    Rescuing my dad's Classic II, last working in 1996

    What a story. Congrats getting it back up and running! Truly amazing your dad kept the box, receipt and everything with it. I can picture this computer being passed down your family line.
  11. Charadis

    Macintosh Quadra 700 Battery Leakage

    Sorry this took a day! Hope this helps you out. Panned out over board Tried to get as much of the SMDs on the left, just before being covered by the floppy/HDD assembly. If you'll need pics of the SMDs beneath the floppy, too, I'll be working on the system later this evening.
  12. Charadis

    Boxed PB 2400c/240 - 56K Warning

    Haha, thanks! On the one hand, yours didn’t come with any issues to address out of the box. But I’m happy to be back in the 2400 club.
  13. Charadis

    Macintosh Quadra 700 Battery Leakage

    I’d be more than happy to when I get back later this evening, currently out of town for Easter Sunday. I’ll see if I can read the values of the components you listed. Unless someone beats me to it, of course. In the meantime, here is a pic I took yesterday, and I tried zooming at just the area you mentioned. Probably not much help, but it’s the best I have for now
  14. Charadis

    Apple Profile hard drive

    The videos are mesmerizing, I love it starting up.
  15. Charadis

    Powerbook 540c won't startup

    The power plugin on the PB 500 could be a problem, but if you leave your computer plugged in all the time, it shouldn’t be subject to as much wear from removing and connecting it to power. Still worth checking.