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  1. sclements

    A/UX running on SE/30

    Thanks for the link @netfreak- good looking guide, it will come in handy! -Sam
  2. sclements

    A/UX running on SE/30

    Thanks @PotatoFi! An external CD-ROM is of course a must have for the build. I went to the definitive A/UX resource on the internets: http://www.aux-penelope.com I had to make a couple of inferences and assumptions (especially around memory management and the BMOW ROM), but by and large, it was pretty straightforward if you've got a little bit of UNIX know how. -Sam
  3. sclements

    A/UX running on SE/30

    Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I hope this is the right place to brag about finally getting an SE/30 of mine in good working order, resurrected with help of @PotatoFi, and running A/UX! It was a gift to me from a high school buddy. Several years back I learned about leaking batteries and caps and after a few cross country packages and some judicious parts swapping from donor machines, it appears that my long awaited "perfect" A/UX machine is up and running! It's sporting the factory spinning drive, 128M of RAM, an ethernet adapter (which works!) and a BMOW 32bit clean ROM. Seemingly A/UX can address all of the memory using the ROM. I'm still getting A/UX install boot failures (I installed it on the factory ROM), but it seems that when you swap out the ROM post-installation, it boots and operates just fine! Now once my clear case comes in for it, I'll swap in an SCSI2SD adapter and industrial SD card and re-build it again for my perfect dream machine! Pics attached. I hope someone enjoys this half as much as I do. :) Keyboard and mouse will eventually be vintage correct, but it appears the machine is pretty dang functional at this point!
  4. sclements

    Macintosh Classic II Restoration

    Well done sir! That's a beautiful walk through. -Sam