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  1. Macintosh SE fan noise

    The noctua is definitely quiet on full speed. I got it because other fans were so loud.
  2. Macintosh SE fan noise

    Yes, a noctua fan fits quite well and is very quiet. I used a NF-A6x25 FLX (60x60x25 computer case fan). It even had a connector to tap into the hdd power loom.
  3. iMac G3 and DVDs

    I'm not sure if your imac would boot from usb or not but you can try it. Mine doesn't but it's an earlier model (sans firewire.) If you find a firewire cable your powerbook will functionally work as a dvd drive for your imac if you boot the powerbook in target disk mode.
  4. iMac G3 and DVDs

    Have any other firewire macs? You could boot one in target disk mode with the dvd in it, connected to the imac.
  5. iMac G3 Hard Drive

    I believe you have a 120 or 128GB hard limit (because of the drive controller), but that aside most drives should work I think.
  6. Skate finds a iigs

    Yeah, that's my 2 slot Neo Geo MVS It is admittedly a converted cab, but a well done one.
  7. Skate finds a iigs

    It's a beast. Almost 100 lbs, but it's 15 and 24khz, so it's great for pre VGA/31K stuff. I have used it as an arcade monitor before but I usually use it for light gun console games. It's really a luxury to play saturn and ps1 gun games in RGB. I'm really impressed with the iigs video quality in RGB. Here's a random cut screen in "The Tines"
  8. Skate finds a iigs

    My NEC is a BNC input monitor similar to a PVM. I use a scart to bnc cable to actually connect. Definitely a rare tube. I got lucky and saved it from Michigan States recycling bin.
  9. Skate finds a iigs

    The CFFA seems to be done in batches... Like NJroadfan said, now is the time for that one. On the other hand the reactivemicro seems to be readily available. We'll see how long it takes to get mine. While it doesn't have USB like the CFFA has, it has DMA for fast speed.
  10. What vintage macs do you own?

    I've got a small collection compared with what I used to have, but it's all in good working shape. iigs SE (4mb, fully recapped the machine) 2x 7500 powermacs (both sonnet G3) Pismo 500 Pink g3 crt imac White G4 emac 17" crt I wouldn't mind a couple more 68k macs especially an older powerbook.
  11. Skate finds a iigs

    Thanks guys! I've really been enjoying this one. CFFA looks awesome, but I grabbed a reactivemicro dual CF when they were on sale for 75 dollars a few days ago. Since I have multiple options for getting files to the iigs I can get by without the USB. I may still grab a floppyemu to have around, but I'm glad I found the CF solution for internal storage as that performance is much better.
  12. Benchmarking SCSI2SD Devices in a PCI powermac

    Those are impressive marks! So with a good drive or CF adapter, a PCI card can smoke the internal bus it seems...
  13. Skate finds a iigs

    Spotted a nice iigs on Craigslist recently. The guy with it was the 2nd owner, who got it from a teacher. The teacher had purchased it through the educator buy from apple in the late 80's and took amazing care of it. Everything was in such good shape I felt almost speechless when I got home and unpacked it. I've had a ton of fun running off floppies with my SE and trying out games the last couple days. The bundle in the copier paper box was the most surprising. All the software and such was well kept, with a ton of photocopied manuals and old apple II software in a stack of folders. Oregon trail with the instructors guide, number munchers, etc. Everything in good working order except the monitor is very dim. I whipped up a scart cable to use it with my 27" NEC in the mean time, and I'll recap the original monitor in due time. Using my powermac with Bernie to make floppy images. That floppy drive needs cleaning so I attached the iigs drive to my SE, and made the floppies with that. Eventually I may take a spare powermac and try to use appletalk to share a volume. In the mean time I find using a 2mb ram disk (it came with a 4M ram card) lets me load the OS and a game to it for most cases, and that's good enough for me until I find/settle on a CF or floppyemu solution.
  14. How to make GS/OS boot disks?

    For those who find this later, if you have access to the beige G3 mac or earlier, you can use an emulator to convert a .2mg to a disk copy image. The process is pretty easy. Download Bernie ][ The Rescue from the macintosh repository to your ppc mac with the 800k capable drive, fire up the emulator, and mount/boot from the included hdd image. In the menu for Bernie, create a new 800k disk using your preferred format, I used Disk Copy 4.2. It will show up on the desktop. Mount your .2mg disk to the emulator, and copy it to the new disk you made. You can then eject the "disks" and use disk copy to run off a floppy disk.
  15. Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    V5 will terminate as long as the resistor packs are present. V6 terminates with software setting/option.